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  1. Canton Wang

    Pioneer Citizens of RoE

    What I can do now is devote to being Pioneer Citizens
  2. Canton Wang

    ROE opinion for Listing on CoinflyerX.

    We are waiting this moment cmc: when enu not enu: when cmc
  3. Canton Wang

    ROE logo

    NO.1 Vintage NO. 2 Modern I like NO.1 because I like history
  4. Canton Wang

    Canton Wang/aaaaaaaaaaa1

    yes I will
  5. Canton Wang

    Canton Wang/aaaaaaaaaaa1

    1.Name Canton Wang 2.Social Media Links wechat:Canton Wang QQ:153242060 email:whg1396870@gmail.com weibo:神泳马优 phone NO:17099917177 3. Introduction I'm Canton Wang from China,I am a computer teacher(also a PE teacher now),and I heard enumivo in wechat as it started its airdrop!Now I am a strong believer/supporter of enumivo.I'm active on wechat group . I owned five-figures Enu in Bixin,also seven-figures LTS in KKEX! I do think enumivo and UBI will change the world!Man are bore and remain free and equal in rights!Social justice for all LOL!!!Social justice for all LOL!!!Social justice for all LOL!!! 4. Enumivo Mainnet Account aaaaaaaaaaa1 5. Skills English-Chinese translation(CET-6) Marketing 6. What can you do for Enumivo ①As a teacher in China,I would tell the students about enumivo and UBI,they are future of the ROE. ②I will broadcast enumivo and UBI in Tianya BBS which one is the biggest formu of Chinese.
  6. Canton Wang

    General Rules Posting Application

    well I think I will write it for a week
  7. Canton Wang

    Republic of Enumivo Proposal

    Life is like a chocolate LOL
  8. Canton Wang

    Enumivo Glossary

  9. when cmc? I don't care. This is a marathon. Not a sprint. Ask not when cmc. just do your part if you want to help. Let us craft the future where cmc will ask "when enumivo?"
  10. 如果我有千万Enu我肯定这么干哈哈哈
  11. Canton Wang

    ENU/EOS Market and ENUEOS Shares

    Yes sir we would do our best make ENU and UBI success
  12. Canton Wang

    ENU/EOS Market and ENUEOS Shares

    Sir Neo/Enu too, you have said if cope Eos failed you would try Neo
  13. Canton Wang

    ENU/EOS Market and ENUEOS Shares

    hahaha first mover