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  1. As you may well know already, the Eurno project is closely affiliated with Something Decent and has been preparing for release on 15th July 2018. In an attempt to drive up some attention for Eurno, Something Decent and Enumivo we have partnered to bring an exclusive giveaway which will reward ten people with 100 ENU tokens worth .012 ETH at todays trading price. Mandatory Requirements In order to enter the giveaway you simply need to have a Twitter account and a Telegram account, and to make a main net Enumivo wallet. Once you have all three you will need to join the Enumivo chat Telegram channel, follow the Something Decent Twitter and follow the Eurno Twitter. It should be noted that you will need to remain a member of all channel until distribution. Winners of the giveaway will be announced on September 1st 2018 and the ENU tokens will be distributed to the main net ENU wallet address you submit. About the Giveaway Many of you more regular readers will already know of the official partnership between Something Decent and Enumivo while the Eurno project is still a new one waiting to be released. The Eurno project is a self funded charity which will conduct charitable ventures on behalf of its token holding community. The project is starting life as an ERC20 token and will be moved to the Enumivo network at a later date. The Eurno project is one which is focused on charity and, as such, it will be releasing its token for free using an airdrop dApp. Their token is not currently released although it will be on July 15th 2018, at midday. As always you can find the link to signup below. Happiness. Join the Something Decent & Eurno ENU Giveaway Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything. We would also like to remind you that Something Decent is not in anyway responsible for the distribution of airdrops, bounties or giveaways unless it is stated that we are personally conducting them
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    Please Vote

  3. Peesus

    Introduction Thread

    About Me My name is Paul Singh, I am a Londoner born and bred. I was raised in a council estate by a single parent and am one of four children. I am educated in a variety of disciplines of engineering (manufacturing, aerospace and audio) and am the holder of a BSc (2:1 level) in audio production/sound engineering. I was granted my degree in the prestigious SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in London. I have been involved with web development as a self taught fascination for roughly 18 years. My interest in computers began with my older brother playing the Atari and Amstrad. From there I taught myself how to build a PC from scratch and then began learning front end coding when dial internet came about. I have developed and maintained a number of websites in my time (and currently) and was responsible for creating a UK based urban media outlet which acquired over 1 million YouTube views in just two years. That project (Black Budget Entertainment) was subsequently sold when I went back into education. I currently work in the audio industry as part of a team which caters to all the UK's biggest music oriented TV shows, single handedly run Something Decent, and am building the Eurno project with @Sosolean , which we hope to be of great benefit to Enumivo. Involvement with Enumivo I have been in the Enumivo core group since the airdrop was first announced on Bitcointalk. My involvement began with an article on the Something Decent website and with a conversation with Aiden about 9 ETH which was sent to the ENU smart contract. Since becoming involved with ENU I have been responsible for a number of updates and official writing (including writing the whitepaper). I have provided consistent coverage on the Something Decent website and have been actively promoting Enumivo as much as humanly possible. A lot of my PR has been through conducting giveaways which focus on increasing the number of members in our social communities. I also have been responsible for contacting exchanges and writing our template documents which are used to make first contact. I also created a connection with a member of Blockfolio and was responsible for listing us in there. What I Can Do For Enumivo At present I am working on releasing the Eurno airdrop dApp which will hopefully bring up to 100k new users to the Enumivo network. The Eurno project is a charitable one and 50% of all profits which are generated from the Eurno Project block producer will be allocated to the Eurno fund as listed in our whitepaper. The focus on bringing new blood to the Enumivo community has been made after consideration of the fact that we need to expand our reach as a crypto based project. As mentioned, I am very well versed in managing websites and, while my specialist field of knowledge is in programming audio equipment and virtual instruments, a lot of my formal education relies on scientific methodologies which are transferrable to the realm of computing. I would like to propose that I am able to handle management of the Enumivo website. As you all will know, the current homepage is not up to scratch and we realistically need to tasks someone with being responsible for it. If I am listed as someone to manage the web side of the Enumivo project I will be a fair and honest manager who knows how to delegate work. If there is something which I cannot do I am not afraid to look for someone who can do it better than I and pay for their services. I will also use the Eurno project to attempt to raise awareness of Enumivo. The Eurno ENO token will be ported to Enumivo at a later date and, when it is, I will be developing a custom voting dApp which will allow users to democratically decide how the Eurno project changes the world with Enumivo. As a professional sound engineer I would also be able to handle any audio which is required for the project (for example in a video) which will put us in a situation where we do not have to worry about royalties when our community is making YouTube videos. Eventually I will work on making a song collection which can be used by our community for free, as they see fit. Finally, I will be available to write any articles or documents which are required by the elected UFE. By having an in house writer we will be able to ensure a consistent level of quality and style of writing. Important note: I am set to travel through Europe from July 16th until the End of August. While I am away I will be able to work from my laptop (albeit dependent on the WIFI situation) and will be attempting to spread awareness of ENU while on my travels. I am informing everyone now, before they vote, so everything is fair and above board. My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-s-a6641a39/
  4. Peesus

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    I don't think it should be compulsory to vote but maybe we should incentivise it? Maybe do something like those who only stake get x while those who stake and vote get x + y As I have said before, voting should be anonymous in my opinion. Otherwise it is not a democracy it is just a group of people bidding on voters.
  5. Thank you to everyone who voted for me! I will not let you down.
  6. It’s that time again! As we edge closer and closer to the release of our self claim airdrop dApp and, ultimately, the release of our ERC20 ENO token to the greater public we are happy to announce that we have been making great progress in all departments of development for the Eurno project. Since our last pre-release progress update we have successfully knocked a few milestones off our to-do list, which can be verified on our roadmap. Those of you who have been following our progress will know that we have been working around the clock to ensure that we are able to meet our privately agreed release date for the Eurno airdrop dApp and we are happy to inform you that this update bears some significant news regarding it, as well as information regarding progress made in other departments. So, on to the juicy bits. Self Claim dApp Beta Test Completed In our last update we informed you all of the news that we were in the process of finalising the beta test results of our custom coded self claim airdrop dApp. While there were a few hiccups with some beta testers pulling out in the last minute, we are ecstatic to announce that we were able to get our beta test completed and are able to publicly release the results to allow for public verification. While our last update notified you all that we would be releasing the final information regarding beta test results on Monday 18th June 2018, we have not been able to fulfil that goal due to the fact that we were in the middle of migrating to a new web host, something which reared numerous errors which needed addressing before the Eurno homepage could be updated, and propagated globally. All of that is sorted now and we are happy to provide you with all the returned test reports for our dApp. We have taken the precaution of hiding the identity of all testers in order to protect them and the Eurno project. If you would like to view the returned test sheets please download the archive below. Download Beta Test Reports Successfully Moved Host As briefly mentioned, in recent times we had been having some issues with our previous hosting provider and, while we did so with a heavy heart, we were forced to migrate our services to a new provider as, after giving them numerous chances, our old provider was not able to provide us with a reliable service. Now that we have moved to our own VPS with another provider we hope to be able to provide our community with a more reliable service, and to have found our permanent home. Revealed the Identity of our Founder While we are still in the pre-natal stages of the Eurno project it has been decided that, in the best interest of the project, our founder should be a publicly identifiable person which is open to public scrutiny. With that in mind it is now possible for you to find out more about him on his LinkedIn page: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-s-a6641a39/ To give you a brief background of Paul, he has been involved with web development since his early teens and, while his formal education is in a variety of disciplines of engineering, he has a vast amount of experience in the field. His most recent educational accomplishment (BSc in Audio Production) is one which is not directly relatable to blockchain or web development but the skills which he has acquired do bear some cross over points and, as you can see from his personal history, he is someone with a great understanding of engineering and computing principles which is what allows him to efficiently grasp new concepts. Transferred More Tokens to the Development Wallet In order to keep in line with our whitepaper we have been transferring tokens to the Eurno development wallet as and when it has been possible. When we last made an announcement the Eurno dev wallet held OMX and AMN tokens. Since then we are pleased to inform you all that we have donated BOB, SPN and CPAY tokens to the wallet. The exact balances of the Eurno dev wallet are now as follows: Token Name Token Balance AMN 15,715.305 OMX 5,276.8729635 BOB 342.50841227 SPN 640.569395 CPAY 180 If you would like to verify this information on Etherscan you can do so on the following link: https://etherscan.io/address/0xf8837a1f444c7d644b3dbdc41c88be35874b4b5d#tokentxns Happiness Website: https://eurno.org Whitepaper: https://eurno.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Eurno-Whitepaper-1.0-English.pdf Bitcointalk ANN: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4466190.0 Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/EurnoAnn Telegram Chat: https://t.me/joinchat/G8zTvxHtkTxCx4JA-4CHvg Twitter: https://twitter.com/Eurno Github: https://github.com/Eurno
  7. I vote for, in no particular order - I can't vote for Tom, can I? Nikolai Davidfnck Libert Daifuku SoSoLean Peesus Ansen PeiLin Ovi-Wan Kenobi Ig020 BoyKing Freecoin Fish
  8. Sorry bro been absolute balls to the walls, this will be done tomorrow for me!
  9. Peesus

    A New Journey

    That all makes a lor more sense, so in essence each person has their own trust circle which can overlap into another persons circle. Without overlapping circles then a persona trust is extremely limited. I was thinking that the trust circle was broader which is what I was worried about. At least way you have posed it does really limited what people can do and it would take a hell of a lot of effort to game it. Wasn't nit picking by the way just thought, as it was how I thought it was, it left an opening but a closed trust circle which is improved by the number of overlapping trust circles you are in is a great idea!
  10. Peesus

    A New Journey

    Maybe if you make the backing more than 1 ENU. My main point was if john, for example, has 500k ENU, and offloads a couple hundred to a few accounts, he can then make a few accounts which trust John tokens as worth something. If John manages to get a couple people on board with his system, and promises them a cut of his gamed earnings, he now has access to the web of trust of, for example, Sarah, as well as anyone who may have mistakenly trusted his game accounts due to the fact that he put more than 1 ENU in each wallet. From there John is able to get some Terry coins, Timothy coins and Jim coins - all of which, when combined, is worth more than the couple hundred ENU he put into his bogus accounts. At which point, because Terry, Timothy and Jim are trusted members of the community, John can now access all those in their web of trust, trade their trusted coins for something of value and then disappear. It is a very long winded scenario but just trying to play devil's advocate. It's like in pretty much every business sector in the world, most people are able to be bought for a price and all it takes is for one bad player to convince one trusted person to get in on their game and the trust of web fails - the saying "A chain is only as strong as its weakest link". I think the web of trust is a great idea for the record. Just think, as with everything, devil's advocate is a healthy scenario. Maybe, to prevent people from essentially buying trust, they have to have been proven to be interacting with eachother for a set amount of time before they can officialy say they trust someone's coins. This way it prevents 'John' from being able to simplt buy the trust of Sarah. Like, basically, what I am getting at, is that maybe we should have a variable other than the coin to indicate trust. If we can work out a coefficient of trust which has to pass a threshold before someone can trust them with their coins it may eliminate a lot of room for gaming.
  11. Peesus

    A New Journey

    If people only have to stake 1ENU they may be willing to lose in order to game the system and get validation as the reward from the UBI could cover the losses from accounts which were caught out. It could make a system which whales can easily game.
  12. As we move closer to the release of our self claim airdrop dApp, we would like to continue to bring the cryptocurrency world continued updates regarding our progress in an attempt to provide the wider public with validation of the transparency of the Eurno project. This update will include vital information about the ENO ERC20 token which will eventually be airdropped for free to anybody who wishes to claim it with our dApp, along with information regarding the Enumivo block producer which we are operating and the Enumivo main network. While the current state of play across the entire cryptocurrency market is causing concern among many enthusiasts (the huge sea of red) the entire Eurno team are secretly seeing our confidence increase. So, lets get to the interesting parts. ERC20 ENO Token Details First things first, we feel it is important to notify the cryptocurrency community of the fact that we have officially released our ERC20 ENO token. The first point to note would be that of the total supply. Those of you who have read our whitepaper will already be aware of the fact that our proposed total supply is set at 50 million ENO tokens, however, 22 million ENO tokens of that figure are not to come into effect until we have officially moved the Eurno project to our permanent blockchain, and have released our voting dApp. It is with this consideration that we decided we would only ever mint 28 million ERC20 ENO tokens on the Ethereum network. Two of the main considerations before making this decision were security and trust. By minting the full 50 million supply prior to moving blockchain's we would have added an element of required trust from our community, and added an element of risk to the entire project through the fact that 22 million ENO tokens would be sitting dormant in a wallet, or through having a contract which was able to mint more than the needed 28 million ERC20 ENO tokens. We outlined in our whitepaper that, of the 22 million un-minted ENO tokens, 9.5 million were to be used in the way of a second free distribution (to be decided upon by our community), 11.5 million were to be used to complete charitable ventures on behalf of our token holding community, and 1 million tokens were to be donated to the UBI fund by Enumivo. ENO Token Contract & Dev Wallet Address The ERC20 ENO token contract address can be found here: 0xCdC4423531dF5F3F87d1Ff54047c769fE488c49F The ERC20 Eurno development wallet can be found here: 0xF8837a1f444C7D644B3DBdC41C88BE35874b4b5d Since creating the Eurno wallet we have been donating funds from the bounties we receive through Something Decent, as promised. Currently the wallet holds AMN and OMX tokens. In due time we will transfer 15% of the tokens we received from Bob's Repair, and from Sapien (Bob's repair tokens are lock until June 20th 2018 and Sapien became unlocked yesterday). All tokens in the Wallet listed above will be sent to the EurnoToken.eth contract address. It should also be noted that we have resolved the 'EurnoToken.eth' ENS name to the contract address of the token and have contacted Etherscan to include our official links etc. We have also contacted My Ether Wallet to request they add us as an official token before the airdrop commences. We have taken both of these steps as precautionary measures. Many of you will already know how many phishing attempts are made in the Ethereum network and we wish to do all we can to prevent our community from falling victim to them. As mentioned within our whitepaper, we will be setting up a number of wallets to allow users to donate to the project as they see fit. The prospective wallets which WILL be resolved are as follows: development.donation.eurnotoken.eth Used to donate towards the development of Eurno, funds sent here will be voted on by the Eurno token holding community. charity.donation.eurnotoken.eth Used to donate towards charitable ventures carried out by the Eurno project, funds sent here will be voted on by the Eurno token holding community. development.nonvoted.eurnotoken.eth Used to donate towards development of the Eurno project, funds sent here will NOT be voted on and will be used exclusively to progress the Eurno project how the development team sees fit. PLEASE NOTE THESE WALLETS ARE NOT YET ACTIVE SO DO NOT SEND ANY FUNDS TO THEM! Enumivo Block Producer Activation Again, as is mentioned within our whitepaper, we plan to fund the Eurno project through a number of self funded cryptocurrency ventures, one of which being our own block producer on the Enumivo main network blockchain. We would like to inform the cryptocurrency community of the fact that the Enumivo main network went live on June 15th 2018 at 11am Beijing time and the network was handed over to its block producers successfully. The Eurno project is pleased to announce that our block producer has been running smoothly since the 4th June 2018 and that the Enumivo main network is now at block number 2143857. If you have participated in the ENU main net token swap we urge all supporters of Eurno to head over to their GUI wallet and vote for Eurn project as this will assist with securing our place in the top 21, which grants us a percentage of the block rewards offered by Enumivo. The activation of the Enumivo main network and the securing of our position in the top 21 block producers means that the Eurno project is now officially providing further passive income to fund our intended charitable ventures. Beta Test Progress Our beta test has been fully completed today and we are pleased to say that the basis of the dApp works perfectly. With that said, the beta test has provided me with vital feedback regarding the claim procedure and how we can improve it to make it easier for the general public. The amendments are expected to be complete before the end of next week and we expect to publicly release all the beta test reports by Monday 18th June 2018. we are currently waiting for the final reports to be returned. Bitcointalk ANN Thread & Github Since the last post we have also taken the time to create an official announcement thread on Bitcointalk, and created an official Github. The announcement thread will, hopefully, assist with raising awareness about the project while the Github will provide a hub for the public who wish to inspect our code. It should be noted that the source code to our self claim dApp will be made open source through our Github when the airdrop has been fully concluded. Happiness. Website: https://eurno.org Whitepaper: https://eurno.org/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Eurno-Whitepaper-1.0-English.pdf Twitter: https://twitter.com/Eurno Reddit: https://reddit.com/r/Eurno Telegram Announcements: https://t.me/EurnoAnn Telegram Chat: https://t.me/joinchat/G8zTvxHtkTxCx4JA-4CHvg Github: https://github.com/Eurno/ Steemit: https://steemit.com/@eurno Medium: https://medium.com/@eurno Bitcointalk ANN Thread: https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?topic=4466190.0
  13. To anyone who is interested, I have re-written the proposal above. I feel it should be made public knowledge that I also did the same for the last proposal but, for whatever reason, it was omitted. Happiness. UFE 2.0.pdf
  14. How is the voting process to be handled? There doesnt seem to be any sort of publicly visible voting mechanism in place. Anyway, I am interested. Of course. People on here know the work I have put in to the project both on the ENU website and in my own ones. Plus, I personally wrote the WP 😉 And rewrote the UFE proposal.
  15. Peesus

    Enumivo Progress Update

    Enumivians unite! We’re back with another juicy update for our amazing community to wrap its gums around. Anyone of you who actively checks our forum’s announcements section will, most likely, already be aware of the huge milestones which have been met by our dedicated core development team but we feel a recap is always nice and, those who may not be able to regularly check our forum will surely appreciate the chance to get up to date with the progress of our beloved Enumivo. As with all the updates which I post, the headers will be bulleted and explained in no particular order, so, enough introducing, let’s get to the juicy bits! The Enumivo main network blockchain is now live! While this is news which will have been broadcast through a number of media streams by now, I feel it is important to re-announce the fact that this milestone has been met as it is quite possible that this will be one of the announcements which bear’s the most significance for the success of the overall Enumivo project. By being able to successfully release our main network blockchain on June 3rd, at 8:20am Beijing time, our lead development team have proven their ability to perform and deliver when under pressure, and this achievement mark’s the beginning of an exciting path into the future. How to swap ERC20 to main net ENU & claim your LTS airdrop With the news of the inception of our main network blockchain, Enumivians around the globe will need to be prepared to swap their tokens as, and when, they’re ready to. At the moment there is an added incentive to do so as we currently have a 1:1 LTS airdrop being conducted in the Liteshares exchange. To swap your ERC20 ENU for our main network coin you will need to first create an account on the liteshares.io exchange. Once you have made an account (and stored your password somewhere secure) you will need to bind your ERC20 wallet (the one with your ERC20 ENU in) to your Liteshares account’s username. In order to do this you will need to use the hex converter on the following link: http://deposit.liteshares.io/how-it-works After you have your hex key you will be able to bind your account. To do this simply send 0 (zero) eth, with the hex key you copied and pasted in the data of the transfer, to the following address: 0x1Dedd4cE4def9833b0790F726455e70CBeB61e16 To confirm that your wallet has successfully been bound to your Liteshares account please go to the following link and look for your transaction hash using the search feature: http://deposit.liteshares.io/ Now that your address is bound to your Liteshares account you can continue to send your ERC20 ENU tokens to the same address as before, which is: 0x1Dedd4cE4def9833b0790F726455e70CBeB61e16 After you have completed all the steps you will see that your Liteshares account has been deposited with ENUMIVO asset and and equal amount of LTS tokens. It is important to note that your ENU coins will now be staked until 150 million ENU tokens have been staked, at which point the network will be secured by the elected block producers. Your LTS tokens, however, will be free to withdraw, and trade, as you wish. Become a founding block producer Now that the Enumivo main network is live, and our token swap has been initiated, we are ready to move on to the next stage of the Enumivo project, securing the network. As our blockchain is one which is based on the EOSIO software, released by Block.One, we too will need to elect block producers from our community of token holders. As a block producer on the Enumivo network you can expect to benefit from a financial rewarding structure which ensures everybody who is securing the network, regardless of whether they’re in the top 21, will receive at least 100 ENU per day for being a block producer. The rewarding structure we are implementing will see all rewards weighted by the number of votes a block producer receives from the token holding community, and will see all block producers share 1% of the token supply’s yearly inflation in the following structure: top 21 share 25% (weighted by votes), all block producers share 75% (weighted by votes). Seeking dApp devs Another important point which needs to be made within this announcement is that we are seeking dApp developers to join the Enumivo network, and we have a generous incentivising plan to reward developers. As many of you will already know, one of the main reasons Enumivo was created was to provide developers, who cannot afford to buy enough EOS tokens to develop a project, with an affordable alternative that provides all the same functionality as what is offered by Block.One. With that being one of our main goals, the Enumivo team decided that they would provide funding for all dApps which are developed on the Enumivo blockchain as long as they airdrop tokens to the Enumivo holding community. By providing such a fruitful bounty for all dApp developers, the Enumivo team have provided a third party reward scheme for its token holders through the fact that they will be receiving free tokens from the new projects which are funded by Enumivo. Enumivo main network wallet generator We are pleased to announce that we have released an ENU main network wallet generator, and provided the ability for users to claim their 12 character unique name. As all usernames on the Enumivo network are required to be unique, the sooner you decide to claim your desired name, the less likely it will be that somebody else has already beaten you to the punch and claimed it! With the ability to create a human readable name, which is paired to your ENU wallet address, we anticipate it to be a lot easier for users to transfer ENU between wallets, and to each other. In order to get an ENU main net wallet please go to the following link and press the “generate key” button: https://wallet.enumivo.com/get-key - It is important to note that you should store your keys in a safe place as, if you lose them, you will lose access to your ENU coins. Once you have made an ENU wallet key (and stored it somewhere safe) you can create you unique 12 character Enumivo account name by going to the following page and inputting your data in the correct fields: https://wallet.enumivo.com/create-account After that has been confirmed you’re done! You’ve claimed your 12 digit username and created your Enumivo main network wallet key. Enumivo GUI wallet and voting app As many of you who regularly visit the Enumivo forum will most likely have already seen, our hard working development team have managed to assemble and release a fully working graphic user interface (GUI) wallet which has full functionality. Our wallet allows all Enumivians to begin staking their ENU coins and voting for the block producers which will be responsible for securing the network, while also providing all the normal functionality of a cryptocurrency wallet. If you would like to give the new official Enumivo wallet a try, one of our beloved core team members, Tom, has been kind enough to put together a bunch of guides to assist you with all the functionality of the wallet. I have included links to them all below. How to install the Enumivo wallet: How to manage your wallet: How to vote for a block producer: Happiness.