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  1. I am going to abstain from voting in this one bro. This is not a reflection of my opinion on the design at all I think it is a very good design, very clear and clean. I just think we should try and make a full branding pack which the logo is modelled around to give the RoE more of an official feel and appearance.
  2. As the RoE has now got access to the voting power of the 50m fund I would like to propose a motion for the eurnoproject BP to receive said voting weight. As you know we have done a lot for this community, which ranges from making the current enumivo.org homepage to writing the original whitepaper and making the recent wordpress cross chain explorer plugin. Our BP is eurnoproject and was solidly in the top 21 since the chain went main net. Our website is https://eurno.org and we are actively developing for and on the Enumivo blockchain. We are one of few BPs which have completed everything all required by other EOS based chains. Vote YES if you think eurnoproject is worthy of receiving the 50m vote weight, vote NO if you think we aren't.
  3. Peesus

    The motion to limit members' replies

    You should rephrase your question then. It is not clear.
  4. Peesus

    The motion to limit members' replies

    Abstain. Users should be able to modify their post in the eventuality new information is brought to light. Changing your mind/stance is a part of learning and being human. EDIT: Changed to abstain after clarification it turns out this is pretty much what Dragos already has suggested.
  5. No, I know it is a fact that an account being active is no way associated to it being operated by a unique individual. If you cannot grasp that I really cannot help you.
  6. https://www.bmcc.cuny.edu/lrc/studyskills/factsandopinions.pdf
  7. It doesn't matter what you think. The fact remains.
  8. Doesn't matter what you think. The objective and factual truth is that an active account is not the same as a unique individual.
  9. Do you really need someone to explain to you the difference between being unique and having an active account? https://twitter.com/kodali_siva?lang=en Tweets very actively but is a self admitted bot, not even a person.
  10. Not in the slightest bit.
  11. Never said that. Pointing out that being unique and having an active account are two different things.
  12. Being unique and having an active account are two entirely different things.