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  1. Peesus

    Enumivo.org Homepage Test

    That is a great idea, I will add a mail list function, I may just use MailChimp for it but I will begin investigating.
  2. Howdy all! Hope you are well. I have been tasked with creating a homepage for Enumivo (lets face it, we have needed one for some time) and am pretty much finished with my creation. Aiden wanted to get the community's opinion on the matter so I wanted to make a post here to see what everyone thinks of my design. If you have any suggestions please do not hesitate to let me know them and I will do my best to implement whatever is within my scope of abilities. At present I have not fully set up outward links etc as this is just a dummy to show you all what I have created and to get an idea as to whether people would like Aiden to implement the theme I have made. Anyway, if you would like to check the site out it can be accessed temporarily on https://peesus.com I currently am tidying it up and making it as SEO friendly as possible. I plan on implementing live ENU prices on the home page when it gets the go ahead to be used as the official site for Enumivo. As always, I made this from scratch and off my own accord, in my own time and with my own funds. If you appreciate what I do for the community please vote for the eurnoproject block producer and vote for me in the oracles. Happiness.
  3. Peesus

    ENU Market Maker Calculators

    At present, as far as I am aware, the EOS in the MM contracts is just a stable coin due to the lack of the volume of it. So, no Aiden will not be honouring the EOS withdrawals in the same fashion as, for example, BTC. This is simply due to the fact that, at present, ENU EOS is worth roughly 79% less than the current market price of EOS. Do not hold me to this as there is no official announcement of it, but, I presume that, should the EOS price in the ENU MM contracts get closer to matching the price of EOS tokens, Aiden will honour them. Right now it is a bit unfair to expect him to make up the difference in cost at a loss to himself.
  4. Peesus

    Market Maker Calculator update

    I have now edited the GitHub repo. I noticed a few issues with the plugin as it was. Now it will insert into your Wordpress post/page correctly. I am currently aware of the following amendments which need to be addressed: Styling clashes - Depending on the user's theme/setup there may be some clash with regards to styling as I have used the Bootstrap framework which relies on tags such as H4/H5 etc not being defined. As a result, sites with custom settings for those tags may experience a different layout. I will amend this so that there is a custom class for all crossing elements. It will take some time though. Javascript clashes - Again, if you have either a customised or different version of Bootstrap you may experience differing functionality to that which is expected. This is another issue I plan to address. Again it will take some time as I need to either compile the required JS functions into the scripts.js file which I have coded (will need to go through the Bootstrap codebase and cherry pick what I need). Or I need to figure a way to check if the functions exist before injecting the Bootstrap JS codebase. If you do not have Bootstrap installed in your theme it should work without any problems at all. If you are also using an unedited version it should work without any unexpected differences also. From my testing the exceptions occur when there is a custom or old version of Bootstrap present.
  5. I am Paul Singh. I have been a part of Enumivo since its inception. I have managed to survive and retain my passion for the project through all core groups/UFE formations which have occurred in the time. I have knowledge/experience of PHP, JS, HTML, CSS as well as a BsC in audio production and other qualifications in other disciplines of engineering (aerospace and manufacturing). I have been involved in the web development and management space for over 13 years and have been the creator of a YouTube channel which grew from 0 to literally over a million views in less than a year (which I now have sold). I wrote the original Enumivo whitepaper, got us listed on blockfolio, applied for listing at numerous exchanges/coin trackers. I created the enufoundation.org website from scratch and host it etc myself. I created the market maker calculators from scratch myself. I have provided a high quantity of high quality articles regarding the various stages of Enumivo and its various related projects. I have conducted numerous ENU giveaways through my website, Something Decent. I decided to release my own cryptocurrency project, Eurno LTD (incorporated in London, UK), on the Enumivo blockchain and have been airdropping to all oracle verified community members. I found numerous errors in the market maker contracts at the time of their release. When I found the errors I reported them to Aiden instead of taking advantage and draining the coins out of the contracts. Throughout my general conduct i have always done my utmost to support the wider Enumivo community and will always continue to do so. You can contact me here: t.me/peesusjesus paul@enufoundation.org My account on here. What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will continue to develop and maintain the enufountdation.org website. I will also continue my plans to make the WP theme which I have created specifically for the enufoundation.org site available for all to apply on their Wordpress blog/site. I will continue my plans to get the theme listed within the official Wordpress repository when I feel the code has been tidied up enough to warrant their approval. I will continue to develop the ENU Market Maker Calculators and attempt to realise my overall goal of implementing the Ironman wallet to allow for a Bancor type exchange on the Enumivo blockchain. I will continue with my plans to turn the ENU Market Maker Calculators' code into a reusable Wordpress plugin which will allow anybody who uses Wordpress to display them on their website with a simple shortcode. I will continue to push the Enumivo project to reach all of its potential through various mediums and I will continue to support it on all projects which I am involved. I will continue to proceed with my plans to release the Eurno voting dApp on the Enumivo blockchain and keep the Enumivo blockchain as the home of the Eurno project. I will continue to provide information about the project where possible and assist our community in anyway which I can. I will also continue to provide updates of my work for the Enumivo project through this forum and my websites. Happiness.
  6. The Enumivo Market Maker calculators which I released are now displaying the price change in percentage. The change is currently set to 12 hours as the new database I created needs to populate with data in order to allow the 24 hour change to be displayed. This will be complete late tonight. You can see the changes by visiting the same page as always: https://enufoundation.org/market-maker-calculators/ The badges which display the change are referring to the price of X currency for 1 ENU. Obviously the nature of the exchange rate calculation means the rate you receive will decrease with the amount you trade. ENU MM Calculator WP Plugin You can now display the Enumivo Market Maker Calculators anywhere on your Wordpress website by installing the ENU MM Calculators WP Plugin. This is a work in progress and I will be continuing to develop it but feel free to use it and let me know what you think. It is available on the Eurno Github on the link below. Link: https://github.com/Eurno/Enumivo-Market-Maker-Calculators It is still in development so please do report any issues you encounter to me! I will be writing documentation for it when I get home from work today. Happiness.
  7. Peesus

    ENU Market Maker Calculators

    I have now updated the market maker calculators to calculate the transaction fee you will pay for ENU<->ETH, ENU<->EOS, ENU<->BTC and ENU<->ELN. I have also added the market for ELN<->EOS and coded in the correct calculations using Aiden's original equation which is in the smart contract. Happiness.
  8. Hey everyone, I have written a small script which will allow you to easily work out a rough estimate of the exchange rates you will receive when using the Enumivo market maker contracts. As is written on the page, these are ROUGH guidelines and the actual exchange rate you receive can differentiate from the amount shown on the website due to the dynamic nature of the contracts. If, for example, you wish to buy BTC with your ENU and someone sends a transaction to the contract in the time between you checking the value and sending your transaction it is possible that the value will change. With this in mind I have set the contract values to refresh every 5 seconds. If you notice a change you can easily recalculate your exchange rate by re-entering it. So far I have made calculators for ENU and BTC/ETH/EOS. I will continue to make calculators for ELN etc, I wanted to get these markets up first. The current layout etc is temporary and will be made more user friendly, this is just so the functionality is there and to assist you all with your trades. You no longer have to enter the market makers blind. You can test out the calculators on the ENU Foundation website here: https://enufoundation.org/market-maker-calculators/ I hope this helps you all. As always, if you like what I have made, vote for the eurnoproject block producer. Happiness. PLEASE REMEMBER THE RATE YOU RECEIVE MAY DIFFER FROM WHAT IS DISPLAYED ON THE CALCULATOR IF THERE IS A TRANSACTION PROCESSED BETWEEN YOUR CHECK AND SEND.
  9. Hey all you lovely Enumivians, hope all is well with everyone! You may not be aware of the fact that I have been tinkering away behind the scenes to make a completely custom Wordpress theme which can be reused on any website which uses the Wordpress CMS. My plan for making it was to allow us (the ENU Foundation) to use it for our website and then publish it to the WP repository after ensuring we meet their requirements. Today I have made the official ENU Foundation website live for all to visit. If you would like to have a browse you can do so at https://enufoundation.org - At present the site is fully functional and provides basic information regarding the ENU Foundation. I will be continuing development on both the theme and the actual ENU Foundation website so, any suggestions, please do not hesitate to list them in here. In the coming weeks I will populate the website with more in-depth information regarding the foundation and our aims, as well as providing regular updates regarding the works of members from the ENU Foundation and ENU Council. The plan with this is to provide a place where people can find all the information they need regarding the non technical development of the Enumivo project - something we have been missing. All members of the ENU Foundation and ENU Council are responsible for the content of their own profiles and all those who opt to register have been handed the ability to write blog posts on the website if they wish to do so. Constitution I also want to announce the fact that the ENU Foundation constitution is also ratified and publicly visible on the following link: https://enufoundation.org/constitution/ This constitution was developed by the ENU Foundation board and was voted for by them also. We are all held accountable to this document and it is in full effect. So, if anybody is wondering what the roles of the ENU Foundation are they now know where to look. Notes This is all funded by myself and is entirely developed by myself also. I am doing this through my passion for the Enumivo project and in the hope that it will instil further confidence in our project from the wider crypto community. If anybody likes what I have done all I ask is that you support Enumivo and vote for the eurnoproject block producer. Next Steps My next steps will be to make a developers resources section on the developers.enufoundation.org domain. This will take me a few weeks as it is both mine and my partners' birthdays next week so we shall be out of the country for a week. Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoy. Happiness.
  10. Hey everyone, Most of you will probably know of me already as I have been a part of the Enumivo project since its inception back in February 2018. If not I'll give you a little background info: My name is Paul Singh I am educated to degree level in the UK and have a BSc from SAE Institute, London, in Audio Production. I have been involved with web development and management for roughly 15 years and have managed a number of websites/online entities in my time. Since the restructuring of the Enumivo core team and rebranding to the UFE I have been elected as one of the 7 board members and have assumed the role of Sales/Marketing head. As mentioned by @Sosolean I am the founder of the Eurno LTD project (a directly democratic charitable project), something which we both hope will add to the use case of Enumivo and assist with growing the community. At present I am trying to get a UFE constitution in place to assist all UFE members and provide a level of accountability for us all while providing transparency to the wider Enumivo community. I have also been, along with @Sosolean, attempting to provide safeguards for the longevity of the Enumivo project. In the not too distant future I plan to create a website for the UFE which I believe will assist us with legitimacy and transparency. I am also the owner/founder of Something Decent and have supported Enumivo on there since ENU was airdropped. Happiness. **EDIT** In line with my introduction I have acquired the domain: https://enufoundation.org and made a quick landing page while the website is built.
  11. As you may well know already, the Eurno project is closely affiliated with Something Decent and has been preparing for release on 15th July 2018. In an attempt to drive up some attention for Eurno, Something Decent and Enumivo we have partnered to bring an exclusive giveaway which will reward ten people with 100 ENU tokens worth .012 ETH at todays trading price. Mandatory Requirements In order to enter the giveaway you simply need to have a Twitter account and a Telegram account, and to make a main net Enumivo wallet. Once you have all three you will need to join the Enumivo chat Telegram channel, follow the Something Decent Twitter and follow the Eurno Twitter. It should be noted that you will need to remain a member of all channel until distribution. Winners of the giveaway will be announced on September 1st 2018 and the ENU tokens will be distributed to the main net ENU wallet address you submit. About the Giveaway Many of you more regular readers will already know of the official partnership between Something Decent and Enumivo while the Eurno project is still a new one waiting to be released. The Eurno project is a self funded charity which will conduct charitable ventures on behalf of its token holding community. The project is starting life as an ERC20 token and will be moved to the Enumivo network at a later date. The Eurno project is one which is focused on charity and, as such, it will be releasing its token for free using an airdrop dApp. Their token is not currently released although it will be on July 15th 2018, at midday. As always you can find the link to signup below. Happiness. Join the Something Decent & Eurno ENU Giveaway Please remember that this article is not to be taken as any form of investment advice and that you should do your own research before investing your hard earned cash into anything. We would also like to remind you that Something Decent is not in anyway responsible for the distribution of airdrops, bounties or giveaways unless it is stated that we are personally conducting them
  12. Peesus

    Please Vote

  13. Peesus

    Introduction Thread

    About Me My name is Paul Singh, I am a Londoner born and bred. I was raised in a council estate by a single parent and am one of four children. I am educated in a variety of disciplines of engineering (manufacturing, aerospace and audio) and am the holder of a BSc (2:1 level) in audio production/sound engineering. I was granted my degree in the prestigious SAE (School of Audio Engineering) in London. I have been involved with web development as a self taught fascination for roughly 18 years. My interest in computers began with my older brother playing the Atari and Amstrad. From there I taught myself how to build a PC from scratch and then began learning front end coding when dial internet came about. I have developed and maintained a number of websites in my time (and currently) and was responsible for creating a UK based urban media outlet which acquired over 1 million YouTube views in just two years. That project (Black Budget Entertainment) was subsequently sold when I went back into education. I currently work in the audio industry as part of a team which caters to all the UK's biggest music oriented TV shows, single handedly run Something Decent, and am building the Eurno project with @Sosolean , which we hope to be of great benefit to Enumivo. Involvement with Enumivo I have been in the Enumivo core group since the airdrop was first announced on Bitcointalk. My involvement began with an article on the Something Decent website and with a conversation with Aiden about 9 ETH which was sent to the ENU smart contract. Since becoming involved with ENU I have been responsible for a number of updates and official writing (including writing the whitepaper). I have provided consistent coverage on the Something Decent website and have been actively promoting Enumivo as much as humanly possible. A lot of my PR has been through conducting giveaways which focus on increasing the number of members in our social communities. I also have been responsible for contacting exchanges and writing our template documents which are used to make first contact. I also created a connection with a member of Blockfolio and was responsible for listing us in there. What I Can Do For Enumivo At present I am working on releasing the Eurno airdrop dApp which will hopefully bring up to 100k new users to the Enumivo network. The Eurno project is a charitable one and 50% of all profits which are generated from the Eurno Project block producer will be allocated to the Eurno fund as listed in our whitepaper. The focus on bringing new blood to the Enumivo community has been made after consideration of the fact that we need to expand our reach as a crypto based project. As mentioned, I am very well versed in managing websites and, while my specialist field of knowledge is in programming audio equipment and virtual instruments, a lot of my formal education relies on scientific methodologies which are transferrable to the realm of computing. I would like to propose that I am able to handle management of the Enumivo website. As you all will know, the current homepage is not up to scratch and we realistically need to tasks someone with being responsible for it. If I am listed as someone to manage the web side of the Enumivo project I will be a fair and honest manager who knows how to delegate work. If there is something which I cannot do I am not afraid to look for someone who can do it better than I and pay for their services. I will also use the Eurno project to attempt to raise awareness of Enumivo. The Eurno ENO token will be ported to Enumivo at a later date and, when it is, I will be developing a custom voting dApp which will allow users to democratically decide how the Eurno project changes the world with Enumivo. As a professional sound engineer I would also be able to handle any audio which is required for the project (for example in a video) which will put us in a situation where we do not have to worry about royalties when our community is making YouTube videos. Eventually I will work on making a song collection which can be used by our community for free, as they see fit. Finally, I will be available to write any articles or documents which are required by the elected UFE. By having an in house writer we will be able to ensure a consistent level of quality and style of writing. Important note: I am set to travel through Europe from July 16th until the End of August. While I am away I will be able to work from my laptop (albeit dependent on the WIFI situation) and will be attempting to spread awareness of ENU while on my travels. I am informing everyone now, before they vote, so everything is fair and above board. My LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/paul-s-a6641a39/
  14. Peesus

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    I don't think it should be compulsory to vote but maybe we should incentivise it? Maybe do something like those who only stake get x while those who stake and vote get x + y As I have said before, voting should be anonymous in my opinion. Otherwise it is not a democracy it is just a group of people bidding on voters.