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  1. Atlas Forces will be one of the top dapps of crypto world!
  2. Awesome! It's super easy to create your own tokens.
  3. ironpa88

    Reorganizing RoE

    In Enumivo, we trust!
  4. I am ironpa88. I am a funder of BP enuviptaiwan. I am inspired by the team and community of ENU and the UBI idea, specially thanks for @enumivo, @PeiLin, @davidfnck and @Daifuku. I am a interior designer and contractor in real world if you need my services. You can contact me here: t.me/enuviptaiwan ethzero168@gmail.com https://twitter.com/ChunhsingHo https://enuvip.com https://bitcointalk.org/index.php?action=profile;u=1960784;sa=summary What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: My team(Enuvip) and I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people we know, we had a growing social group with 140+ people in Taiwan Asia. I will promo Enumivo project to people like us in real world 24-7 and support marine environmental protection with the group named Enumivo(Enuvip), that's the original goal of my team.
  5. ironpa88

    Enumivo Liquidity Network

    Thanks for your shared, @gij. Me either. I think the most important thing is "liquidity". "Liquidity" means that more people trust and use it. This is also the mechanism for all currencies to succeed. Hope it will be easy to run and popular. With the open mind and we try it first.
  6. ironpa88

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Congratulations!!! One big step of the UBI project.
  7. ironpa88

    Free account tool in telegtam

    Great job! Thanks for your hard working. BP enuviptaiwan voted.
  8. ironpa88

    Vote for explorer developer

    Voted. BP enuviptaiwan support developers and programmers with unlimited passions like you. Good job!
  9. ironpa88

    WE WIN !!!!!!

    AP & the community & U did that, I'm glad to be with you.
  10. ironpa88

    WE WIN !!!!!!

    Power of the community, by the community, for the community & especially You.
  11. ironpa88

    10M ENU to be given by Community Oracles

    Read. Like any problems in real life, there are many solutions for one question. Maybe we just need a right question. Such as "Who" need the $UBI? I'm open my mind for everything, that's all. Thanks to @PeiLin
  12. ironpa88

    UBI 演讲 Tedx

    同意 @PeiLin 的意見!谷哥一下會發現類似的UBI項目其實不少,換個角度看,從0開始空投的ENU本質也是UBI,或許社會主義真會在ENU鏈上實現!
  13. ironpa88

    10M ENU to be given by Community Oracles

    I got your point. So first step of $UBI project will be "Social justice for community" right?