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  1. Sad jn a way becaused of the dishonest of the bp's forcing you to take this action, hope this cancer of enumivo removed soon.
  2. Telegram: @litsph Mainnet: uzumakinatsu Hold: 1800
  3. Hello everyone! In the crypto space i present myself as litsph, ive know crypto since 2012, been in love with enumivo since its posted in btt, one of first selfdrop coins/tokens. I have little knowledge graphic design, blogging, and video presentation. Im currently one of the group moderator in our telegram. What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people I know.
  4. Is the oracle now accepting national id's?
  5. Voting can only be done thru web wallet?
  6. So i think thats the way i can participate 👍
  7. But voting an oracle can also get reward monthly?
  8. What about the normal people that support only the enu by just being here? Can we also participate in?
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