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  1. https://wallet.enumivo.com/swap-token
  2. Can these two records be destroyed according to this ratio first?Then I will execute them according to the rules.
  3. 1000ENU -> 42828.4632 LTS http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/d92487348a76225aee872a78f308cad8cfe9e01cfbd3328f49a6ddaf56151793
  4. enulexlexlex 1/Burned 10000 LTS https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/4d05e603b9a6fd660d9b880d01c3be75854aac87ec191e60d53a2b4138e93d6e 2/Burned 10000 LTS http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/01e8c2a2fbb835fbe305d949fa6535088a50fab3994c2f885398fbb8fcf931aa
  5. enulexlexlex burned 10000 LTS, and will continue to do https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/4d05e603b9a6fd660d9b880d01c3be75854aac87ec191e60d53a2b4138e93d6e
  6. I am lex. I am a product manager, and I'm co-founder of eosforce.io. As an early supporter of enumivo, I was invited by @Tom and @Freecoin to join the enumivo customer service team to help newcomers understand the enumivo project in the enumivo Chinese community(QQ and Bixin).Although I am no longer in this position, I am still actively disseminating enumivo to everyone I meet. Later, I started a BP:enulexlexlex, It's running well now. You can contact me here: Telegram: t.me/lexshih Twitter: https://twitter.com/lyricus_s wechat: lex0575 E-Mail: lex@eosforce.io What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will maintain the BP : enulexlexlex. I will help spread the idea of Enumivo and UBI to everyone I meet.
  7. BP:enulexlexlex I'm co-founder of EOSForce.io, and I'm currently in charge of the EOSForce Developers Foundation. We have established connections with many DAPP developers.and I'll recommend them to transplant their DAPPS to enumivo, when appropriate . As the earliest follower of enumivo, I will actively spread the idea of ENU and UBI to everyone I meet, and make the community more and more prosperous.
  8. @enumivo enulexlexlex is up running p2p-peer-address =
  9. Hi TOM,my account is lexlexlexlex http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/3b172b87ab37950c2d6815c1994ab51e9bd690a409d5bf248a592b8b2e4cab66
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