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  1. Hi,all RoE members: THIS IS AN IMPOSSIBLE MISSION. We want to try to be listed on a new exchange named Aex(bit.cc), an old classic and popular exchange, many early bitcoin player are the exchange's users. This will benefit ENU much more in the next bull market. The data of aex is below, fyi. Now we plan to crowdfund at least 2m ENU from the community and RoE fund 1:1 donate for community‘s Crowdfunding for exchange listing. I have wrote a post to all the community, you can check here: http://enudf.com/index.php/2019/03/07/enu-impossible-i-m-possible/ I have talked with AP, RoE have about 10m ENU fund, RoE can show the responsibility to all the community. If you support this motion, pls give the yes, thank you very much.
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  3. I vote NO. We should control what we can control.
  4. AGREE
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    Motion to add a "Pending Motion" topic

    YES,we should think what is reallly important.