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  1. snail


    Hopefully one day, CoinMarketCap will launch ENU for free. Families work together.
  2. 目前51Token开发的红包功能很不错,可以通过别人发的红包直接创建ENU账户,操作简单。
  3. 老铁,只有一个办法:加仓吧。
  4. snail


  5. 半年时间不长,长线的话,可以不考虑短期波动。
  6. When will KYC start? Do you have any specific plans?
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  8. snail


  9. Hello everyone, I am a snail, I am from Sichuan, China. I started to pay attention to ENU from the ENU airdrop, and then joined the ENU official group on Telegram, WeChat, Bixin, and paid attention to the official ENU microblog in the early days, and recently joined the Weibo super-sentence [ENU avocado]. Actively share the information of ENU on Weibo and WeChat, actively participate in the official activities of ENU, and participate in the early activities of taking Chinese names for ENU. The Chinese name I took for ENU was “一念有”, but I regret that I was not selected. It is also the earliest certified member of ENU's earliest DAPP [station team]. For UBI, it gave me a very amazing feeling at first, and it was different from other projects. As I learned more, I knew it would be a great experiment and went down in history. So I am an active supporter of ENU. My main network account is "enumivo23432". You can contact me here: T.me/woniuniu Wechat: snail on the road Weibo: mncyn001 What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will invite more friends to learn about ENU and share the ENU concept more actively. When the community needs me, I will do my best to help.
  10. snail

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Of course, KYC is very strict. I agree with you very much. I hope the community can do better.
  11. snail

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    I have no passport. Can I upload my ID card only?I believe many people are just like me.
  12. My concern is how UBI will be distributed to everyone, how to ensure fairness in the distribution process and avoid UBI centralization.This is a problem that the team needs to focus on.