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  1. I pray nothing affects the new date! Stay tuned! Stay awake! Atlas at Work!
  2. Happy weekend guys, I'm here to show you guys one of my recent paintings dedicated to the community. I'll be showing most of the steps in the painting with you guys and some promotional links. Links to other site and platforms where I tried to get people informed about our lovely common of Enumivo. I'll be waiting to hear you guys comments about this cool painting I've made for our wonderful community. 😄 I only shared the pure painting steps here. You can kindly check for the edited photography in my previous post. Thank you all. Below are the links of other sites and platforms where I shared the good news about Enumivo. https://whaleshares.io/enumivo/@tezzmax/4rjpj2-enumivo-to-the-world https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/vushk-enumivo-to-the-world
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    Thanks mate. More to come. Stay tuned! Enumivo to the World! Enumivo to the Moon!
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    Hello guys, I think I've spent close to two months here already, and it's been just great. I've been seeing friends out there, majority are on the blockchain such as steemit and whaleshares. They've been asking me about Enumivo and how it works, and trust me, I've been giving out the best information I can give to them. And also, I've been adding value to the community in the aspect of my artworks, and I'm not done yet, I'm just about to start! Check out my new artwork below. Titled - Enumivo to the World!
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    It's here, It's more than just a numbered group, It's more than just a meeting, It's more than just a community, It's Enumivo; It's ROE!
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    Thanks mate... More to come.
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    I'm glad you like it. Thanks mate.
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    Thanks mate.
  9. Hello guys, Happy new week, All I'm here to do is to use my artistic skills to add value to the Enumivo community, and to bring more people in by introducing enumivo to them with the aid of my paintings. I will be dropping my paintings here too, and I'll look forward to hearing from you all. Thanks. Enumivo to the Moon! Below are the pictures of a little painting I made for the community. And below are the links to the posts I wrote about the Enumivo community and the painting. @marshalllife thanks for always being there for me mate. @libert thanks for helping me around here. I'm so grateful. https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/we-are-the-enumivians-welcome-to-enumivo https://whaleshares.io/enumivo/@tezzmax/we-are-the-enumivians-welcome-to-enumivo
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    We Are The ENUMIVIANS!

    Well, I wish I could. I think I would need a digital camera for such I don't think phone phone could do that or I'll probably ask around. Thanks mate! Enumivo to the Moon! Atlas to the World!
  11. Okay mate.... Thank you very much for you support and concern, I'm sure you'll surely rise up from this current mess bro, and the event would surely be a success too. ENUMIVO TO THE MOON! ATLAS TO THE WORLD!
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    ROE logo

    Okay friend.
  13. Yes mate! Let's shake tables now!
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    ROE logo

    This is a great one man! I really need to start posting my arts for the community too. Are you available on telegram?
  15. I really wish I could be there. But let still hope. 😀
  16. Yes! Promotion is our abilities! Promotion is our calling! Promotion is our say of life! We are the Atlas Forces!
  17. The app would be an easy desk I guess.
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    ROE logo

    It's not enu. So the E there stands for what please?
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    A new born Enumivite!

    Hello Enumivites, I'm so glad that i could eventually write my introductory post today, my first post as an enumivite. firstly, i would love to say a very big thank you to @marshalllife who introduced me to this community and it projects. I'm so grateful. I am Omotayo Ambali by name, and my nicknames/usernames are either "tezzmax" or "nucleus", I'm a Nigerian, A music student in one of the best institution in my country. Aside being a music student, well, Let me say, i don't like being a music student because it's not my lifestyle. just like marshalllife, music seems to be his lifestyle, Lol, but funny enough, i could still do a lot on the musical line but I won't promise enumivo that. I'm here on enumivo to add some value to the community, doing what i can always do best which is Arts! I mean arts like paintings, drawing, and i'm a good writer too. I love poetry, so if you call me a "poet", I could love you! You can kindly reach me on other platforms like :- steemit - steemit.com/@tezzmax whaleshares - whaleshares.io/@tezzmax medium - medium.com/@omotayobabatundeambali facebook - facebook.com/omotayobabatunde.ambali twitter - @omotayobabatune Enumivo, and my fellow Enumivtes, i'm here now, i hope i am welcomed? I love this project, and when marshalllife told me about this, guess what, the part i love and loved must is the "UBI" initiative, that's really great and thoughtful of the enumivo community. surely, that would help in reducing and if not eradicating poverty on the surface of the earth to some extent. Let's work together, Let's dine together, Let's live together! Yours Faithfully, Tezzmax(nucleus). Happy new year!
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    A new born Enumivite!

    Thanks for the warm welcome Ghost. 😈
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    Hello Enumivo - Look who's here

    Welcome on board bro.... Happy new year.... Let's rock crypto this year like never before!
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    Hello Enumivo - Look who's here

    Wow. So Captain is here...... 😨
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    ROE logo

    Cool one.... But why not use the Enumivo colour?
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    Welcome to Enumivo Africa

    Hello, I'm tezzmax from Nigeria. What do I need to know about this community? Please.
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    Which BP is willing to pay dividends?

    What's BP please?