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  1. Yes. Let's preach ENUMIVO in Taiwan too... Lol
  2. No grammatical error from this end. This seems to be a great news but could someone help me out please, I really don't know what you mean by Ironman.
  3. Happy Weekend Guys, It's been a while I made a painting for the community. It's been quite tough to make a painting these days since I've resumed school back but a little time crept in toady, and I decided to make this little one for the community again. https://bearshares.com/art/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world https://whaleshares.io/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world https://steemit.com/enumivo/@tezzmax/music-in-the-enumivo-world Above are the links to the community promotional posts. I'll be waiting to hear from you all. Kindly drop your comment below. Thank you all. Enumivo to the World! Enumivo to the Moon!
  4. tezzmax

    RoE members' salaries record

    Thanks to the community and her wonderful members.
  5. tezzmax

    First gif image for the R.O.E community

    Cool one mate. Neatly done.
  6. The Atlas Force is at work!
  7. Happy Weekend Guys, It's time to share another awesome art with the community again. Kindly see below. The art was made by me to portray the way the Enumivo community gives social justice with ease like we give our toothbrushes toothpaste with ease whenever we intend to use them. ☺
  8. Hello Mates, I'm writing this to show how grateful I am towards the motion you guys took for me to become a citizen of ROE, I am so grateful. I was never even expecting the motion to come from @libert, though he has been my tutor right from very first time I took the project serious. I am also saying a very big thank you to a brother @marshalllife, he was the one who introduced me to this wonderful community with some explanations on what to do, and always do tight. @PeiLin happens to be someone I can't just thank enough at the moment. He's been of great help and a fast friend. Lol...... He's actually among the first set of people that made me understand the value of what I'm doing in the community. I still want to use this opportunity to say thank you all my voters. I am really grateful guys. In the likes of - @sonofthera, @David ishia, @smakeit, @Colinlib, @ansen, @TylerXiong, @Sosolean, @JianMei, @blackpaopao, @Peesus, @Daifuku, @davidfnck. Thank you all.
  9. I was scared when I first saw the word 'lie' in the translation. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  10. @PeiLin could you help me out please? I don't understand why i got this kind of a comment here.
  11. Yeah. I'm accepting ENU as payment if you need me to work a painting for you. πŸ˜ƒ
  12. tezzmax

    Nominating Sean Of EOSex to Join RoE

    I am definitely voting a yes. This is quite a support because it's going to help push out Enumivo to investors and users that would remain active on the blockchain. This is what I call a great value!
  13. tezzmax

    RoE citizens list

    I am really honored to be among the citizens of ROE. Thank you all.
  14. tezzmax


    Hello guys, I think I've spent close to two months here already, and it's been just great. I've been seeing friends out there, majority are on the blockchain such as steemit and whaleshares. They've been asking me about Enumivo and how it works, and trust me, I've been giving out the best information I can give to them. And also, I've been adding value to the community in the aspect of my artworks, and I'm not done yet, I'm just about to start! Check out my new artwork below. Titled - Enumivo to the World!
  15. tezzmax


    Thanks mate. Sure, I'll definitely keep up the good work! Enumivo to the World! Enumivo to the Moon!
  16. tezzmax

    The enumivo Meetup in Olabisi Onabanjo University

    Nice one brother! Enumivo to the World! Enumivo to the Moon!
  17. I pray nothing affects the new date! Stay tuned! Stay awake! Atlas at Work!