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  1. I made some graphics for enEnumivo and this portrays what it's all about i.e social justice for all. i had to use a justice balance free image to portray this. whaleshares post Whaleshares steemit post Steemit
  2. Woow... I made the first two gif for the R.O.E community . I had to create the images as a stand alone image and then merged them to give the result. This took a lot of time than the normal logo/Graphics designs.
  3. Hello guys, I made some logos designs for the R.O.E community since there has not been enough logo for R.O.E. Whaleshares post - https://whaleshares.io/@gbindinazeez/enumivo-when-moon-graphics-designs-and-logos-for-the-r-o-e-community Steemit post - https://steemit.com/enumivo/@gbindinazeez/enumivo-when-moon-graphics-designs-and-logos-for-the-r-o-e-community
  4. The current state of the country has made lots of meetups to get postponed or cancelled, but I still got to do this for the community. It wasn't easy to get much people who are not educated in cryptocurrency and Blockchain generally,So I had to call some Blockchain guys such as valchiz (on Steem ) who helped me enlighten them on what cryptocurrency and Blockchain is. We then went into the topic of the day which was enumivo and we had a lengthy discussion majorly on the difference between UBI and ROE . They were all impressed by what enumivo has envisioned and is still planning on doing. A guy who goes by the name Micklech asked why enumivo was cloned from EOS and I enlightened him on that. Gave them a suvenir in form of a booklet containing all the needed information about enumivo. They also left with some enumivo stickers for their phones and laptops and am expecting the ladies to take some pictures with it. TRIM_20190218_141505.mp4
  5. This is Nigeria... Imagine them deciding this at 3am when the country is asleep
  6. The server specs is really high considering project-atlas other BP platforms May the atlas force be with y'all
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    Seeing this shows a sign of moving forward for the community
  8. THE WEB The web is or commonly known as the World Wide Web and it’s a virtual space that is full of information where web related resources and documents can be identified by Uniform Resource Locators (URLs) and http protocols and can be accessed via the internet. The web was developed by a man Tim Berners-Lee who was a British scientist. He invented the World Wide Web (WWW) in 1989. THE INTERNET The internet is not the same as the web but a much separate entity but still related to the web. The internet is a huge network infrastructure as it consists of networks of networks. The internet globally connect computers together enabling each computer have access to communicate with each other via protocols. They can communicate as long as they are connected to the internet. NOTE: the web is an information sharing model that is built on top of the internet, it’s a large portion of the internet. ___ The web or World Wide Web consist of three different portions/parts. * Surface web * Deep web * Dark web SURFACE WEB aka Visible Web, Indexed Web, Indexable Web or Lightnet This is the portion of the web that is readily accessible and available to the masses. This are webpages that are in servers can be easily accessed via normal search engines and web browsers. Google can be best described as a search engine. The fact is that the surface web consist of just 10% of the World Wide Web. Surface web can basically be described as all search engines such as Google, yahoo and all websites that can be found on a single search on this search engines. The surface web are majorly written in html codes and their domain usually ends with .com .org .net .io and similar variations. This is the opposite of the deep web. DEEP WEB aka invisible web, or hidden web The deep web is part of the web that is not visible to normal web users and the contents are not indexed by the standard search engines that we know of. The contents of the deep web are hidden behind HTML forms and the most common examples and use are web mails, hospital records, bank records, cloud storage, military data and many more. The deep web is usually used to store files that are regarded as personal and of the utmost importance to the owner. The deep web can be accessed by a direct URL or a specific ip address and would require a form of security such as password in order to gain an entry. This is the opposite of the surface web. DARK WEB aka darknet This is the most dangerous part of the internet as anything you can think of happens here. Most sites here do not accept normal payment such as PayPal but untraceable and anonymous form of payments like cryptocurrency especially bitcoin. Dark web is not entirely illegal to use but only a bit of the dark web is legal as operations ranging from child pornography, drug dealing, hiring hitmen, and selling WMD weapons of mass destructions. Most dark websites work with membership and are usually monitored by the government. You can access the dark web using the TOR browser which means the onion router (sole purpose is to make a person surf the internet anonymously) Freenet, I2P, and Riffle. The sites usually have a domain ending with .onion. NOTE: Do not access the dark web via your home network and even if you do so, make sure to cover your webcam and your microphone.
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    My name is Abdulazeez Olaitan Gbindinninuola popularly known as gbindinazeez or azeez. My social media links are as follows Email – gbindinazeez@gmail.com Steemit - https://steemit.com/@gbindinazeez Whaleshares - https://whaleshares.io/@gbindinazeez Medium - medium.com/@gbindinazeez Facebook - www.facebook.com/abdulazeez.gbindinninuola Twitter - https://twitter.com/gbindinazeez Instagram - @gbindinazeez Telegram – t.me/@gbindinazeez Discord – @gbindinazeez#9589 I have made a lengthy introduction about myself in my last post and I would say I am a human like everyone. I am a Nigerian who is in his final years studying anatomy. I am a poet, anatomist, content creator, crypto blogger and a tech enthusiast I would make sure to invite my friends and guide them on the enumivo platform as I have told them about the UBI initiative and they all loved it. I would also create awareness for the community by bringing people together on the enumivo server on discord, online and offline also. I would occasionally write on my skill sets that I have stated by talking on some health related matters and giving some tech support that I know off. Thank you, One love
  11. Hello enumivian or enumivites I am gbindinazeez and my full name is Abdulazeez Olaitan Gbindinninuola. I am a Nigerian and a human anatomist in making as I am in my final year studying anatomy. I got to know about crypto in 2016 when someone talked to me about bitcoin, I never really had an interest then not until 2017 when I started with satoshiquiz where you answer some questions and gain some satoshi for the correct answer. I later got to know about the steem blockchain by the 2nd quarter of last year and I have been a crypto enthusiast since then. I am grateful to destiny marshall who is @marshalllife on the platform for introducing me to this great initiative. I got to know about the enumivo project last year December during a blockchain meet up, here he spoke to us about all the good that the enumivo project is packed with most especially the UBI which is the Universal Basic Incime which aims at providing every person of his/her needs. I have a lot to offer the community as I know a lot about health and I can give regular health tips as I believe that health is wealth, I am a tech enthusiast as I love seeing innovative techs and project , I also love poetry and I do some minimal graphics designs. https://i.postimg.cc/T14FfcPP/IMG-20181225-WA0021.jpg My social accounts includes; Email – gbindinazeez@gmail.com Steemit - https://steemit.com/@gbindinazeez Whaleshares - https://whaleshares.io/@gbindinazeez Medium - medium.com/@gbindinazeez Facebook - www.facebook.com/abdulazeez.gbindinninuola Twitter - https://twitter.com/gbindinazeez Instagram - @gbindinazeez