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  1. 1.Name lvmuyu 2.Social Media Links Wechat : lvmuyu email : lvmuyu@qq.com Twitter:hihigh98 Bihu:Flyingvv Weibo:http://weibo.cn/flvvc 3. Introduction I'm lv muyu from jiangsu, China. I am a calligraphy teacher, an architectural engineer and a loyal fan of block chain technology.I came into contact with the block chain industry in 2016, and have been paying close attention to the development of the industry with high enthusiasm. I firmly believe that this is the future!I participated in the airdrop activity of enumivo and bought enu in kkex. I have been paying close attention to the dynamics of enumivo silently, and I quite agree with the concept of enumivo, and I am eager to participate in this great project.I am good at communicating with people, and I have been spreading this high-quality project to my friends around me. 4. Enumivo Mainnet account vipenu111111 5.What can I do for Enumivo? I am good at publicity work, and I will share Enumivo's concept with my family and friends around me.There are many real friends outside the circle who do not know this, I can help them understand and lead them into this circle, I can train them, such as account application, wallet creation and other.I will also promote Enumivo's technology and vision on WeChat, weibo, Twitter and other social software, so as to let more people know about and join this great project.I have a lot of WeChat groups, and I will share the ideas of Enumivo and UBI with them to develop more like-minded people.I will actively participate in various discussions in the community, give my real opinions for the construction of an ideal country, and cast my sincere vote for the development of ROE.