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    Done, Thank you very much again.
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    Yes, Done, Thanks
  3. Self-introduction: Hello AP, I am Peppa_Pig, I come from China. I have graduated from collage in 2014 and have been engaged in software development for 4 years. My main job is to develop the underlying drivers using C/C++ language in a multinational corporation. I know the ENU on the 12th February 2018, I am very interested in UBI and joined the community at the frist time. Now I am studying how to develop the DAPP on EOS and ENU, Hope to bring some help to ENU's family. Enumivo Mainnet Account zazszazszazs Skills English-Chinese translation C/C++, Golang You can contact me here: https://t.me/Peppa_Pig1 (Please contact me to provide you with some evidences) What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: 1. Let more people around me to know ENU and UBI 2. I can do some development for the community of ENU 3. Put forward some opinions for ENU This is probably what I can do, Not a lot, just hope that I can do my best. thank you, Sir.