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  1. ❕There is a problem with Posting small video here, I've released the little video series on Twitter 简美@jianmeittup Download and open videos on your phone. 1. Outbreak of avocados 1.mp4 1.mp4
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  5. 申请RoE市民,操作步骤如下: 第 1 步:注册成为Enumibo community会员 https://v.qq.com/x/page/e0805y65vtu.html 第 2 步: 拥有主网账号 https://v.qq.com/x/page/c080536f5g2.html 第 3 步: RoE市民申请过程 https://v.qq.com/x/page/f0805gphb9k.html
  6. I'm JianMei. I'm a mother of a child from China. I agree with Enu's idea that Enu will make the world a better place! I believe Enu will succeed. I believe a lot of people around me agree with enu, but at the beginning of the block chain, if you want to participate in ENU activities, most people will encounter some difficulties,After all, it is not a simple step operation. I would like to make a series of small video tutorials ,and Let more people come in. For example, in the process of applying for ROE citizenship, I will make small videos. Three small videos have been completed. I believe that what goes around comes around. Looking forward to joining RoE.
  7. JianMei

    I am a small video tutorial enthusiasts.

    第3道门: 主网账号申请 此教程针对在币信有enu的用户,点击下面链接申请: https://wallet.enumivo.com/keypair 具体操作过程查看小视频
  8. JianMei

    I am a small video tutorial enthusiasts.

    Thank you very much. As I apply, I record a small tutorial. The process of applying may be slower. Before applying, I also record a small tutorial about the main website's application account. Thank you again for reminding me.
  9. JianMei

    I am a small video tutorial enthusiasts.

    第2道门: 自我介绍 小视频说明:想申请RoE成员的话是发在RoE Applicants一栏,而不是Introduce Yourself一栏哈。下一个小视频会讲如何申请?如何注册主网账号。 感谢 Libert、 Davidfnck Enu、PeiLin提醒。 037B2353-53D6-41CD-BC3F-1ABEBE89ECA8.MP4
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    I am a small video tutorial enthusiasts.

    新手入门系列教程: 第1道门:注册会员 8E56A62F-D0A0-43CE-982D-2A735212C7F1.MP4
  11. JianMei

    I am a small video tutorial enthusiasts.

    接下来,我会在此帖下面发布系列入门小视频教程,希望对大家有帮助,我也在熟悉Enumivo的一切,也在努力学习英文。感谢Aiden Pearce和他的团队,让普通人的世界越来越美好,有期待……
  12. " Hi Hello! I'm JianMei. I'm a mother of a child from China. I contacted the blockchain this year, contacted some blockchain projects, but it is not really consensus building, what I said and what I did is not the same thing. Knowing Enumivo, let me see, this is exactly what I expect and yearn for. Thank Aiden Pearce and his team for making the world a better place! I am a small video enthusiast. I have made some introductory videos for other projects. I hope to contribute to the Enumivo community. I will make Enumivo series of small videos, which will be published on Youku and other video websites. Looking forward to joining the Enumivo family.I am working hard at English. "