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  1. I am very happy to contribute to Roe by the best of my ability.
  2. 1.Name Chalichen 2.Social Media Links Wechat: chemy1115 Telegram: chali Weibo: 巴拉個裤衩 Bihu ID: 101277 Bitkan ID:6368894 3. Introduction I am from China, I am engaged in financial management . My first contact with Bitcoin was in 2016,I have been conducting virtual currency transactions for a long time. I have witnessed the domestic policy supervision. Now I hold two digital currencies, enu and ltc. I am not good at technology, but I am not good at technology, but I believe so much in the power of social media as a mean of promoting and creating awareness to the public, this is what I am best at. 4. Enumivo Mainnet Account lelebule4455 5. What can you do for Enumivo I will make full use of Weibo, telegraph, Bitkan and other users of social apps, publish, forward and share articles related to Enumivo, enhance the activity of ENU microblogging, and participate in enu related issues discussion, I will help spread the Enumivo Project and UBI awareness to more friends, also use the voting rights to promote the development of ROE .
  3. Dear Mr. AidenPearce, hello, I am Chen Charlie, from northwestern China. I admire what you are doing about ENU, just like Elon Musk and spaceX's persistence and passion for space exploration, regardless of future success or not. Everyone has seen your efforts and results. As an ordinary person, I want to join your grand plan and make a small contribution to the establishment of an ideal kingdom. I have been in contact with the Blockchain since 2016 and have repeatedly studied the BTC white paper. I also pay attention to the feasibility of project development and the contribution to society in the investment of virtual currency. ENU is one of the few projects that benefit people and keep moving forward. My Enumivo Mainnet is lelebule4455, my social media link: https://weibo.com/u/2745693020/home?wvr=5&uut=fin&from=reg, I am a 6-year Weibo registered user, I will pass Weibo , WeChat, Post Bar, Forum, Telegraph Group and other channels to increase the propaganda of enu, always pay attention and actively participate in the activities of RoE and Enumivo. In the evening before, I actively created support for enu super-talk, and invited friends to participate in the ENU on-the-job exchange. Voting. I will act positively in accordance with my commitment.
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