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  1. ubitothemoon


    Yesterday Aiden mentioned BrightID in the chat, saying that it might be used for UBI, so I checked it and found this. Their white papers are very interesting. Website:https://www.brightid.org/ Whitepaper:https://docs.google.com/document/d/1dlQDz8SyOcXtR8azNVDBA3MiElNuTneuU5Uu5RQG55s/edit Your Personal Stamp of Uniqueness BrightID uses the people you know (a trust graph) to enforce one-account-per-person for important applications like voting and universal basic income. A BrightID proves you’re a unique person. BrightIDs have the following characteristics: Can be used anonymously. No personal data or biometrics are used for verification. Verified by a trusted group of close personal contacts plus a decentralized graph database. A lost or compromised ID can be replaced by reconnecting with a few close personal contacts. Proof of world-citizenship. Where Can BrightID be Used? There are several kinds of apps that work better when everyone in the system is unique. You can authorize these apps to use brightID to verify that you’re unique without sharing any personal information. Examples of apps that benefit from verifying their users as unique using brightID: Universal Basic Income Voting Ratings and Reviews Online communities Referral systems Giveaways Decentralized & Anonymous The network consists of volunteers running nodes. Nodes host the trust graph used for verification, but there’s no personal information stored there. A World Without Boundaries A brightID is a proof of world citizenship. Universal Basic Income and voting–without governmental or territorial boundaries–can use brightIDs to include everyone while keeping out fakes and duplicates and preserving privacy.
  2. ubitothemoon

    How to migrate eos contract to enu contract

    eosio_assert -> enumivo_assert
  3. ubitothemoon


    I am too excited to sleep!
  4. ubitothemoon


    中文翻译: 1. 自我介绍 大家好,我来自中国,我一直向周围人传播ENU的理念。 我有一家店铺,另外我准备开一家“ENU实体店”。 我想暂时匿名,大家可以在论坛上联系我。 等我开了“ENU实体店”,我会公布具体地址、图片和联系方式,到时候欢迎家人们来聚会。 2. ENU主网账号 ubiooooooooo 3. 我能为ENU做什么 UBI在我们这里有巨大的市场,我可以介绍很多人加入UBI,很多人需要UBI却不知道怎样操作。 我计划开一家"ENU实体店"来帮助他们。我可以帮他们创建ENU主网账号,论坛账号,自拍验证,还可以帮他们把UBI兑换成人民币。 作为回报,我会建议他们为我投票(不是强制性的),我也可以从兑换中收取手续费。 但是这在法律上有风险,中国对加密货币并不友好。而且很可能我会被当成传销人员,中国对传销有很严格的限制。 所以这对我来说是个巨大的挑战,但是我会努力达成它。
  5. ubitothemoon


    1. Introduction Hello everyone, I am from China, I have been spreading the idea of ENU to the people around me, I have a store, and I plan to open an "ENU physical store". I want to remain anonymous for the time being, everyone can contact me on the forum. After I open the "ENU physical store", I will post the specific address, photos and my contact information. Welcome friends from the ENU community to visit. 2. Enumivo Mainnet Account ubiooooooooo 3. What can I do for enu UBI has a huge market in our city.I can introduce a lot of people to participate in UBI. Many people need UBI but don't understand how to operate. I plan to open an "ENU physical store" to help them. I can help them set up ENU mainnet accounts, forum accounts, selfies verification, and help them convert UBI to CNY. In return, I would suggest that they vote for me (not mandatory), I can also charge a fee for the exchange. But this is legally risky and China is not friendly to cryptocurrencies. And it is very likely that I will be treated as a pyramid selling scammer, China has strict restrictions on pyramid schemes. So this is a huge challenge for me. But I will work hard for it.