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  1. @domini Sorry about that. It's my mistake forgetting to update the rules on the site in time. If you want to have your ENU back please reply below this thread and provide your account name and the transactions url(something like http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/1e077c06929a2d919e0119269a93bddc30a4592a7b88c8dde57bb4a6c1d60256) of his sending ENU to 'pixelsmaster' and the withdraw transaction. If the total amount of input ENU is larger than the total amount of withdraw, I'll send the remaining amount back. Again, I apologize for the mistake. :(
  2. ENU Pixel Master is now online / ENU像素大师游戏已经上线 game site: https://enupixelmaster.com updated: 10/24/2018. Round 2 is now open, https://free.enupixelmaster.com . This is a SPECIAL VERSION, that it's virtually free to play. I call it "ENU PIXEL PLAYGROUND". Initial price of each pixel is 0.0001 ENU. The count down duration extended to 365 days. Same as the first round, the bid price is 2X of the previous price. Feel free to draw your masterpiece! 像素大师第二轮开始了,https://free.enupixelmaster.com 。这是一个特殊“免费玩”的版本,我把它叫做“ENU 像素游乐场”。 初始每像素价格为0.0001 ENU。倒计时时间延长为365天。和第一局一样的是竞价价格翻倍。欢迎大家来游乐场尽情玩耍。 update: 10/11/2018 Congratulations to the winner of the 1st round, enugoodbye44! The winner prize, 13151.0575 ENU, is already sent to him. The 2nd round is coming soon, please pay attention to this thread. The artwork already on the blockchain will never be erased, feel free to enjoy and withdraw anytime. 恭喜ENU像素大师第一局的获胜者,enugoodbye44!奖金13151.0575 ENU已经发送到其账户。第二局很快就会上线,请持续关注本帖子公告。 已经在链上的画作会永远留存于ENU链上,欢迎大家随时欣赏和提现。 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/4cda550b4a937b5b34f2d1c21416c29f5dea21021a80eaae7f2194aba436072e IMPORTANT UPDATES: * We have enabled withdraw! Please clear browser cache and reload the website of https://enupixelmaster.com * To speed up this game and encourage more users, we have upgraded the smart contract and make the duration shrink. Currently when one pixel is sold, the left time is refresh to 24 hours. From 10/10/2018 12:00:00 Beijing time on, the left time will ** DECREASE 100 seconds ** per pixel sold. The left time will keep decreasing until it is smaller than 1000 seconds. Then the duration will keep being 100s until the game ends. 重要更新 * 我们已经开放提现!请清空浏览器缓存然后重新加载网站,https://enupixelmaster.com * 为了加快游戏进程和鼓励更多用户参与,我们已经升级智能合约来使得剩余时间可变衰减。 当下每个像素售出,游戏剩余时间更新为24小时。 从北京时间2018年10月10日 12点起,每卖出1个像素,剩余总时间会减小100秒,直至剩余时长变为1000秒,然后剩余时长会稳定在1000秒持续到游戏结束。 EOS Pixel Master is the world's first on-chain collaborative pixel game, which has winned great success. It's fun and easy to play with. Now our team has ported this game to Enumivo, https://enupixelmaster.com. Most of the rules and setting are the same as the originl game. We did adjust some parameters to make it easier for the enumivo community. The initial price of one pixel is 1 ENU. Compare to the high cost(0.05 EOS) of the original setting, we think a lower price is more wellcomed. The bidding price is 2x of previous price. EOS and FIBOS have tried the 1.35x setting, ENU can try a new one.On the one hand, we want people explore and share the space (1000x1000), so we make the cost higher for others to tamper original content. On the other hand, 2x price lift may somehow attract more people who wants to make a profit from this game. The Game Activation threshold is 50,000 pixel. Considering the number active users of ENU mainnet, 150k pixel is far too many to achieve. So we lower the bar, so early players don't have to wait too long. Hope you guys enjoy this game and create your own artwork on blockchain freely. ===================================================================================== EOS Pixel Master 是世界上首个链上协作式像素游戏,并且已经取得巨大的成功,游戏有趣并且很容易好玩。现在我们团队将这个游戏带到ENUMIVO https://enupixelmaster.com。 大部分规则和参数设置与原版游戏相同,我们调整了以下几个参数使之更好适应ENU社区: 像素原始价格改为1 ENU。相比原版游戏0.05 EOS的高价格,我们认为低廉的价格会更加受用户欢迎。 像素拍卖价格改为原来价格的2倍。EOS和FIBOS上已经探索过1.35倍的设置,ENU上可以尝试下新的设置。一方面我们希望用户可以充分探索和共享整个画板(1000x1000)空间,提交拍卖价格可以增大修改/破坏现有内容的成本。另一方面,2倍的价格提升或许可以吸引更多希望从游戏中获利的玩家参与。 游戏奖池激活阈值改为50,000个像素。考虑到ENU主网活跃用户规模比EOS小很多,150k 像素对应ENU来说很难以短期内实现。所以我们降低了门槛,早期参与玩家不用等待太久。 希望大家可以喜欢这款游戏,并且能在区块链上自由的创造自己的艺术品。 Tips of playing games ENU pixel master needs to use Ironman to sign every transaction. Considering the execution time limitation of a transaction, we limit the number of pixels per transaction to 32. So when one wants to draw more than 32 pixels at one time, the pixels are split in to multiple transactions, each require to sign with Ironman. To make it easier, one can use the whitelist feature within Ironman. Besides the bottom-left checkbox, one needs to check the memo and quantity field to embrace the changing of pixel location and color to make the whitelist work as expected. With the whitelist working fine, One should need just one click to buy any number of pixels. ===================================================================================== ENU像素大师需要使用Ironman来对每个交易进行签名。考虑到交易执行时间限制,我们限制每个交易最多修改32个像素。所以当用户想一次画多于32个像素时,程序会自动把像素分成多个交易中,每个交易都需要调用Ironman来签名。为了是游戏更加的方便,用户可以使用Ironman内置的白名单功能。 除了左下角的框,用户还需要勾选memo和quantity字段旁边的复选框,这样即使下次画不同位置和颜色的像素时,白名单规则依然生效。有了白名单功能,用户应该只需要一次点击确认,就可以购买任意数量的像素了。 Updated: Contract source: https://github.com/enupixelmaster/enupixel
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