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  1. clqhjz

    FAQ about applying for RoE

    If I had bought enu with more than 1 BTC value, could I go through the row?In fact, this can not be regarded as a necessary condition for the adoption of the roe. I think I will work harder to promote the enu and have more enu.
  2. clqhjz


  3. Hello everyone, I apply for ROE, my main network account is: zgdybtc.enu 1.My name is Wang Chonghao.My forum user name is clqhjz. 2Mailbox: 988@msn.cn 3.I believe that the UBI of enu is what I have followed in my life, and I think that UBI is sacred. 4.zgdybtc.enu 5.Hello, everyone, I am very glad to be able to do a very great thing, I am a middle-level businessman in china. I will promote the blockchain in every opportunity and do my best to recommend enu.Make every effort to participate in community activities and make every effort to promote enu. 6.I come from the beautiful and warm China of open. I have been in touch with enu since March 2018, and later I know that the UBI of enu feels not great. I have been silently supporting the development of enu, and witnessed the main online together.First application oracle. The first two periods have been chosen by a large number of community friends, and I have been holding a large number of enu, lts, enubtc and other kinds of our main net worth.I often participate actively in answering various kinds of questions in the wechat group of the official website and the oracle wechat group, and I often interact with the leaders of the enu. I think I will always be active in the community.For enu to do their part, hope that friends from all walks of life to support me, I will work with colleagues to progress. I sincerely hope that you can help me to pass the roe certification.
  4. Hello, may I ask when our voting result will be announced?thanks,Now October is half over, and the results of last month's vote have not been announced.
  5. Thanks to the trust and support of all voters, we will continue to do our best to promote the enu.
  6. Well, thank you for your reply and have a nice life
  7. Hello, may I ask when our voting result will be announced?thanks,Now October is half over, and the results of last month's vote have not been announced.
  8. clqhjz

    ENU/PHP Market Open

    Hello, I transferred to the contract address of enu.php.coin this afternoon, and I didn't return the same amount of PHP token three times, please check it.My enu address: zzybtc.enu
  9. clqhjz

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    Hello, I transferred enu to the account that can be exchanged with lts by mistake in the afternoon. can you help me to deal with it?Picture
  10. Hello, I transferred a pen of enu this afternoon, Accidentally transferred enu to satlsmarket AP please help
  11. clqhjz

    Hello everyone

    Please vote for me.