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  1. qixiaotianpaul


    I am Paul Qi. I'm a fresh graduate from China and going to continue my Msc Finance program in Europe next year. I bought above 150,000 ENU in September this year and introduced this potential project to my friends who have about 600,000 ENU in total now. In addition, I spread the ENU project in Weibo, a counterpart of Twitter, in China. More importantly, I am very interested in ROE although I have some doubt about the democracy of this virtual country. In terms of my doubt, I have talked with AP and Pelin on telegram about the mechanism and problems of this country. There is a famous word: Democracy is the tyranny of the majority. We have to think about many problems caused by the "Democracy", which seems fair and perfect but dangerous in fact, in order to set up our community better. Because I have learned Austrian Economics for several years and gotten a better understanding of human, economy and nation, I really want to join in the ROE, pose some significant questions and come up with solutions. some discussions with AP about the ROE: some contents about ENU compared with BTC in my Weibo: You can contact me here: Telegram: t.me/paul qi Wechat: 348723001 Weibo: 齐四人已去 Twitter: 齐四人已去 What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I have participated in the translation group and will translate some English information to Chinese. I will spread the ENU to other undergraduates. I will write some articles for ENU if I have spare time. I am familiar with the form and history of the government and able to give some effective advice about the development of ROE.
  2. qixiaotianpaul

    20,000 ENU Bounty Oracle Test Voting

    test, its ok~
  3. qixiaotianpaul

    qixiaotianpaul's Intro

    Hi, everyone. I'm paulqi, I have been a supporter to ENU/UBI since 2 months ago. I heard it from Tylerxiong, a Austrian economist. Due to the studying Austrian Economics for nearly 2 years, I argue that UBI supported by market is a extremely reliable and potential project after reading Whitepapers of ENU for several times. To be honest, I haven't done any contribution to our community except holding a great deal of ENU and voting it on Cointiger Exchange and Blockchain. But, in the future, i will write some articles to introduce EBU/UBI to more people, particularly undergraduates and graduates. Because I graduated from university in China in July this year and I am going to start my graduate courses in Europe next year. In terms of my double major, finance and communication, I am able to take my efforts to do this work well. In addition, if possible, I want to participate in community management and answer some questions for new settlers. Thank you.
  4. Yeah, I uploaded my passport and my passport holding with my hand, but it doesn't show "for review", it shows "denied" now. What's wrong with it?
  5. I uploaded my passport this afternoon, but it shows "denied" now. Could you tell me when my documents can be for review again? thx!
  6. thanks for your effort! I am waiting for the future of ENU.
  7. qixiaotianpaul

    Initial Settlers

    wait to participate in the historic project.
  8. qixiaotianpaul


    come on, ENU!
  9. qixiaotianpaul

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Its ok. Thanks!
  10. qixiaotianpaul

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    After I click 'create account', it shows 'sending'. Just several seconds later, 'sending' turns to 'create account'. I know 'create account' isn't successful, and I have tried to do this several times. Now how could I solve this problem?
  11. qixiaotianpaul

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    did i need to use vpn?
  12. qixiaotianpaul

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    but it just shows 'create account'... i dont know why, and i had to give up.