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  1. i have tried it , it's correct so far,I'll keep testing. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/d8774133c6c7c0978c1195c2807620b97ee1e3203d2f7456aa59fd43515c54da

    LALALA Introduction

    thank you, my friend. Work: So far, I have actively promoted ENU at Wuhan University. Many students have already registered wallets, and I sended 200ENU to each classmate. In the future, in the student community of colleges and universities, i may make more contributions. In addition, I am active in forum and communities, answering questions from other members, and actively discussing with AP and members. I am always paying attention to Market-makers recently , and i made some suggestions in the forum and telegram group. I also wrote an article about the price analysis of the ENU transaction pair. Currently,i am studying related programming languages, I hope to make more technical help in the future. There will be many more days to come . I believe ENU 、UBI and AP. happy to see someone can vote for me. lol

    Enumivo social media Daily bounties


    I am lalala

    my accout is lalalala1322 happy to see that you can vote for me
  5. you account? i checked just now. did not find problem.
  6. check if you get some ETH?
  7. the frame is like this. am i right? will add EOS/ETH and etc? (in library,just use pen to draw it…
  8. ok,i know wait for the enu.btc.coin and enubtc.mm~❗
  9. OK,i get it. the area is right and should be that. you are so great to solve this problem. so about the enultsmarket/.../.... , you can let them right too. in Chinese,给你打call,just means : move my glow stick for you!
  10. if Qs = eth_balance....... it has the same problem with the eusltsmarket/enusatmarkt/satltsmarket,just do not exchange too many coin for one time. am i right? and the ENUETH is great!!!
  11. LALALA

    ENU/EOS Market and ENUEOS Shares

    get it ! it depends on the market.
  12. LALALA

    ENU/EOS Market and ENUEOS Shares

    now, btc / eth / eos / usd all can exchange to enu