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    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    OK,I'll back you up.

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    1. use 100 "LTS" buy "SAT " for one time ; 2. use 10 "LTS" buy "SAT " for one time , repeat 10 times. Apparently , Situation 2 will buy more SAT, although they all cost the same LTS. So , Is this to reduce liquidity? I am confused. (the design of formula is not good enough.)

    Enumivo social media Daily bounties

    https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100029223293313 支持一下
  4. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/3d0390dc7cc805e5d59289f34d87e8a5b47cb7b508446bf21f43ed202deb626b I transfered 460K SAT to aiden.pearce ,but forgot to add my btc address. then I send 1 SAT to aiden.pearce,and add my btc address. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/a5e404ef6285bd72708ae4dc72b598102f5ef7c664220523d531e95dbe217d1d
  5. When will the integration of blockchain.info api be complete ? I want to use that to change SAT to real BTC or BTC to SAT

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    I found the bug by accident,and got a part of bug bounty. And putting the bug on this website let more people know it, therefore i can get less bounty now . so sadly. i regret it...… (just kidding, sincerely hope that enu will well develop !
  7. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/4738d72e0a56926b212680dccc9bbe333af163c01fb70aef0169d514b1cb0c93 I transfered 150K SAT to aiden.pearce . May be the reason that the blockchain browser is not working properly now, the memo include my BTC address can not been seen. So, aiden.pearce do not send btc to me ? Am I right?

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    1. Buy 100 ENU 2. Sell all SAT http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/36ac67ac38595438cc90bafb624e163d28f1d1a7cafbb5ef298dd2ec25650fe0 100 ENU to 100.4618 ENU 3. If buy 200 ENU http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/fb792012ff178d5ff2ba13d5f7d4cbe1bbd999923eb283d17e59f02cd005338b 200 ENU to 202.2558 ENU bug bounty ~ Got it

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    Maybe there is a bug in the code. Why do I say that,because I transfered 300 enu to " enusatmarket" , then send all "sat" I have bought to " enusatmarket" . Surprised to find that I recieved about 305 enu. So I do this circle many times. I apologize for this. I guess the problem is the price. When I buy sat ,for example,the price is 250,after I have bought, the price is lower, for example,the price is 245 ,then I sell all sat , I get more enu.
  10. LALALA

    Near-Universal Basic Income

    This book called "Basic Income: And How We Can Make it Happen" is very good!
  11. LALALA

    How do I get a mainnet account?

    Use 51 token app . it is free to create a new account. website to download : 51token.im