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  1. Jonathan LEI

    Development Funds to Vote 30 BPs

    My block producer thread TL;DR: My to-do list: 1. A source code converter between ENU and EOS; 2. Port an online smart contract IDE to Enumivo.
  2. [PLEASE VOTE FOR xjonathanlei] Hello guys, this is Jonathan, a full-stack blockchain developer. I speak native Cantonese, Mandarin, and fluent English. I'm an early adopter of Enumivo, and one of those who claim the initial free airdrops on Ethereum. And that's because I see great potential in the project. You may identify me as the attacker that caused the first-ever Enumivo emergency, and you're right. I was stress-testing the network to see if it can handle a certain amount of network traffic, and the network obviously failed due to a default configuration value used by almost all the block producers. What surprises me most is not the network failure itself, but rather the fact that the network was unable to recover for the next 12 hours. It shows how irresponsible and incompetent some of the top producers are, and I believe there's no way Enumivo can thrive with those people controlling the network. That's why I've decided to run for block producer. As a developer, I can do a lot to help grow the ecosystem and the community. Here's the initial list of things I'm gonna do: ----------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Build an easy-to-used web-based tool for converting EOS contract source code to ENU, and vice versa Enumivo shares the same code base as EOSIO. Many people use Enumivo as a testnet for contracts to be deployed on the EOS mainnet. It's debatable whether these users really contributes to the ecosystem, but I believe it's always good to have more dApps, whether they're initially intended for Enumivo or not. 2. Port the EOS online smart contract IDE to Enumivo Not sure if they allow it. I'll contact them first to make sure it's okay. If done properly, this will greatly lower the barrier for entry to Enumivo development. ----------------------------------------------------------------- The list will only be growing and let's build the ecosystem together!
  3. Jonathan LEI

    Enumivo Chain Emergency

    xjonathanlei is fully synced and ready to produce p2p-peer-address =
  4. The result of the first round should have been automatically published and a new round should have been started. Obviously this is not the case... After some investigation, I found a problem in the contract. The random block for round 1 was set at 11852305, which is passed into the contract via the TAPOS (transaction as proof of stake) mechanism in Enumivo: Per the contract code above, the ref_block_num in the result setting transaction must be 11852305 or the transaction would fail. Here comes the problem: I didn't know that the ref_block_num is capped at 65535. I didn't find the problem when I was testing the contract locally because my blocks never stacked up to more than 10K. What makes the matter worse is that for absolute security, I've given up any control on the contract. There's no way I can modify any of its code. So, the implication is that the 4,527.00 ENU is forever trapped in this contract. Well... the good news is that 4,509.00 of it was invested by me and only 18.00 ENU from players have been lost. I shall be publishing a new one soon, possibly with some rule changes and apply the temporary immutability pattern I proposed. Yes, I proposed the pattern myself but I didn't use it in my own contract... What a shame...
  5. I've launched the first ever on-chain lottery game on Enumivo. The current pot is 4,500 ENU! Play to win the pot! Game website: https://enulottery.github.io The game is totally governed by a smart contract I wrote. The owner and active permissions have been completely revoked. There's no risk of unfair behavior from the game owner. Game Rules Each round ends 00:00 UTC every day. A random number is drawn from the block prefix of a pre-determined block after the round ends. The random number generation is totally fair and transparent. If no one bought any tickets for the lucky slot, the whole pot is added to the next round. Otherwise, the winners get 80% of the pot. Each ticket costs 10 ENU to buy. Tickets purchased in a round expire when the round ends. You may choose a slot from 1-10000. How to Play the Game On Phone: Install Token Pocket and create an account (or import the private key if you already have one). Then, transfer the total cost of tickets (e.g. 10 ENU) to the contract address enulotteries with the memo set to your chosen slot number (e.g. 950). On PC: Head to the game page and install Ironman if you haven't done so. Enter the slot and number of tickets on the page, and click Make the Purchase to proceed with the Ironman prompt. [Currently, Token Pocket SDK is still under development. The game will support it's API as soon as it's officially released. For the moment, please manually transfer ENU to the contract address to play the game] The game webpage will be updated soon to include more functionalities such as account queries and fund withdrawal (if you win the pot). If you like the game, please support me by voting for xjonathanlei as a block producer. You may do so by clicking the Vote for Me Now button on the game page, or by using any other voting tools available for Enumivo.
  6. Jonathan LEI

    How do I get a mainnet account?

    Looks like I can do it in the token swap page. Got it. Problem solved!
  7. Jonathan LEI

    How do I get a mainnet account?

    I read posts on the forum and they say I can get a free account at: https://wallet.enumivo.com/create-account But that's not the case for me. For me the link redirects to the wallet dashboard, and to create an account with the web wallet, I need to have an identity saved on my IronMan, which, in turn, requires a mainnet account. Can anyone please tell me where I can get a free account, or help me register one with the public key: ENU839QRiSKh6ErqemrVgY3mCayTtSrV4xyiDkJRi9b7DMgVf4jHV Many thanks in advance. I have some ERC-20 tokens to be swapped to mainnet, but I can't do it without an account to start with.