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  1. As per WP first 1000 members of ubi community will be selected by team members, I want to know if oracles are among them, or that will be another verification procedure for ubi members.
  2. gij

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    This is from WP page 14: "all entries will be sent to the verification oracle dApp which will require the current UBI community to vote on the legitimacy of the applicant via the staking of their ENU tokens." From other parts I understand that when voting on new members staking will be via UBI token not ENU.
  3. gij

    Gij Introduction

    Should add My unique oracle account is rafzalan
  4. gij

    Oracle aspirant

    Thanks for sharing dude, this project is exciting.
  5. gij

    Fish's Intro

    So far, you have mine.
  6. gij

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

  7. gij

    Gij Introduction

    Hi, I am Reza from Iran, a teacher, engineer and an old school programmer. Proud of being a community member here, I want to say this project idea is just wonderful, not the first BI token but the only one that could survive, I will try to promote the project in my country. Now I am busy translating WP, Also I have bought enumivo.ir for future use.
  8. gij

    Lunatic's Intro

    Looks amazing community.
  9. gij

    PeiLin for Enumivo Oracles

    China is great, hopefully project get a lot of contribution from there.
  10. gij

    Sosolean introduction

    I should say 'Glad to know you' but looks unfamiliar for my English, so I say nice to meet you. Could you add more about the position of 'officer for United Foundation of Enumivo'?
  11. How will oracles claim their tokens?
  12. gij

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Dashboard shows that voting is close in 18 days, What will happen next?
  13. gij

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Amazing job, Check https://oracle.enumivo.org/dashboard verification is started and community has 25 verified member so far. this project will become a great one.
  14. gij

    What's your Enumivo story?

    I think UBI is a dream that could come to true these days using decentralization tech, Enumivo is not the first but I think it has a big chance to make it happen, it choose the right platform and has wonderful devs.