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  1. Amazing, our Chinese community are very active. Keep Up
  2. Stakers should vouch only people who knows about them, to make this as fair as possible, the process should be clearly visible to all community, members should be able to query voting history of every single member and visually see the results. Tools like tree view could help to make more sense of what is going on.
  3. gij

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    There are approximately 110 million Persian speakers worldwide, with the language holding official status in , Iran, Afghanistan, and Tajikistan. Iran natural wealth Iran is one of the biggest in world in terms of the volume and value of its natural resources... let,s take a quick look at it: OIL = 157 billion barrels = Third in world at the moment as new discoveries are being made every year Natural Gas = Iran still holds the world’s largest proven natural gas reserves, at 33.8 trillion cubic meters—or 18.2 percent of the world’s total proven reserves. (Total combined current value of Iranian oil and gas = $35.3 trillion value at current prices.) Mineral Reserves: Iranian treasure of mineral resources estimated at 60 billion tonnes consisting of 68 different types of minerals while this amount is only what is found in %7 of Iranian soil being scanned!!. The estimated value for this explored amount is $770 to 1 trillion dollars. Therefore, with simple rule of thumb if other %93 of Iranian soil is as fruitful, it means Iranian total mineral reserves value could easily exceed $11 to $14 Trillion Dollars!! when totally explored. All above mentioned estimates tells us that Iran has something between $46.3 trillion to $50 trillion of natural and mineral resources ready to be extracted!This money divided by 78 million current Iranian populations shows each Iranian has a net wealth of $593000 to $641000 in place inside Iran in form of natural resources.This shows if these resources get extracted in 100 years from now, Iran can make 500 billion dollars each year out of them if they all sold as RAW material. Iranians Iranians are one of the most distributed peoples around the world, this means you can find them almost anywhere, They are mostly educated, know how to use internet, almost everyone have a smart phone and an internet access. According to 2015 estimates, the literacy rates of total population age 15 and over is 86.8%, Each academic year more that 1 million student registered for higher education. Crypto Economy Crypto currencies are new things here, only a small group of young peoples know how to use them, Scammers are everywhere and peoples simply get scammed, They don't invest on crypto because can't distinguish between fair and unfair. It is very hard to find a WP in Persian. ---------------- I decided to translate the WP mainly because I found it fair. The project wants to pay to everyone with the goal of bringing social justice to the world. But it is not enough, I think simple instructions are needed in different languages so that all the contacts can be accessed. So I have registered enumivo.ir for future. Keep up the good work
  4. gij

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    Persian translation done. enu_fa.docx ENU_V1.03_FA.pdf
  5. You want to create a gateway for one existing USD? Only USDT have enough volume right now, so we haven't a lot of choices. Another USD token is nUsd, HAVVEN team planned to make it available on EOS very soon: https://www.coindesk.com/blockchain-startup-havven-to-launch-stablecoin-on-eos-this-year/
  6. gij

    Enumivo Liquidity Network

    I didn't know anything about LMSR, Google a bit ant found this one : https://www.cultivatelabs.com/prediction-markets-guide/how-does-logarithmic-market-scoring-rule-lmsr-work Also I found that Augur failed to run it because of high gas prices, I think for enumivo it is a good idea to have such market maker. It is more sophisticated than a simple bancor like and will work for small market. For enumivo with its own blockchain and free transaction cost, no matter if LMSR needs more transactions per trade.
  7. gij

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    Amazing, is it possible to see the source code?
  8. Like Bancor the trading price should not simply be x/y. But it also should depend on how many tokens a trader wants to convert.
  9. gij

    Cash out feature

    A sample: 1 - Having 10mil ENU reserved 2 - 1000 participants each have 2500 UBI in their wallets so 2.5mil UBI are in circulation 3 - UBI is traded for 0.001ENU With the above if one decides to withdraw 10 UBI using the cash out feature, how many ENUs he will get?
  10. Enumivo will create a network of legal persons, normally an ideal place for DApp builders to make social platform on it.
  11. gij

    Cash out feature

    Hi, As stated in the WP, one important aspect of UBI dApp is its cash out feature The problem is I cant understand how dApp will calculate equivalent value of a UBI token in ENU term, at any time. Mostly because I cant imagine how to deal with the equation which on one side there is a token with infinite supply and on the other side there is a limited reserve of ENU tokens.
  12. As per WP first 1000 members of ubi community will be selected by team members, I want to know if oracles are among them, or that will be another verification procedure for ubi members.
  13. gij

    Enumivo Whitepaper Translation

    This is from WP page 14: "all entries will be sent to the verification oracle dApp which will require the current UBI community to vote on the legitimacy of the applicant via the staking of their ENU tokens." From other parts I understand that when voting on new members staking will be via UBI token not ENU.
  14. gij

    Gij Introduction

    Should add My unique oracle account is rafzalan