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  1. Yes to this motion
  2. I vote Yes. This is still a motion to make an effort to prove uniqueness. Whether or not we can come up with a practical and acceptable method is anybody's guess.
  3. Boyking

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    I'd vote for a "qualified" NO. While I see the critical need for accountability to help ensure the reliability and integrity of the chain, I also understand the privacy concerns of some honest and credible BPs. The goal is to achieve a blockchain of integrity. It should be inherent upon BPs also comply with updates and regulations. The RoE will exercise their voting power for the BPs. For the non-compliant, or perhaps malicious BPs, they will have to be weeded out accordingly.
  4. Boyking

    Pioneer Citizens of RoE

    thank you and i look forward to adding more longterm value to this project in whatever personal capacity i can.
  5. Boyking

    Next Destination?

    Where do you want the ROE to take us in 2019? https://enumivo.org/
  6. Boyking

    What should require to be a BP

    great idea @Dragos! very important and valid concerns. It is indeed critical to have protocols in place for the periodic updates and also for disaster recovery procedures. I suppose it will be the RoE that will have the authority to impose and implement this.
  7. Boyking

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    UBI is good! actually many people got attracted to Enumivo because of the UBI concept. Not many people understand if you tell them it's an EOS clone or a blockchain, unless you have all day to talk about it.
  8. Boyking

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    perhaps the Universal Basic Income concept could be a conversation starter that can spark curiosity. But since it's an elevator pitch (very short conversation), I guess we should be ready to hand out a business card should they want to learn more.
  9. Boyking

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    the challenge about overpromising or hyping up is that people might think we are a scam. if we say we give free money, people will run away because that's what conmen and human traffickers say.😆
  10. Boyking

    ROE opinion for Listing on CoinflyerX.

    If we get listed on CoinflyerX by paying 0.8 BTC, what is the guarantee that we get listed on CMC? What is the expected outcome if we are listed on CMC? There are countless tokens on CMC that have no value at all. I think if we are able create real value for Enumivo, CMC listing will just be icing on the cake. Other exchanges will come to us to have ENU listed for free if we have the volume to speak for us. It will take time, but it will come. I suggest we focus on establishing RoE, then fix BP issues so other investors will be confident about Enumivo's long-term sustainability.
  11. Boyking

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    An elevator pitch, elevator speech, or elevator statement is a short description of an idea, product, company, or oneself that explains the concept in a way such that any listener can understand it in a short period of time. Wikipedia Help us create an Elevator Pitch! What do you think are some key points that you could say to anyone that can be informative, create curiosity, and make them take action? Please comment below some bullet points, keywords, or short phrases.
  12. Boyking

    David ishia/celiondaveje

    Hi David! Perhaps you can also share a link to your video here. Others may not have seen it yet. thanks!
  13. My name is Frederick aka "BoyKing" in the Enumivo Community. I got invited to the initial Enumivo core Telegram group from the very start (Elliot Fibonacci) and later on became part of the Council and UFE. I have been involved with the brainstorming and masterminding with some of the key people whom I respect as key pillars from the beginning of Enumivo. Mainnet: fibonacci123 A Bit of my CV BS Accountancy 1995 MBA 2000 Project Manager of a Professional Events and Congress Organizer 1996-2001 Part time University Professor, Global Marketing 2001-2002 Worked for the Government as State Audit Examiner 2001-2005 Worked for an International Cement Manufacturing Company 2005-2015 (Human Resources Training Officer 2005-2006; Branch Accountant 2006-2009, Production Planner 2009-2015) Entrepreneur 2016-Present (Stocks, Forex, Crypto Trading, Network Marketing, Real Estate, Renewable Energy/Waste To Energy) Meta-Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programming Certified under International Society of Neuro-semantics Chairman of the Board of a non-governmental agency advocating against human-trafficking ( https://myglobal.org/ ) As a Citizen of RoE The RoE is at it's infancy. My experience as having been part of the Council and UFE can help steer RoE as envisioned. Engage the online community in brainstorming discussions and taking positive action to bring more value to Enumivo. Organize online and offline initiatives to educate people as future citizens of RoE for sustainability Giving back to Enumivo by providing liquidity, activity, and publicity for the Market Maker ( https://wallet.enumivo.com/market-maker ) Encourage those who are still unfamiliar with the Enumivo ecosystem and teach them in my own capacity. Exercise vigilance in the upkeep of RoE's integrity and fairness Serve as Gateway for token to fiat exchange of our country Enumivo and UBI still has a long way to go and I feel honored to be there from the get go. I am sure you will agree with me that all of us will do whatever it takes to bring Enumivo where it deserves to be. It would be a privilege to be one of the early settler of the Republic of Enumivo. I hope to prove myself worthy of the confidence you will place in me.
  14. Boyking


    finally, you made it here. welcome to the community
  15. Boyking

    ENU Market Maker Calculators

    It was like trying to start a fire with a flint, and then somebody gives you lighter. Thanks for this mate!