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  1. Boyking

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    looks like it..
  2. yes. this will help add value to LTS to incentivize voters conscientiously rooting for BPs who also add value to ENU.
  3. I respectfully vote “No”. We don’t have the volume to show for yet. The cost involved far outweighs the potential.
  4. Boyking

    A Call to Arms for all ENU holders

    can those who are offering to buy and burn be listed so we can support/vote them as BPs?
  5. Yes to this motion
  6. I vote Yes. This is still a motion to make an effort to prove uniqueness. Whether or not we can come up with a practical and acceptable method is anybody's guess.
  7. Boyking

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    I'd vote for a "qualified" NO. While I see the critical need for accountability to help ensure the reliability and integrity of the chain, I also understand the privacy concerns of some honest and credible BPs. The goal is to achieve a blockchain of integrity. It should be inherent upon BPs also comply with updates and regulations. The RoE will exercise their voting power for the BPs. For the non-compliant, or perhaps malicious BPs, they will have to be weeded out accordingly.
  8. Boyking

    Pioneer Citizens of RoE

    thank you and i look forward to adding more longterm value to this project in whatever personal capacity i can.
  9. Boyking

    Next Destination?

    Where do you want the ROE to take us in 2019? https://enumivo.org/
  10. Boyking

    What should require to be a BP

    great idea @Dragos! very important and valid concerns. It is indeed critical to have protocols in place for the periodic updates and also for disaster recovery procedures. I suppose it will be the RoE that will have the authority to impose and implement this.
  11. Boyking

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    UBI is good! actually many people got attracted to Enumivo because of the UBI concept. Not many people understand if you tell them it's an EOS clone or a blockchain, unless you have all day to talk about it.
  12. Boyking

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    perhaps the Universal Basic Income concept could be a conversation starter that can spark curiosity. But since it's an elevator pitch (very short conversation), I guess we should be ready to hand out a business card should they want to learn more.
  13. Boyking

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    the challenge about overpromising or hyping up is that people might think we are a scam. if we say we give free money, people will run away because that's what conmen and human traffickers say.😆