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  1. cheyx


    my title is right now ?
  2. I am cheyx. I'm an android developer. I joined the Enumivo Block Producers/TestNet and LTS witness. You can contact me here: t.me/hundredenu What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I Will can develop mobile applications. I will help spread the idea of Enumivo. I will try to invite many people to join the RoE. Hope that we can work together to make UBI better. My main net account is “hundred.enu”.
  3. cheyx

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    2018-10-09 11:09:26 GMT+0800 enu: sat = 1:25 2018-10-09 12:58:37 GMT+0800 enu:sat= 1:140 right ?????
  4. cheyx

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    Here's my introduction. Thanks. https://enumivo.com/topic/835-cheyx-introduction/ My Mainnet Account hundred.enu PLS VOTE ME Thanks
  5. cheyx

    cheyx introduction

    Hello everyone,I am cheyx , From February 8, 2018, I started to pay attention to Enumivo. My Mainnet Account is hundred.enu My Enumivo Oracle Public Name is future. I joined the Enumivo Block Producers/TestNet and LTS witness. I have been inviting people around me to join us. Work hard together to help more people.
  6. 现在有关ENU,AP在积极努力,项目上交易所,社区也在努力,但大部分看到的都是国人的身影。 国际友人有木有在积极推进社群 或者 对接国外交易所的事情,有木有呢?
  7. cheyx


    ./cli_wallet -s ws:// 改为 ./cli_wallet -s wss://liteshares.io:8092
  8. cheyx

    LiteShares Witness Voting

    hi,Aiden, pls vote for my witness lts007. thank you.
  9. cheyx

    LiteShares Witness Voting

  10. cheyx

    LiteShares Witness Voting

    Hi Admin my witness name is lts007. it is a honest node. I joied the telegram Enumivo Chat/Enumivo中文交流群/KKEX官方中文群. I have a witness node running on lunux vps. Thanks