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  1. borrow from enu pool in mm , and sell it to mm , but will not receive btc actully. so mm will have another income from borrow interst. It maybe conplicated .
  2. i am thinking of adding short function to MM
  3. why should we add value to LTS ? give voter LTS reward is just a method, i think we give too much attention to lts instead of ENU. NO.
  4. yes , the time right now is the best time to list on exchanges , it's a meaningful thing to let more people know enumivo , i donate myself .
  5. enumivoqsxio Bought 500 ENU http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/524ba1256d74aec10e800b0812c1e291f2e26a87748a6a77cad6039e78ccaf1b Burned 22306 LTS http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/8fc4e40ce3d417bf14c1eaa2089f87c077d79029cef2eb8919268f2d16142e93
  6. 1) enumivoqsxio 2) - http://enumivo.qsx.io/ , most used enumivo block explorer. - https://t.me/FreeEnuAccountBot , free enu account telegram bot. - http://enu.envelope.red/ , red envelope dapp on enumivo. 3) continue doing contribute to enumivo.
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