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  1. we can make standard for ROE vote instead of. forcing bps voted by users to do sth.
  2. I VOTE NO, You should give the practical method to prove the unique. I think we should not make a motion so easliy. If there is pratical method , i will vote yes then.
  3. Joshua Qiu

    Motion to add a "Pending Motion" topic

    YES , it is hard to catch up every motion.
  4. Joshua Qiu

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    vote NO , real world identity is meaningless in this crypto world.
  5. Joshua Qiu

    Pioneer Citizens of RoE

    Great , I think a smart contract is a good choice to manage the decision of ROE.
  6. I am Joshua Qiu. I am a developer. I am interested in UBI project, hope it can help more and more people. You can contact me here: telegram: t.me/joshuaqiu wechat: 232883442 email: x@qsx.io What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will maintain the enumivo explorer : https://enumivo.qsx.io/ . I will maintain the free enumivo account robot: https://t.me/FreeEnuAccountBot . I will maintain the bp : enumivoqsxio . i will help to maintain a mobile wallet that support enumivo : https://51token.im . I will help spread the Enumivo Project to all people I know.
  7. Joshua Qiu


    enumivo.qsx.io is the website of bp enumivoqsxio
  8. Joshua Qiu

    Development Funds to Vote 30 BPs

    bp: enumivoqsxio i am developer of explorer : enumivo.qsx.io
  9. http://enumivo.qsx.io/tools/transfer enumivo.qsx.io Explorer now support do some transaction like : coin transfer account creation name bid bandwidth managment ram exchange ... if you like it, please vote for me , enumivoqsxio . Or you can donate , thanks very much.