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  1. Happy Birthday! 生日快樂!

  2. ENU-Good

    Roe Application: ENU-good

    I am the emu - Good As the name suggests, I hope ENU will last forever and succeed I have an ENUBP node (FTPFTPFTPFTP) and it's running and I want you to vote on me Every day in Chinese group manager dialogue and discussion You can contact me here: Telegraph: t.me/hudaxia Micro letter: hlj0315 E-mail: hulongjun668@163.com If I become a citizen of RoE, I promise: Keep running my BP(FTPFTPFTPFTP) I will spread the idea of Enumivo and UBI. My ENU account name is :1234512345cc
  3. ENUBTC股票,收益及时返回我的账户吗? ENUBTC does the stock return to my account in time? 可以从哪里看出我的收益记录 Where can I see my earnings record?
  4. ENUETH股票,收益及时返回我的账户吗? ENUETH does the stock return to my account in time? 可以从哪里看出我的收益记录 Where can I see my earnings record?
  5. ENU-Good

    ENU/PHP Market Open

    会增加初始流动吗? 现在由enu=cny=php是不平衡的! 我已经大量兑换,
  6. luckybet.enu 此账号拥有者The account owner When I changed the SAT, I filled in the wrong account, which caused 67000SAT to be sent to you Want to be able to return? 我在兑换SAT时候,账户填写错了,导致67000SAT 被发送给你 希望看到后 能够返回? http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/5dff2ba56b18fe749a043fe58308db7ae000cc0ccb3fbd600286fa57c1322bfe
  7. ENUCLI 客户端无法转账交易 51TOKEN 无法转账交易 TokenPocket 无法转账交易 enumivo.qsx.io 无法正常访问 这几个同时出现
  8. Oralce can add a set of identity card self-identification function, Chinese registered name & address filled into Chinese, by the procedure self-check It can also use AI technologies such as baidu & alibaba to identify documents, which greatly reduces the workload of artificial KYC On the ballot proposal, the maximum number of votes per person per month is recommended to prevent abuse and corruption oralce 可以加一套身份证自助识别功能,中文注册 姓名&地址 填写成中文 ,由程序自助核对 也可以借助百度&阿里巴巴等AI技术对证件进行识别,大大降低了人工KYC工作量,但是随之而来的可能有欺骗,此项建议有利有弊 关于投票 建议每人每月最多可投多少票,防止滥用腐败
  9. ENU-Good

    Fuel the UBI program

    Change my account display ID: loveenuubi For those with no English ID, the number of KYC staff in the same language can be increased. The staff can choose from BP or those trusted by AP to get this job. I can also take on the job if necessary. I am available full-time at present
  10. 我认为这是目前最大的困难 让我们众志成城,排除万难 哈哈
  11. ENU-Good

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

  12. ENU-Good

    Fuel the UBI program

    I got to know ENU in June, and then joined the community. Now I am learning programming, hoping to make a contribution to ENU after graduation. We also hope that Oracles can launch Chinese recognition review as soon as possible The account name I signed up for at Oracles was 569467242