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  1. Ethereum

    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    You seem to have touched my first question here. But please you can do more clarification
  2. Ethereum

    Free 400M LTS Airdrop to ENU Stakers

    Aiden, I must appreciate you for your unflinching and never give up spirit. You are really great! Please my questions are: 1. Is the one vote for one block just for each day or one vote for one block all through your time of voting? By this question I mean, can I vote for block A today and vote for block b tomorrow. 2. Please could there be a tutorial on how to stake and vote, as that will make give it a mass adoption.
  3. Abstain
  4. Ethereum

    Motion to add a neutral vote

  5. Ethereum

    The motion to limit members' replies

    If a respondent write something, won't the originator of the motion react to his response?
  6. Ethereum


    But it is the best time to organise a conference? You would have considered your token/money management before you moved your motion to be given $6,000 that only God knows what you plan to use it for. Granted, we are in the crypto market deep, and this bear market has lasted for almost a year now. Probably, that's what we have been expecting to pass before we set the ball rolling. But the CEO by himself did set the ball rolling and told us of unclaimed token that needs to be channelled to a worthwhile project. Maybe, you are insinuating that the CEO does not also know about token/money management. Or will it be a good management only when it's given to you? If you are waiting for a time you will use 20k Enu to achieve what you are supposed to do first, it means that you are an enemy of this project in disguise. You are simply indirectly referring to when the project would have been sent to oblivion. You are simply talking of doing what you should have done first last. This is the best time for this, Bro! I read you saying this: "Aiden said we are learning how to walk mate." This is really laughable. How could you use this to defend what you said before? Aiden said this concerning the nascent ROE that was formed few days ago, and not concerning the project. Don't let me start to believe that you are benefiting from the stunted growth of the project. It has never been said that we will increase ROE to 300 and maybe, reduce your 5000 Enu per month if that is your fear. Thanks!
  7. Ethereum


    If I could remember, the CEO made mention of the unclaimed Enu in his custody. This is different from the one allocated to bps. I might be wrong though. You are the coordinator. If what I read in the whitepaper is something to go by, the UBI is planned to commence in march. If this information is really true as I said before, it then follows that this is the right time to embark on this. You need to have a very large community before you start UBI and not the other way round. It is the members of the community you already have that will apply for UBI. With introduction of UBI, when you already have a wide community, then members already in the group will further widen it out Thanks!
  8. Ethereum


    Hmm. It was done before but not towards comunity building. It was done without channeling people to anywhere. Nothing of these nature was done. The first thing a project does is to build its community. I'm very much experienced in this. I have been in more than 4,000 projects. My three major accounts in telegram are all full. I deleted the project in all of them, and still refilled all of the accounts with new projects. I was one of the persons leading in the referral airdrop Enumivo organised in February to around June. I was also one of the earliest entrants. Some projects will build a strong and virile community without website and whitepaper, and those projects are doing very well now. If the airdrops done previously which you talked about were harnessed towards building a strong and virile community, by now, this project would have thrived. But unfortunately, those airdrops were done pointlessly. By that I mean, they were done without directing the participants to any group or permanent site. And this is the major problem we are facing now. Why is building a community paramount? No investor or exchange takes you serious without a visible community. This project would have been in many exchanges had it a virile community. Being in an exchange would have been done with so much ease. Some exchange will accept you just considering the size of your community and matching it with the project usecase. In some other exchanges, community members would have just voted in the project without much ado. A large community would have naturally attracted some notable influencers. A project like UBI, needs an extra large community. That should showcase its potency. Talking about newbies coming in to see the seriousness in us really does not fall into place. For God's sake, Enumivo already has what many other projects don't have, yet they have a large community. Enumivo has a good and running, website, whitepaper, their own community site, they have done their testnet and have launched their mainnet, and they have their wallet. What again are we talking about? There is no newby that will come here and won'tbe amazed at the level of progress we have made. I don't really understand the "learning how to walk" you talked about. A lot of people know about Enumivo, but don't really know how to locate her. We need to gather these scattered sheep together. Quoting your exact word, "for now before we could think of those marketing strategies to get people out there we first need to restructure the enumivo project." I'm really surprised that you are the one saying this. You just recently moved a motion of $6,000 to be given to you for a conference you are organising in just one place and one of the states in Nigeria. I won't say much on that. But please juxtapose what you said with the motion you just raised. Thanks Bro. With good unbiased and unprejudiced mind, together we will build Enumivo.