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    Knock and you will be opened. Please make all communications in English.
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    The Council of Elders are mostly those who have been with Aiden Pearce (AP) from the start and serves as his handpicked and trusted advisory group. This group does not have any inherent control over the ENU blockchain nor the ENU foundation, though a lot of its members are also part of it. Its primary purpose is to serve as a sounding board for AP as he continues to develop and improve the ENU codebase. Membership is by invitation-only.

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    where rich will never sleep AIRDROP in a FILE EXCEL >> http://bit.ly/EXCELAIRDROP

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    This is the club exclusive for Enumivo Core Team.

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    This club hasn't provided a description.

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    This is open for all developers.

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    Place for Block Producers and prospective Block producers to chat

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    This club is a group of elite posters that have been active for at least 30 days and posts at least 50 times per month. Once 30 days have past you can apply to join this club. If you fail to post at least 50 times in a month you will have to reapply in 30 days. Keep in mind I only take into consideration quality posts. Posts under 10 words will not be considered a valid post.