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  1. Sosolean

    LTS Related Info

    You need to login to social shares site there is an option to swap there
  2. Sosolean

    LTS Related Info

  3. Sosolean

    Proposal DApp

    P back tonight so we will be sitting down to work out how we gonna kyc for eurno tomorrow. I would like to do it on chain linked to the account. So that if the account want to participate in anything In the future can be flagged as already kyc’d (aiden oracle system will be ideal in the long run, but we need something sooner)
  4. Sosolean

    Proposal DApp

    That would stop the whale imbalance but would not stop people from creating multiple accounts to vote. Think we would need some sort of kyc linked to accounts to confirm person is unique.
  5. Sosolean


    Ok so board members does anyone have any preference for any roles? i come from a financial background worked for bank for 14 years now an exchange so that would be my most proficient area so would like to put myself forward for role as finance officer
  6. Sosolean

    Asking community opinion

    So would you not get some sort of confirmation that transfer had be made even if it was on mobile?
  7. Sosolean

    Asking community opinion

    Ok that’s a start but a Whatsapp message hardly proves you made payment to anyone?
  8. Sosolean

    Foundation Board of Directors

    Hi people thank you to everyone that voted for me. Could I put myself forward for role of finance officer
  9. Sosolean

    The Enumivo Constitution

    but if the bp decide together in the bp agreement that nobody will reward voters then if someone breached agreement then something would happen like blacklisting for example
  10. Sosolean

    The Enumivo Constitution

    Effective way to prevent vote buying issue would be for the reward for staking to be implemented on the poll and the thread nobody seemed opposed to the idea
  11. Sosolean

    Adding BTC, ETH, ENU, EOS, USD to LiteShares

    Hi @enumivo can mainnet enu be sent back to liteshares to be traded?
  12. Sosolean

    Please Vote

  13. Sosolean

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    Phased implementation makes sense the pure staking would be easiest to implement then I guess we can look at larger reward for longer commitment later. Could the claim button not be coded to not be active unless tokens were staked?
  14. Sosolean

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    Yeah so if the 4% was 400 enu 0.5% out of that would be 50 enu would be allocated to the staking reward fund. These percentages are out of the inflation
  15. Sosolean

    Vote Buying and Vote Rewards

    I don't think it should be compulsory to vote hence me saying the third option was probably bit too far. We trying to build an ecosystem which is fair where participants have the freedom to choose