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  1. Sosolean

    Enumivo Chain Emergency

    @enumivo eurnoproject up and producing
  2. Sosolean

    Hi everyone, I am Tyler Xiong

    Hi Tyler can you add it your profile here on the forum
  3. Sosolean

    Hi everyone, I am Tyler Xiong

    Hi @TylerXiong can you add your enu mainnet address to your profile otherwise people cannot vote for you
  4. Sosolean

    A Brand New Enumivo Testnet

    @ansen @Daifuku could you try with this key ENU5nCe9LFXrtv8poydcsUEu5PqwgjFKADTLYBEbwS5yKVwJAuHzr
  5. Sosolean

    Sosolean introduction

    Little update we have finished the ufe constitution will be published today. The meeting that @Peesus and myself had with Civic went well, they have offered us 100k of kyc’s which we have donated to the oracle system to help ensure uniqueness. will be attending the delta summit in Malta so will be looking for more strategic partnerships
  6. Sosolean

    Sosolean introduction

    Hi everyone have added my enumivo mainnet ac details to my profile. Please vote for me
  7. Sosolean

    A Brand New Enumivo Testnet

    hi @Daifuku and @ansen could you please create me an account eurnoproject ENU6WWxR9kD5S4XmCjY44ggxtWVzDuyXQ81FNGM1eD4LYDg4w3t1h thanks
  8. Sosolean

    Need Help

    You need to swap the erc20 enu to mainnet https://wallet.enumivo.com/swap-token try accessing liteshares through chrome
  9. Sosolean

    Sosolean introduction

    We are very close to releasing the ufe constitution just waiting on the outcome of a meeting myself and @Peesus will be having with Civic regarding using their platform to verify uniqueness. As an officer of the UFE I have been working through forming a fair constitution which will incorporate a minimum required standard for the Block Producers to adhere to. Once the UFE constitution is in place my primary role will as finance officer. So will be responsible for making sure that foundation funds are being used efficiently and that salaries are distributed fairly (devised a staking system that will enable new members to be taken in when needed while keeping distribution fair). I have also been travelling to various crypto related conferences through my current job as a vip account manager for a prominent exchange, where I am trying to forge strategic partnerships which will help Enumivo to grow.
  10. Sosolean

    Sosolean introduction

    Hello @gij nice to meet you too. We are in process of hashing out the ufe constitution shouldn’t be too much longer. That will explain how the ufe will operate. Criteria for new members and rules that will govern us as body.
  11. Sosolean

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    @enumivo https://enumivo.com/topic/819-sosolean-introduction/
  12. Sosolean

    Sosolean introduction

    Hello community Nadim aka @Sosolean here have been a longterm supporter of the enumivo project was invited to join the core team shortly after the airdrop. When the core was dissolved was invited to join the council of elders @enumivo's advisory group and was also voted in to become an officer for United Foundation of Enumivo. Have taken up role as finance officer based on my career where I previously worked for Barclays Bank for 14 years in various roles which ended up in the global corporates team. Most of you would have seen me in the various telegram groups and here on the forum where I help members of the community who are experiencing problems and answer questions. I also represent half of the Eurno project with @Peesus which a directly democratic charitable organisation https://eurno.org we are funding the project with our own initial investment of 100k ENU and half the income from our BP and masternodes as described on the eurno website. We are hoping to distribute to 100k people so will help enumivo to grow in the process. Should be clear that I am very passionate about the enumivo project and truly believe in the long term goal, the UBI Hope I can continue being of service to the community 🙂
  13. Sosolean

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    I came from the banking industry in the UK and saw far more fake ID cards then passports over a 14 year career so can understand where @enumivo is coming from
  14. Sosolean

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Think strict kyc is a great idea @enumivo 🙂
  15. Sosolean

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Believe this is just a test run