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  1. PeiLin

    Automated Market Maker

    Can I know what's it?
  2. PeiLin

    Automated Market Maker

    I will translate this post into Chinese if no other people want to translate it in 24h. If anyone want to translate it, please tell me, so that we wont do double work.
  3. PeiLin

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    Matched with 290.166ENU: https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/b085e619826868000ecfeffa5276605557b6570c3b7e432c0d7c1f86a4da9865 https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/5e95a8b101b73039a4dec726d0559b9aa8008137bdf4f2ce65f89ca150d3e4e2
  4. I have voted with account looooooooooo, but it didn't shows in the ENU browser yet, I dont know why. maybe it will shows later.
  5. PeiLin

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    Matched with 742.633. sorry to match it late http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/4cd402660fd61cd8f0fc0068e9a6fffc3cd695cf50a9757ea14cf54eb2a575f5 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/99bc43a610b96d4deeb80b64e781259210553502d3cb7288ab867cc3acd98f8b
  6. I nominate Mermer/mermermer125 to join the RoE as a new member, I don't know much about him, but he is an active people in telegroup, below is his introduce post. Please reply yes to agree him to join, reply no to disagree. https://enumivo.com/topic/1256-roe-application-mermermermermer125
  7. PeiLin

    ROE APPLICATION Mermer/mermermer125

    OK, I'll make a nomination for you, but I cant guarantee you'll be approved, coz the activity ratio of members is low now.
  8. PeiLin

    ROE APPLICATION Mermer/mermermer125

    Hello mate, I have to note you that the RoE has no salary now, do you still want to join the RoE? If so, I can nominate you.
  9. PeiLin

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    Matched with 294.4456ENU https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/9c2a11967a1872442787bc320a6529d1b92852d2fabd838cd621258ed1b83ec4 https://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/ba32a0ba5598eca815bfc508b5cf8c5c189fe84186d89b50411a4764344928bc
  10. PeiLin

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    Matched with 713.9364 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/dcbbb5caaabf2515ab26338b7610a73fbf88c4701b6a63aea6cf2f6b680f76d8 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/a8d0b0efccba178cecbd24ba3fa4a077c8c907ee9f39a077886f31dfa08cdef9
  11. Please let me share the tutorial of ENU faces today: https://enunav.top/cn/face.html (It's in Chinese, but you can use google translate to read it), the author of the tutorial is @blackpaopao. Due to some changes in the current ENU faces, many applications are not in compliance with the specifications, I add some notes here: 1: The registered address has been changed to faceid.enumivo.com 2: Do not wear glasses or hats for registered photos. 3: The side view only needs to be slightly tilted, just need to different from the front view. If the tilt is too large, the AI will not recognize the face and the photo will not pass. 4: The hand-held picture needs to display the verification code in its entirety.
  12. 今天分享一下ENU faces的教程 https://enunav.top/cn/face.html ,教程作者为社区活跃贡献者 黑泡泡 。由于目前ENU faces有一些变动,很多申请都不太符合规范,我在这里加一些注意事项:1:注册地址已更改为 faceid.enumivo.com2:注册照片请勿戴眼镜,帽子。3:侧面图只需略微倾斜,与正面图有区别即可。倾斜幅度过大会导致AI识别不出人脸,照片不能通过。4:手持图片需完整显示验证码。
  13. PeiLin

    Vote for active BPs!

    Ok, I will do
  14. PeiLin

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    Matched with 2000enu http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/da06c802d1f523a4dcb6cafcb97bca9f1ae8eb5911120cdda50ae3ca97692eb8 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/092d8677ae58e87c12bd6a623b151c7e11c667456b4f316232e818aaf1b6c87c