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  1. If you are one of a BP, please reply here your BP name and forum usename. Then I will add your information to the list.
  2. For ensured the smooth communication of every BP in ENU, making the ENU chain more secure and reliable.Please leave your BP name and fourm ID here, and check this forum‘s information at least once a day. 请各位超级节点在这里留下你的节点名和论坛ID,并至少每天查看一遍此论坛信息。已确保各节点更顺畅的交流,使ENU链更加安全,可靠。 dragosvlaicu : @Dragos enudavidfnck: @davidfnck enudonnysong: @donnysong enulexlexlex: @LEX enuchinafans: @enumivochina enumivoqsxio: @Joshua Qiu enumivoooooo: @PeiLin enuviptaiwan:@ironpa88 eurnoproject @Sosolean @Peesus iostinylenux: @iostiny libblocknode: @libert
  3. telegram @ pei_lin mainnet account: account12121 staked: 200k
  4. Sorry I hope the post can show all BPs in just one page, so that people can easily see all BPs information. so can you reduce your introduction and with no picture? I think I will paste introductions with less than 100words into the mian post.
  5. This post is used to introduce the BPs of ENU. To facilitate ENU holders to understand the information of BPs and vote better. Everyone who wants to introduce his/her own BP can reply your introduction information in this post. Then I will copy your introduction to the main post later. In order to display as many BPs as possible on this page, please limit the introduction to less than 100 words. If you want to give more information, you can paste your introduction link. 此帖用于介绍ENU的各个节点。以方便ENU持有人了解各节点情况并更好地投票。每个希望介绍自己节点的朋友都可以在此贴回复你的介绍信息。我之后会将你的介绍信息复制到主贴中。为了让此页面显示尽量多的节点信息,请把介绍信息控制到100字以内,如需更多介绍,可粘贴你的介绍链接。 -------------------------------------- enumivoooooo: 社区活跃成员pei.lin,管理微博:ENU首席传销官。 / active community member pei.lin, magane the weibo:ENU首席传销官 eurnoproject: https://enumivo.com/topic/511-block-producer-candidacy-eurno-project/
  6. Yesterday, A guy called Tim in the ENU group said that he thought the AP was probably Satoshi. This coincides with my thoughts. In fact, I have expressed this idea on Weibo before, but did not explain it in detail. Due to the two main reasons. One is that many people might think Im a fool or liar to said that. Second, those words may cause the AP to get too much attention and do bad affect to his normal work. But now that Tim has said this conjecture, many people have received this information. Then I think I should also express my thoughts, so more people will know the informations. 1, Satoshi Nakamoto is clearly an idealist, and his original intention to create Bitcoin is obviously to make the world a better place. But does Bitcoin really make the world a better place? I don't think so. Although many people admire it, I think most people admire it mainly because it makes us make a fortune, or let us have the expectation of making a fortune. But in essence it is still a zero-sum game, in fact, people who lose money in bitcoin is destined to be much more than people who make big money in bitcoin. Even if Bitcoin really reaches 1 million in the future, most of our current holders will making a fortune by it.But It is also bound to have a large number of latecomers to take over and lose money, leading to many tragedies. Obviously this reality is not what Satoshi want to see. 2, then the man who have such a comprehensive knowledge and genius ideas will not do anything after making a very creative but not very great project(bitcoin)? Obviously, Satoshi have little interest in money and more obviously no lack of money. So what is he doing in the later years after he hiding? Isn't it possible to plan something that is greater than Bitcoin and more capable of changing the world? 3, then what can be more great than Bitcoin to change the world? Except UBI, I can't think of anything else. Because any other crypto currency can't get rid of Matthew's law in essence, they are all the same game that latecomers to pick up the sedan chair of the previous comers. But ENU's UBI is completely different, it can be simply understood as a crypto currency in which everyone can participate in mining and mining efficiency is fair. If ENU's UBI is successful, in the short term, it can play a very good role in helping the disadvantaged poor. In the long run, it can alleviate or even solve the increasingly serious problems of the polarization between the rich and the poor and completely change the economic foundation of the current society. Many problems in today's society will also be solved after the popularity of UBI, benefiting the vast majority of the world's people. 4, In summary, I think the founder AP of ENU is likely to be Satoshi. In addition, I remember that someone asked Satoshi in the early days how Bitcoin solved the problem of unfair distribution of wealth. Satoshi's answer is that Bitcoin does not solve this problem. So now, isn't he likely to be doing another project and still anonymity to solve this problem? In addition, it is said that about 1 million bitcoins are clearly owned by Satoshi, but this one million has never been used. This is very confusing. I think there are two main possibilities. One is that Satoshi has died, and the other is that Satoshi wants to use this million bitcoin for a greater project. . . . . . 5, of course, these are all my guesses, as far as I am concerned. I think the probability of AP being Satoshi is more than 50%. Even if AP is not Satoshi, I still think the ENU project has a high probability of success. So I personally heavy warehouse the ENU and the token LTS (ELN) in the ENU. Different readers will definitely have different ideas when they read the words I wrote. Readers who think that I am a pyramid scheme cheater or a fool can continue to dismiss the ENU. But if you think what I said with a little reason. And think that even if only 1% of APs may be Satoshi, I suggest that you take some time to participate and buy it in a light warehouse. Because if the AP is Satoshi, then the probability of success for the ENU project will near to 100%. And once successful. It will very likely to pump 1000times from now (in consideration of ENU's totally value is less than 5 million $ now, the 1000 times pump is a very modest estimate). 6,1% of the probability to pump more than 1000 times, even though the other 99% of the probability is going to go zero. The mathematical expectation is also higher than 100% probability to pump 10 times. So obviously if you has a 100 percent probability of getting 10 times pump from a crypto, you will buy the crypto. So why don't you take a little time and buy a little ENU that you think has a 1% chance of pump up more than 1,000 times? 7, I hope that all readers after seeing this article, don't bother to disturb the AP, let him just work silently for the project. In fact, many people have asked AP if he is Satoshi, and AP has denied all. In fact, this kind of question is meaningless. First of all, the real Satoshi will not admit that himself is Satoshi. Secondly, even if the AP admits that he is Satoshi, you can't be 100% sure if he is just lying to you. So instead of hear what he said, it is better to see what he did. From my observations for so long, AP, even if it is not Satoshi,he is also an capable person who wants to make the world a better place through blockchain technology. From this point of view, even if ENU is not successful after many years, I will not regret my investment and promotion of ENU. After all, I made a small contribution to this great project.
  7. 昨天ENU群里Tim大师说出了他认为AP很可能就是Satoshi的想法。这跟我的想法不谋而合,其实我之前就在微博表达过这个想法,但是没有详细解释。主要是两点原因,一是担心可能很多人会因为我这种言论把我当脑残。二是这种言论可能会让AP获得太多关注,影响他正常工作。 不过现在既然Tim大师说出了这个猜想,已经有很多人接收到了这些信息。那我也就豁出去了,也详细解释下为什么我认为AP有可能就是中本聪,希望有更多人有缘接收到这些信息。 1,中本聪显然是个理想主义者,他创造比特币的初衷显然是为了让世界变得更好。但比特币真的让这个世界变得更好了吗?我觉得并没有,虽然很多人推崇它,但我认为大多数人推崇它主要是因为它让我们发了大财,或者是让我们有了发大财的期望。但实质上它仍然是个零和博弈的游戏,实际上因为它亏钱的人注定会比因为它赚大钱的人多得多。即使有一天比特币真的达到100万一枚,我们现在大多数持有人都发大财。也注定会有一大批后来者接盘而亏钱,导致很多悲剧。显然这样的现实不是中本聪愿意看到的。 2,那么这么有全面知识和天才想法的人弄出了比特币这个很有创造性但并不太伟大的项目后就不什么也不做了?显然中本聪应该对钱兴趣不大,更不会缺钱。那么他隐身的这些年在干些什么呢?是不是可能在谋划一个比比特币更伟大,更能改变世界的东西呢? 3,那么有什么能比比特币更伟大更能改变世界呢?除了UBI,我想不到其它的。因为任何其它数字货币,本质上都摆脱不了马太定律,都是后来者为先到者抬轿子的游戏。而ENU的UBI则完全不同,可以把它简单理解为人人都可参与挖矿,且挖矿效率公平的数字货币。如果ENU的UBI成功,短期来看,它能起到很好的帮助弱势贫困群体的作用。长远来看,它能缓解甚至解决贫富分化日益严重的问题,彻底改变现行社会的经济基础。很多当今社会存在的问题也会因为UBI的普及而得到解决,造福全世界绝大多数人民。 4, 综上所述,我认为ENU的创始人AP很可能就是中本聪。此外,我记得曾有人在很早期时询问过中本聪,比特币怎么解决财富分配不公的问题。而中本聪的回答是,比特币不解决这个问题。那么现在,他是不是很可能正在同样匿名地做另一个项目来解决这个问题呢?另外,据说有100万左右比特币是明显属于中本聪的,但这100万币却从来没有动用过。这是很让人困惑的,我觉得主要有两种可能,一是中本聪已经去世了,二是中本聪希望把这一百万比特币用于一个更伟大的项目。。。。。。 5,当然以上这些都是我的猜想,就我个人而言。我认为AP是中本聪的概率是超过50%的,即使AP不是中本聪,我认为ENU这个项目也有较高概率成功。所以我个人重仓了ENU以及ENU里的代币LTS(ELN)。不同的读者看了我写的这些字肯定会有不同的想法。建议认为我是传销或者鬼扯的读者可以继续对ENU不屑一顾。认为我说的有点道理,认为AP哪怕只有1%可能是中本聪的读者我都建议你花点时间轻仓参与进来。因为如果AP是中本聪,那么基本上ENU这个项目成功的概率就是100%。而一旦成功。涨1000倍是完全没问题的(以ENU目前3000万不到的市值来看,实际上涨1000倍是很谦虚的估计)。 6,1%的概率涨超过1000倍,哪怕剩下的99%的概率都是归零。其数学期望也比100%的概率涨10倍还大。显然一个100%概率涨10倍的币正常人都会抢着买,梭哈买。那么为什么不花一点时间,轻仓买一点ENU这个你认为有1%的概率涨1000倍的币呢? 7, 希望大家看到这篇文章过后不要去过多打扰AP,让他安安心心做ENU。实际上已经有很多人问过AP是不是中本聪,AP都否认了。其实这种疑问是没啥意义的,首先真正的中本聪不会承认自己是中本聪。其次就算AP承认自己是中本聪你也不能确信。所以与其看怎么说,不如看他怎么做。从我这么久的观察来看,AP即使不是中本聪,也是个有理想有能力想通过区块链技术真正让这个世界变得更好的人。从这点来说即使多年后ENU没有成功,我也不会为投资和宣传ENU而后悔,毕竟是为这个伟大的项目做了一点微小的贡献。
  8. LTS and ELN are two tokens based on the main ENU network. They can be exchanged 1:1 by transferring one token to lts.eln.coin at any time. The ELN will be used on the main ENU network as collateral for various stable COINS. All ENU holders can obtain LTS at least every 24 hours by mortgaging the ENU and voting for only one BP. However, at present, only a few users have mortgaged and received LTS, which is a pity. So I'm writing a tutorial here to briefly explain ENU mortgage and LTS collection through TokenPocket wallet. LTS和ELN是两个基于ENU主网的代币。它们之间可以随时通过向 lts.eln.coin 转账而 1:1 互换。而ELN将被用在ENU主网上作为各种稳定币的抵押币,所有ENU持有者可以通过抵押ENU并投票且仅投票一个超级节点的方式而每隔至少24小时获得一次LTS。但是目前却只有很少用户抵押并领取LTS,非常可惜。所以我在这里写篇教程,简单介绍一下通过TokenPocket钱包抵押ENU并领取LTS。 1,如图所示点击资源 Click on the resource as shown 2,输入你想抵押的ENU数量,如你想抵押600ENU,则可在此两处输入300,300。 Enter the amount of ENU you want to mortgage. If you want to mortgage 600ENU, you can enter 300,300 in the two places. 3,点击投票 click the vote button 4,选择一个超级节点并点击投票。 find one BP and then clike vote 5,向claimforvote转账0.0001enu tranfer 0.0001enu to claimforvote 6,此时,你已经收到了LTS,如果你想查看记录,可以点击该交易记录。 At this point, you have already received the LTS, if you want to view the record, you can click on the transaction record. 7,如图所示,点击交易号 Click the record as shown 8,如图所示,显示收到8.9698LTS。如果你想获得更多LTS,可以通过抵押更多ENU并每隔24小时向claimforvote转账0.0001ENU。 As shown, the 8.9698LTS was received. If you want to get more LTS, you can mortgage more ENU and transfer to claimforvote every 24h
  9. This is the 12th donation of the enumivoooooo BP,From last donation to today, the BP gains a total of 13634enu. The technicians received 4772enu proceeds, and 10% of the remaining 8862enu proceeds, 886.2enu should donated. The current market price of enu is 0.105 yuan, so a total of 94 yuan donated. The donation program provides nutrition allowance of one free egg per day for children in poor areas. For more information you can search through alipay: 一个鸡蛋的力量. 这是第13次enumivoooooo节点收益的捐献,从上次捐赠到今天,enumivoooooo节点总共获得13634enu的收益,其中技术人员获得 4772enu收益,剩余的8862enu的10%即价值886.2enu的收益被捐献出去,目前enu市价0.105元,所以总共捐赠94元。
  10. please send some TELN to pei.lin
  11. Matched with 758.9286ENU: http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/a5d942cd4c5d0b8950b9df3587585403aeb3ec47d8fcb0c8c9188700cd248eee http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/be7a928add1515a399d019162d26994f85ad426603e55235653ea037351e277e
  12. Matched with 727.066ENU: http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/8e667be68aa219ee27c9de7feda70d6b7eba305ca59301d1d754e1f019295c42 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/acb34f5ad59f959c5e387b4e02001a988eea8b9434b7e147c0ce913c900bea6e
  13. Matched with 1000ENU: http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/d3bb7e2e2607999c141d1ebbe7313f79db01ddfa571e1b0531836930d8c774ff http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/507dda150d6eda7c947866d011e5146451cd7ac6f50ee911924b8ac3c0e20eb3
  14. enumivoooooo buy and burn with 500ENU: http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/56deb7f5613b6e75ae688865a9ff3a1040041ecc5bab48d42138a03eddeef0ee http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/e852df9c78db7df3c7a1a2110bd0be63024786f8f667ed7f758f5b142333c4a5
  15. Matched with 298.5572ENU: http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/ba8f8d1c326fd69b0cc5695a133546bf3e1e48f26a39ecf81b188e463acbb183 http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/20e29d2394ebca2ef18b9effb5fcfaf1b50d085900ff3cff6bd458e5e2e7c0dd
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