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    我们将空投5百万LTS给所有为ENU投票上AIODEX交易所的朋友。如果ENU的投票总排名在20名以内,AIODEX交易所就会上币ENU。 步骤: 1,加入我们的主电报群: https://t.me/enumivochat 2,推特关注我们: https://twitter.com/enumivo 3,注册enumivo论坛账号: https://enumivo.com/ 4,注册liteshares账号: https://liteshares.io/create-account/password 5,注册AIODEX账号: https://aiodex.com/register 6,为ENU投票: https://aiodex.com/vote/enu 7,在这里留下评论: https://aiodex.com/vote/coin/5b56ae7c7a52cf2ef1ff6c2a 8,完成投票后请完成此表格:https://goo.gl/Y1B7nA 注意:在您投票后请留下你的评论以及评论所属的号码,并截图。如果未留下号码你将无法得到LTS奖励。
  2. This is a English version of http://www.huoxing24.com/newsdetail/20180814232815186740.html sorry if the English version is hard to understand, I didn't realize the work is so hard for me.
  3. “The last time I saw a project as poor as yours, it was bitcoin in 2010” On August 12 21:30, for reply the wechat group holder of "Huoxing initiative study wechat group". Davidfnck, head of ENU China, Shared the theme of "ENU, the thrive of the poorest project in history". He said that a boss even called the project like "bitcoin in 2010". The current price of ENU is around 0.13 yuan, so it is considered as the poorest project in history consider the percentage that the team holding. He said the ENU project would use blockchain technology to achieve unconditional basic income for all, and in terms of implementation mode, ENU copied EOS code to create a high-performance, reliable and affordable independent mainnet, and airdropped 80% of the total tokens. According to davidfnck, the founder of ENU is still anonymous. According to his interview and communication with the founder, he learned that the founder has 20 years of programming experience, started to study blockchain technology early, has bought bitcoin with the price about $10 , and has participated in ethereum's crowdfunding. At present, ENU has more than 80 super BPs, more than 12 million blocks and more than 4000 mainnet accounts. Davidfnck shares the text below 1.The poorest project of all time Last night ETH dropped below $300 and the market warning again: this is not a drill, this is a bear market. Want to bounce? Stop dreaming. And what's interesting in a bear market? It must be a project that never breaks. In preparing for this share, I happened to see the CoinTiger founder mention four new plays in the bear market.The first of these is "enter the market at a price of zero and cultivate a belief group". And That's the way ENU plays, and it's the first game on the market, and probably the most robust project alive right now.People in the community also gave the project an interesting nickname, "avocado." First, what are we going to achieve? The founder use blockchain technology to achieve Unconditional Basic Income that benefits everyone around the world.Every real individual can receive the UBI token regularly , and the value of the token is guaranteed by the ENU fund, which also allows various forms of donation from institutions, individuals, etc. Second, how do we achieve it?The founders made no secret of the fact that they wanted to copy the EOS code and make it completely separate, reliable and affordable.As a result, the founder became an expert in EOS code, almost the fastest technical personnel in the world to complete EOS code modification. Up to now, the progress of EOS code version update is still kept up with the progress. Meanwhile, he is also constantly studying the key technical points like bancor , and looking for breakthroughs and innovations. Third, what is the project's startup approach?The founders air-dropped 80 percent of ENU in the beggining, and the kind of airdrop may be the first in the world: send 0 ETH, and then get some ENU.In just three days or so, all of the 400 million ENU were airdropped, with over 100,000 participating addresses. This is ENU distribution chart, the current price of ENU is around 0.13 yuan.At that price, ENU is arguably the poorest project in history. As you all know, every project wants to go to the exchange, and I've talked to a lot of exchanges on behalf of ENU, but every exchange needs: coin-fee, airdrop candy, guaranteed money.Every time I had to go through ENU's development, no ICO, no private equity, 80 percent of the money was airdropped, so we were very poor.Later, a big shot said this: last time I saw a project as poor as yours, it was bitcoin in 2010. But being poor is not all bad. Being poor gives ENU a starting point on the horizon, which is unexpected. As another big shot said, "a project like ENU maybe will not survive, but if it survived at the end, it will be a big surprise". This is the roadmap for the project. After our creation post was published, we were spread to social media by the opinion leaders such as Tyler Xiong and Sihai. With the increasing attention, we had a more powerful boost, the support of the bixin wallet, which greatly enhanced the influence of the whole project, and directly eliminated all the later imitators. Then, on April 21st, the white paper was published and on April 23rd the kkex exchange supported ENU/BTC trading, and more and more people focus on the project. With the founder's constant familiarity with EOS code, the main network that was scheduled to go online in August was brought forward to the beginning of June, and we even went online earlier than the main EOS network. So people in the community often joke that ENU is the real EOS. 2, The founder standing at the intersection of technology and humanities Like satoshi nakamoto, who remains anonymous, ENU's founder gave himself a name from the game Watch Dog : AidenPearce According to his interview and communication with the him,we know that he has about 20 years of programming experience, started to study blockchain technology early, has bought bitcoin with the price about $10 , and has participated in ethereum's crowdfunding. In addition to fork eos, modify the EOS code, and initially there is no exchanges for ENU, he also forked the bitshares platform to build liteshares for trading ENU. In order to Expand the community, he set up a forum, enumivo.com.The founder is like a magician. He can make whatever he needs. The founder not only has excellent technology ability, but also has a great personality charm. There is a Chinese saying “only A long journey proves the stamina of a horse and only a long time tells a man’s real heart.” Working with the founder made me deeply moved by his personality In the initial ENU airdrop phase, he returned the ETH to people who send it by mistake. And maybe influenced by him, later when a man send 50,000 ENU to a wrong address by mistake, that man also get the 50,000 ENU returned. It's might be a very rare thing in cryptocurrency world, but it indeed happened indeed in ENU community. As the founder, he is a person who truly stands at the intersection of technology and humanities, and will be an important driving force for the ENU project and a model for everyone. 3, Highly motivated communities In addition to the founder, the community is the most special part of ENU, which recently participated in and won the cointiger vote. The voting reward is voluntary donation by the community. This is a crowdfunded dApp developed by community developer “fish”. All donation transfers are open and transparent. Multiple super nodes sign up for operations to ensure fairness and trust, so that people can voluntarily donate ENU. In addition to crowdfunding on the exchanges, TokenPocket, the recently acclaimed EOS wallet app, also supported ENU, and the community also spontaneously crowdfunding thanked them. Since ENU and EOS are a set of code, any product that supports EOS can easily support ENU, such as RAM trading, and TokenPocket will also support RAM trading on ENU. And in order to make it more convenient for you to have a ENU mainnet account, now you can register the ENU account for free through the TokenPocket wallet wallet! One of the characteristics of our community is the large number of developers who have volunteered to join us. So far, I have seen many excellent applications of ENU were made by them, from the founder to daifujun, small fish, ansen, qsx, Sosolean, Tom and ovi, all from around the world, who have volunteered to participate in the ENU project. Because of them, we have the first blockchain browser, from the BP: enumivoqsxio As you can see, the number of blocks has exceeded 12 million, and the number of mainnet users has exceeded 4000. Even though we are the poorest blockchain project in history, it can't stop us from dreaming the richest dreams, realizing unconditional basic income for all and creating social justice that benefits all. On the way to achieve this goal, we always maintain the momentum of barbaric growth, and attract more excellent developers to join the ENU community, and they will also bring us more surprises. Q&A Q1:What is UBI ? ”Unconditional Basic Income” for short "UBI" ,also called”Universal Basic Income”、”Basic Income" it means no matter rich or poor, man or woman, black white or yellow, everyone can get the same money for basic living. It gives everyone the basic necessities of life so that people do not become unviable because of economic issues. There are instances of implementing UBI in many parts of the world, such as the Alaska, but it's mostly government implemented, and what ENU is going to do is using blockchain technology to achieve unconditional basic income for all. For those interested in UBI, I recommend the book “After the Welfare State”, which has in-depth discussion. Q2: Will a lot of people cheat to get UBI? We know that a lot of people will cheat to get a profit, but In the white paper, the authors have a preliminary description of the form in which ENU issues UBI, people stand on their own two feet and judge the authenticity of the applicant. lying is costly, and you can't guarantee that everyone is on your side to help you cheat. Q3:Could you tell us a little bit about the development cost of ENU? The founder mentioned in the white paper that we will make a reliable and cost-effective main chain I did a comparison a while ago: On the left is the price of 1 KB EOS RAM, which is about 10 yuan, and on the right is ENU, it's about 0.025 yuan .The development cost of EOS is about 400 times that of ENU.So we also welcome those developers who feel the development cost is too high in EOS to try ENU.It's not only the same code , but it's also easy to port. Q4: What role do you play in the team? How does your core team work? I am responsible for the Chinese market, including exchanges, media and project cooperation. The founder has already given superpowers to 21 super BPs, so core transactions need to be negotiated by the super BPs together. There is also a foundation, chosen by the community, which is also promoting work including developer incentives. The ENU community core team is not that important. Many developers and active members in the community play a huge role. As long as it is good for ENU, you can just join it. Q5:What's ENU’s inflation rate? Same as EOS. Yes, same as EOS Q6: Does ENU totally forked from EOS? Right, before EOS changed the source code to SYS, the founder followed this pattern and modified it to ENU Guest profile davidfnck, early core team member, head of China part, MD of http://bbs.pinggu.org/ , CDA Data analyst talent education brand co-founder.
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    Free account tool in telegtam

    Thanks for your work. Already vote for you. :)
  5. 哈哈,谢谢,之前以为节点收入不高,所以做了,现在发现节点收入还可以,但是收不了手了啊
  6. ahh, OK i see, thanks.
  7. I see, but still thanks for your willingness to help. :)
  8. Thanks Imran, but I think you use the the computer translation right? But the computer translation has many errors so that I can't understand the rules of the game too. It seems like LEI is from Hongkong, so I think he know how to explain the game rules in traditional Chinese.
  9. Hello LEI, I want to promote the game to more ppl, but I can't understand the game rules very clearly in English. But if you can give me a Traditional Chinese version of the rules, I can convert it into simplified Chinese and promote to more ppl, and then maybe more ppl will also vote for you. :)
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    LTS Related Info

    I remember it's about 51 characters, and there is no recovery option, so if you can't find find your password, you will probably lose your property in it.
  11. 有很多的,其他国家也有很多志愿者
  12. 是的,现在erc20,liteshares,主网上都有ENU
  13. I think he means the penultimate paragraph I said to EOS holders.
  14. 百度搜索ENU,我们会很容易看到这篇文章《警惕!逆势暴涨的牛油果ENU,撒钱的背后疑似有人做局》(https://wallstreetcn.com/articles/3308783)。在这篇文章中,作者认为ENU和ENU的UBI很可能是“又一场骗局”。值得注意的是,这篇文章发布时正是ENU币价最高的时候,因此很有可能这篇文章诱发了之后ENU币价的下跌。毕竟那个时候,大多数人对ENU还知之甚少,很多人只是通过百度搜索ENU来了解到相关资料。很多持有ENU的人看了这篇文章可能就把ENU抛售掉了,而很多未持有ENU但对ENU感兴趣的人看到这篇文章就对它望而却步了。 相信现在对ENU有过深入了解的人都会认为这篇文章纯粹是一派胡言,但毕竟还有很多人对ENU并不是太了解,所以我觉得还是很有必要来指出这篇文章的错误之处。 第一点,作者认为,基于ENU的UBI项目不可能实现。作者以阿拉斯加的UBI试验来举例,他认为UBI必须要有雄厚的资金储备和高昂的税收才能维持。但他在这里并没有搞懂政府发起的UBI和ENU的UBI概念的不同。政府发起的UBI就是免费发放法币给每个人,政府凭空要发出那么多的法币,必然就要大幅度增加税收。然后就如ENU白皮书中所说,虽然大部分人都会同意增加富人税收来发放UBI。但同时富人阶层又强大到可以直接影响政府的政策,所以对富人高额征税的可能性非常小。更何况政府操控UBI还很可能导致贪污腐败。所以最终,由政府施行的UBI都达不到很好的效果,甚至适得其反。而ENU的UBI并不是提供直接有价值的法币,而是发放UBI加密货币,它在起初可能价值会很低,但随着用户数的提升,根据梅特卡夫定律,他就自然能像比特币那样拥有巨大的价值。而这一切都是基于区块链运营,完全透明公开,没有任何人有操控这个机制来牟利的可能。所以综合而言,ENU的UBI将会完胜各种政府施行的UBI项目。 第二点,作者认为,失业将会大大影响UBI项目。当然,如果UBI项目是由政府主导的,一旦遇到经济危机或者失业潮,UBI都将难以为继。但同样,按第一点的分析,ENU的UBI并不会受到经济危机或者失业潮的影响。相反,政府这个时候估计还会大力支持ENU的UBI,因为ENU的UBI将能满足失业人口的基本需求,以避免他们去冒险抗议,游行等,引起政局的不稳。 第三点,作者认为,ENU的UBI是个庞氏骗局,其实这也是个可笑的错误,因为人们领取UBI并不需要花费任何成本,如果连免费领取的UBI都是庞氏骗局,那比特币以及其他所有加密货币不都是庞氏骗局了? 第四点,作者认为,ENU是山寨EOS的项目,短期内不可能上线,这个不用我解释了,时间已经给出了答案,ENU上线时间甚至比EOS还早。而ENU也并不是山寨版的EOS,准确的说法是,ENU主网和EOS主网都源于EOS.IO公司开发的一款程序。具体介绍可以看我之前的另一篇文章:谁才是真正的EOS。 第五点,作者认为,ENU团队没有生态,团队只有1人。其实这个就不需要我指出他的错误了,时间也已经给出了证明。目前ENU已经有了一个非常活跃的生态,已经很多开发者自愿的在Enumivo主网上开发了很多有用,有趣的应用。很多人也在自发的维护Enumivo社区。可以说,他们都是ENU团队的一员。你可以在币圈找到很多拥有光鲜亮丽外壳的团队,这些团队也很可能凭借光鲜亮丽的外壳吸引了大量的投资,赚的盆满钵满。但却很难找到其它一个像Enumivo这样自己并不赚钱,但却一直默默辛勤耕耘的团队吧? 总之,这篇文章通篇的结论都是错误的。我甚至怀疑这是有人故意写的抹黑ENU的文章,也许作者是个EOS的持有者,感受到了ENU的威胁所以写了这篇文章。但是我觉得EOS的持有者大可不必这样。因为目前1个EOS就能买到200个ENU,如果你认为ENU确实有巨大潜力,你完全可以卖掉自己0.5%的EOS,来换取等同于你所持EOS总数的ENU。而由于ENU总数只有EOS的一半,也就是说,你用0.5%EOS换取的在ENU中的话语权是你在EOS中话语权的两倍。当然,你也可以选择用50%的EOS来换取ENU,这样你就可以从小韭菜摇身一变成为大狗庄。 另外,我要抱歉我在上篇文章中说过的要发文章详细介绍以后ENU的UBI将怎样运行的。我仔细想了下,觉得目前还不是发这些文章的时候。也许到了UBI即将上线时才是发布这些文章的最佳时刻吧。不过我仍然会持续发布一些宣传ENU和UBI的文章,请大家持续关注。