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  1. PeiLin

    Enumivo Liquidity Network

    I think no need to fell ashamed for it is simple, if it can works great, then it is great.
  2. PeiLin

    Enumivo Liquidity Network

    Congratulation, I cant wait to see it, will it be launched soon?
  3. MVM Sept 2018 draft.csv MVM Sept 2018 draft ranks by votes.csv We have calculated the first Enumivo Oracle reward. According to calculation result, enudavidfnck,ansenironman,wangwangwang,enusmallfish,midantechltd,talktomyself,enumivoqsxio,summitdecent,marshalllife,tylerxiong22,enumivocolin,funkydaifuku,cryptococooo,zgdybtc.enu will get the applicants reward. However, as the calculation is manually operated, there may be mistakes. Please open the files and check whether your votes is consistent with the calculation we made. You can use Ctrl+F to quickly find your voting record. If there is any mistakes, please inform us in time. After 48 hours from the announcement post, the result will be confirmed. The voters' reward will get calculated after the applicants reward confirmed. 我们已经计算好了第一期Enumivo预言机奖励。根据计算结果,enudavidfnck,ansenironman,wangwangwang,enusmallfish,midantechltd,talktomyself,enumivoqsxio,summitdecent,marshalllife,tylerxiong22,enumivocolin,funkydaifuku,cryptococooo zgdybtc.enu将得到被投票人奖励。但由于计算由人工操作,可能会有误差,请您打开文件,检测一下您自己的投票是否与我们所做的计算相符,可以使用Ctrl+F快速找到自己的投票记录。如有不符合之处,请及时回帖告知我们。被投票人奖励结果将会在此公示贴发布 48h后确认。投票人奖励将会在被投票人奖励确认后计算。
  4. PeiLin

    Enumivo Liquidity Network

    If one day the market becoming very big, let's say, one big cheese hold 1000 Enumivo-BTC, and he wants to transfer them to classic-BTC. Who should he ask for? And how can they trust each other?
  5. After the issuance of Philippine peso token PHP, the launch of PHP/ENU market maker. Today, the Enumivo mainnet continued to issue Chinese fiat tokens CNY and launched CNY/ENU market maker. At present, you can get the corresponding CNY by sending ENU to the address enu.cny.coin , or get the corresponding ENU by sending CNY.The feed price will be shown on: https://wallet.enumivo.com/market-maker If you need to exchange CNY tokens, please contact my telegram: pei_lin. CNY's token exchange rate is 1:1 with fiat CNY, but a little amount of labor fee should charged. At present, to buy token CNY with fiat CNY needs 0.1% labor fee, the lowest of which is 5CNY. To buy fiat CNY with token CNY needs 0.2% labor fee, the lowest of which is 5CNY. CNY token is guaranteed by ENU founder Aiden.Pearce you can monitor enu.cny.coin contract on: http://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=enu.cny.coin 继发行菲律宾比索代币PHP,上线PHP/ENU交易对后。Enumivo主网今天又继续发行人民币代币CNY并上线CNY/ENU交易对。 目前你可以通过向地址enu.cny.coin发送ENU来获得相对应的CNY,或发送CNY获得相对应的ENU。交易实时喂价将在https://wallet.enumivo.com/market-maker显示。 如你需要兑换CNY代币,可以联系我的微信:peilin567。CNY代币与法币1:1兑换,收取一定人工费,目前法币兑换CNY收取0.1%人工费,最低5CNY。CNY代币兑换法币收取0.2%人工费,最低5CNY。 CNY代币的充提将由AP作担保。 enu.cny.coin合约查询地址:http://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=enu.cny.coin
  6. PeiLin

    ENU/PHP Market Open

    Maybe that's because the wallet didn't support PHP yet, but you have it already.
  7. PeiLin

    Development Funds to Vote 30 BPs

    My BP: enumivoooooo I know little about the technology, but I have a very good supporter with very reliable technical capacity. And after the attack, we have uploaded our VPS with 16G memory. We will continue monitor our BP frequently, so that we can react quickly if next attacks or bugs happen. I also suggest that Aiden can build more than one BP to join the 21 super BPS. Because at present, we need more safe than decentralized. And in the future, with more people join enumivo, Aiden can reduce the BPs he holds, and we can also set more than 21 supper BPs. So that our mainnet will be very safe and decentralized.
  8. PeiLin

    Enumivo Chain Emergency

    @enumivo enumivoooooo is up running p2p-peer-address =
  9. I dont know much about them, but seems like USDT is more safe and more widespread than the others.
  10. PeiLin

    Xuzhihong Introduction

    Thanks for the elder who did some simple work for Enumivo, I will vote for you after I join the system.
  11. 嗯,开放法币充提可以降低购买ENU的难度,为以后推广UBI做准备。
  12. PeiLin

    Introducing Satoshi Token (SAT)

    This is a simple translate for the post / 这是对此篇文章的简单翻译 我已经在Enumivo主网发行了SAT代币。(http://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=satonenumivo) 它代表satoshi,比特币的一个很小的单位(1,0000,0000 SAT=1 BTC ) 我也做了SAT/LTS的bancor交易对。这个交易对最初持有1m LTS,10m SAT。 买卖SAT和LTS,只需要向地址satltsmarket 发送SAT或LTS 即可。以后,你可以在 https://wallet.enumivo.com/dashboard  实时看到交易价格。 在Enumivo上存入或取出BTC的API正在设计。现在你可以直接联系我用SAT来兑换BTC。 之后SAT/ENU交易对也会加入。
  13. PeiLin

    Introducing Satoshi Token (SAT)

    So lucky I noticed the transactions of the contract. So I trade it even before Aiden announce it. How lucky I am!
  14. Today the bancor trading pair for SAT/LTS finally runs on Enumivo mainnet, and the bancor trading pair will allow people to buy LTS through BTC, or buy BTC through LTS.(https://enumivo.com/topic/893-introducing-satoshi-token-sat/) Aiden will also continue to issue Enumivo CNY (unidentified name) token on Enumivo that can be exchanged for RMB. In future, it will be able to trade via bancor algorithm with LTS,ENU,SAT(BTC) and others. Enumivo CNY is designed to be able to make 1:1 exchange with fiat/legal CNY through alipay or WeChat (a little labor fee will be charged). And Aiden designated me as the exclusive market maker for the Enumivo CNY token. I will transfer some of my cryptocurrency to Aiden as pledge. So don't worry that I may will cheating, because if I cheat, Aiden will give the compensation (maybe more than the pledge). The details are not yet set, we will continue to push forward the work, it is expected that as soon as this week the beta project will work. And if you are from another country, you can also apply to be the market maker for your country's fiat tender and corresponding cryptocurrency on Enumivo mainnet. Just contact with Aiden. ———————————————————————————————————— 今天SAT/LTS的bancor交易对正式在Enumivo主网运行了,这个bancor交易对将允许人们通过BTC购买LTS,或者通过LTS购买BTC。(https://enumivo.com/topic/893-introducing-satoshi-token-sat/) Aiden也将继续在Enumivo发行可以等值兑换人民币的Enumivo CNY(未确定正式名称)代币。今后,它将可以通过bancor算法与LTS,ENU,SAT(即BTC)等进行交易。 Enumivo CNY设计为将能和法币CNY通过支付宝或微信支付1:1兑换(将会收取一定人工费)。 同时,Aiden指定我为Enumivo CNY代币的独家做市商。我会转移一部分我的数字资产给Aiden作为抵押。所以大家不用担心我跑路,如果我跑路了,Aiden将会做出赔偿(也许是比我的抵押金还高的赔偿)。 具体各项细节还未定型,我们将会持续努力推进各项工作,预计最快大家将能在本周内看到成形的项目。