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  1. PeiLin

    Nominating Tezzmax To Join RoE

    This motion has now moved to "open motions" since it has get more than or equal to 1/3 yes votes. Every member please give a reply in 7 days from this statement post. ( 2019.2.17 16:35 utc +8 )
  2. PeiLin

    Nominating Tezzmax To Join RoE

    Yes, though I don't know much about tezzmax, but obviously he takes much of his time and energy to draw those works, and some of his works are really good, so I think he really like the project and has the right to join the RoE.
  3. PeiLin

    ROEApplication: zhangwanping

    可以加微信 fromfriend020 ,他负责管理大多数enu微信群
  4. PeiLin

    ROE Application: ironpa88/enuviptaiwan

    Hello mate, I suggest that you can join the RoE telegram group and tell us your plan in detail, so that some member might make a motion to nominate you to be a new member and then more than half members vote yes for you so that you become a new member eventually.
  5. PeiLin

    ROEApplication: zhangwanping

  6. PeiLin

    RoE citizens list

    Added SonoftheRa/sonofthera44 due to the rule: 11, @enumivo reserve the right to remove and add citizens within 2019.
  7. PeiLin

    RoE citizens list

    Ethereum/jasonamine12 has been removed citizenship due to the rule: 11, @enumivo reserve the right to remove and add citizens within 2019.
  8. This is the 9th donation of the enumivoooooo BP,From last donation to today, the BP gains a total of 15644enu. The technicians received 3912enu proceeds, and 10% of the remaining 11732enu proceeds, 1173.2enu should donated. The current market price of enu is 0.0479 yuan, so a total of 57 yuan donated. The donation program provides nutrition allowance of one free egg per day for children in poor areas. For more information you can search through alipay: 一个鸡蛋的力量. 这是第8次enumivoooooo节点收益的捐献,从上次捐赠到今天,enumivoooooo节点总共获得15644enu的收益,其中技术人员获得 3912enu收益,剩余的11732enu的10%即价值11732.8enu的收益被捐献出去,目前enu市价0.0479元,所以总共捐赠57元。
  9. RoE members' salaries for February 2019 has been sent from account: roesalaryyyy to all current RoE members' mainnet accounts. You can check from : https://enumivo.qsx.io/search?q=roesalaryyyy
  10. Decentralized point-to-point KYC introduction (ie ENU's UBI's KYC introduction) 2019.1.30 https://enumivo.com/topic/1181-decentralized-point-to-point-kyc-introduction-ie-enus-ubis-kyc-introduction/
  11. 去中心化点对点KYC介绍(即ENU's UBI's KYC 介绍)2019.1.30 https://0x9.me/VwQlH
  12. Please note that the post was originally in Chinese, I translated it by google translate, so there might be many grammatical mistakes We know that the main goal of ENU is to do UBI, which allows everyone to earn a certain amount of income on a regular basis for free and on average. The most difficult challenge to achieve this goal is to prevent some people from collecting UBI by mass-making fake accounts, that is, preventing someone from licking wool or preventing Sybil Attack. To prevent slashing, the witch attack requires KYC for the UBI account (for UBI, it is confirmed that the account corresponds to a real user and the user only owns this account). Traditional KYC generally uses a user to send a selfie and an ID card photo, or a self-portrait with a hand-held ID card, etc., and strictly speaking, it is nothing more than video verification. But these KYC methods have many shortcomings, such as: 1, cheaters can buy ID cards and selfies and other information at a very low price plus PS and other means to cheat wool. 2. An honest UBI applicant applies for information such as his/her ID card. If the reviewer is malicious, the applicant's privacy information may be disclosed or sold. Even if the reviewer is not malicious, there may be cases where the database is hacked and the applicant's privacy information is leaked. 3, the cheater colluded with the reviewer. So that the fraudulent account of the cheater is easily passed. 4, AI face change technology can easily PS video certification data, but also allows the cheater to easily pass the audit. In response to the shortcomings of these traditional KYC methods, the ENU team has replaced many programs, but the team has now confirmed the plan to decentralize the point-to-point KYC. Simply put, every UBI application account can get the same amount of tokens every day, but if it is a cheating account, the tokens it gets will be worthless because it has no liquidity. Trust relationships can be established between accounts. If two accounts trust each other, they can exchange each other's tokens 1:1. This assumes that there are four accounts of a, b, c, and d, each with 100. Tokens. d account holder owns a piece of bread (or 0.001btc); a and b trust each other, b and c trust each other, c and d trust each other. a want to use his own 100 tokens for a piece of bread, and d is willing to use a piece of bread for c to 100 tokens, but a and d do not trust each other; this time can initiate a transaction, b with 100 b generation The currency is exchanged for 100 c tokens, and then a is exchanged for 100 c tokens from the b account with 100 a tokens. In the end, a account has 100 c-tokens. Because c and d accounts trust each other, a uses 100 c-tokens for a piece of bread, and two accounts with no trust relationship complete the transaction. This innovative approach completely avoids the shortcomings of traditional KYC. First of all, this method does not force users to provide information such as ID cards, selfies, etc. that will reveal their privacy. For example, if a microblogging big V microblog says that account X is my ENU account, then account X will definitely gain the trust of many other users. If this big V has a friend in real life with account Y, then this friend is not needed at all. To provide any private information, you only need this friend to say to Big V, and Big V can set Account X to trust account Y. In this way, the account Y can be traded with many other accounts that directly or indirectly trust the account X without completely revealing any privacy. The most important point is that in this KYC, the method of building multiple accounts for wool by one person is completely unworkable. Suppose someone creates 100 cheat accounts to get UBI. Since these accounts basically only trust each other internally, they can't generate any actual transactions (because all accounts are held by the same person, the transactions between accounts are equivalent to the left hand. Right hand). So the tokens of these 100 accounts basically have no value. Assuming that an honest account trusts some of these 100 accounts, these cheating accounts can use their worthless tokens to obtain valuable tokens for this honest account, so honest account benefits are compromised. . Therefore, in order to protect their own interests, the vast majority of honest accounts will strictly carry out KYC, they will only trust the accounts of those who know in real life, or the accounts of various highly trusted users in the network. So that the entire UBI network develops healthily. Of course, these are just some simple plans in the early stage. In the later period, if all goes well, it will introduce mechanisms such as recommender mechanism, middleman fee, trust score, etc., so that ENU's UBI develops better and faster. Let us wait and see! Reward address: ENU: pei.lin BTC: 1Pq7UHytEZQdnzuRoWe8BWFtNzB3GqCSSV
  13. 就算一个真实账户信任了100个虚假账户,由于这个真实账户的币是有限的,这100个虚假账户也顶多只能薅到这一个真实账户的羊毛。 为了获得别人的信任,你可以自由选择曝光自己的资料,让他人相信你。只需要很少的真实用户相信你,你的币就能流通了。 为什么你信任的人要跑路?
  14. 我们知道ENU的主要目标是做UBI,即让每个人都能免费且平均地定期获得一定收入。而要达成这个目的最困难的挑战则是防止一些人通过批量制造虚假账户来领取UBI,也就是防止有人薅羊毛或者说防止女巫攻击(Sybil Attack)。 要防止薅羊毛,女巫攻击则需对申请UBI的账户进行KYC(对UBI来说就是确认该账户对应现实中的一个用户且该用户只拥有此一个账户)。传统KYC一般是采用用户发送自拍照及身份证照,或者是一张手持身份证自拍照等,再严格一点也无非是进行视频验证。但这些KYC方式都存在很多缺点,比如: 1,作弊者可以用很低的价格购买到身份证及自拍照等资料再加上PS等手段来作弊薅羊毛。 2,诚实的UBI申请者使用自己的身份证等资料申请,审核者如有恶意可能会泄露或出售申请者的隐私资料。即使审核者无恶意,也可能出现数据库被黑客攻破,从而申请者隐私资料泄露的情况。 3,作弊者勾结审核者。从而让作弊者的虚假账户轻易通过。 4,AI换脸技术可以轻易的PS视频认证资料,也能让作弊者轻易地通过审核。 为了应对这些传统KYC方式的缺点,ENU团队更换过很多次方案,不过目前团队已经确认好了方案,即去中心化点对点的KYC。 简单来说,每一个UBI申请账户都能每天获得相同数量的代币,但如果是作弊账户,则它所获得的代币将因为没有流动性而一文不值。 账户之间可以建立信任关系,如两个账户互相信任,则它们之间可以1:1互相交换对方的代币; 这样假设有a,b,c,d四个账户,每个账户都拥有100个代币。d账户持有者拥有一块面包(或0.001btc); a与b互相信任,b与c互相信任,c与d互相信任。a想用自己的100个代币换一块面包,且d愿意用一块面包换c的100个代币,但a与d之间并不互相信任; 这时候可以发起交易,b用100个b代币换得100个c代币,然后a用100个a代币从b账户那里换得100个c代币。最终a账户拥有了100个c代币,因为c与d账户互相信任,所以a就用100个c代币换得了d的一块面包,两个没有信任关系的账户完成了交易。 这种创新的方式完全避免了传统KYC的缺点,首先这种方式完全不强制用户提供如身份证,自拍照等会泄露自身隐私的资料。比如一个微博大V发微博说账户X是我的ENU账户,那么账户X肯定会获得很多其它用户的信任,如果这个大V在现实生活中有个朋友拥有账户Y,那么完全不需要这个朋友提供任何隐私信息,只需要这个朋友给大V说一声,大V就可以设置账户X信任账户Y。这样账户Y也就可以和很多直接或间接信任账户X的其它账户进行交易了,而完全不用泄露任何隐私。 最重要的一点是,在这种KYC中,一人建多个账号薅羊毛的方法完全行不通。假设某人创建了100个作弊账号来获得UBI,由于这些账号基本上只会内部互相信任,也就不能产生任何实际交易(因为所有账号都由同一人持有,账号之间交易相当于左手倒右手)。所以这100个账号的代币基本上没有任何价值。假设有一个诚实的账号信任了这100个账号的其中一些,则这些作弊账号就可以用自己无价值的代币获得这个诚实的账号的有价值的代币,那么诚实的账号利益就会受损。因此,为了保障自己的利益,绝大多数诚实的账号会严格的进行KYC,它们只会信任那些现实生活中认识的人的账号,或在网络中的各种非常信任的网友的账号。从而让整个UBI网络健康发展。 当然这些只是一些前期简单的规划。后期如果一切顺利还会引入比如推荐人机制,中间人手续费,信任分数等机制,让ENU的UBI更好更快的发展。让我们拭目以待吧! 打赏地址: ENU: pei.lin BTC: 1Pq7UHytEZQdnzuRoWe8BWFtNzB3GqCSSV
  15. This motion didn't get at least 1/3 yes votes in 7 days, so it has been moved to "resolved motions"