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  1. but problem i see the game is no longer working again, since he reported bug wasn't active
  2. I honestly use it because it was used by twitter, so wasn't know much error since i am not using it for commercial purpose
  3. Yeah ! its microsoft translator i use, i use it daily on a lot of bases so i thought of helping using it. Most times i use it to translate lang i can't understand back to english! This one two was traditional chineese.
  4. 我在 Enumivo 上推出了有史以來第一次連鎖彩票遊戲。現在的壺是 4500 ENU!玩贏鍋! 遊戲網站: HTTPs://enulottery.github.io 這場比賽完全受我寫的一份聰明合同的制約。擁有者和活動許可權已完全吊銷。遊戲擁有者不存在不公平行為的風險 遊戲規則: 1- 每回合結束 00:00 UTC 每天。在舍入結束後, 從預先確定的塊的塊首碼中抽取一個亂數。亂數產生是完全公平和透明的。如果沒有人買任何門票的幸運槽, 整個鍋被添加到下一輪。否則, 贏家得到80% 的鍋. 2- 每張票要花 10 ENU 買。門票浦 rchase d 在一輪到期時, r 大帝 e nds。你的媽媽 1-10 000 如何演奏 • 在電話上: 安裝權杖口袋並創建帳戶 (如果您已經擁有了私密金鑰, 請導入該金鑰)。然後, 將票證的總成本 (例如 10 ENU) 轉移到合約地址 enulotteries, 並將備忘錄設置為您所選擇的插槽號 (例如 950)。 • 在 PC: 頭到遊戲頁面和安裝鐵人如果你沒有這樣做。輸入頁面上的插槽和票證數量, 然後按一下 "進行購買" 以進行鐵人提示 t。 [當前, 權杖袖珍 SDK 仍在開發中. 一旦正式發佈, 遊戲將支援它的 API。目前, 請手動轉移 ENU 到合約地址玩遊戲] 遊戲網頁將很快更新, 包括更多的功能, 如帳戶查詢和資金撤回 (如果你贏了鍋) 如果你喜歡這個遊戲, 請支援我投票 xjon athanlei 作為一個街區製片人。您可以通過按一下遊戲頁面上的 "我現在的投票" 按鈕, 或者使用任何其他可用於 Enumivo 的投票工具來這樣做
  5. I don't know if i can help below
  6. Thought i am not professional i smell a bug of automation somewhere as i guess was similar to fomo3d, its good it get discover but also really feel bad of faulty 4500enu.....Its courage still, now can we further the game?
  7. the author is completely fool, i am 100%enumivian
  8. i have reply screenshot of tokenpocket wallet in your thread
  9. I wish i had won 4500 enu, i will be happy will help me paid my school tuition
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    As new member follow BEGINNER SECTION in home tab, surely will walk you all through. Like others post and create merit!
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    YEAH! Greatness goes to every one!
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    You're special and extra special who agree with me?