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  1. Imran

    Enumivo.org Homepage Test

    Well that's excellent peesus, the website looks great and i think honestly the UI will be friendly. Thought its unfinished what i possibly saw, since there is News tab which signified trending stories will be published, I suggest we should add email subscription for strong update and valuable stories.
  2. Imran

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    This is my introduction Dear Enumivians, with due honor and respect.
  3. I am Imran by name, am from Nigeria. Enumivo to me was a full life not just a project in some code written by title of technology name blockchain! My first encounter with this project was at time of airdropped in bitcointalk forum, since then i remain an honest tracker of the project development till date. I can say i achieve worth considerate, with enumivo, i zeal to learn about coding or dream of being blockchain developer, currently i am studying at blockgeeks.com and am emerging as blockdegree graduate with full grade to code in blockchain. I had it in mind i really want to support this project by building a great application that what set my developer career. In the side of helping this project, I can say i went far than average. This asset class is prioritize as UBI, without a doubt i am living in a kind of country where the community is poor enough for living and which technological advancement had not come rampant. I realize the goal of this great chain as UBI we have more people in reality who need this but don't have access to common smartphone, so i thought how can i make them a beneficiaries and let them get the help. An idea of founding start up clicked me and i come up with "SHC (SMART HELP CRYPTO) as humanitarian NGO aim at providing help through the use of blockchain, which i currently painstakingly working to provide its use case. Throughout my joined since february, my airdropped enu was used to save a family and later i use my eth to buy back, and in every voting system of enu i atleast get 20 people to support the vote. And every project develop here i am one of best tester's and provide feedback in any issue. I am currently wanting to be the Nigerian ambassador. I will be updating my achievement here step by step. I supposed to make this post earlier because i was right in here when post made regard to oracle but before i made a post i was blown by bad atmosphere which resulted two month of activity. At the time i was preparing a nice meet up about enu. Below you can have some few photos before the stroke when i am working fully for enumivo development. I am excited to be back. Thank you all
  4. To be loved you certainly need a reason, that reason shall reflect a dream, such dream must have a plan to achieve. I  am ready for the task. My life for service.

  5. Imran

    My list of the "Most Valuable Member"

    This is superb post......i like it and i miss all of u
  6. Imran

    Need Help

    This is absolute guide beginners should read though the swap is easy just 6 steps finished.
  7. Imran

    Back from death

    Hi My Fellow Enumivians I don't know how to win your heart, but you had already win mine. Not so bad but surely i miss all of you. For two month i couldn't stay in touch with all of you here. I had missed a lot like i had see. It's not a good two months for me because i was strike by a lot but am happy i had return from the stroke. Before i left i was closely working in physical to include large number of people to benefit from this great journey. But never late i know please welcome me back and i am happy to be with you again. You can see me below from what i had started working before...........
  8. Imran

    davidfnck's introduction

    I most insanely mention you done alot for this community, I participated in almost all your stuff, your hard work and loyalty want be forgotten.
  9. It's really exciting to share with you guys. We thank anyone for making it possible in the first place for Enu to won the contiger.pro voting competition, without out unity it will have been hard. Today container.pro has announce to list Enu in its exchange on 20 sept with eth and btc market pairs. Have official look here


  10. Imran

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    This is great and huge step forward towards achieving the greatest UBI goal. I will made my submission and will work hard to be included.
  11. I had seen if not mistakenly, like nobody is been verified as of now. Only that the document remain in your profile to view
  12. Imran

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Check this on! https://somethingdecent.co.uk/crypto/news/enumivo-oracle-system/
  13. Imran

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    What is BoD or UFE?
  14. Imran

    Initial Settlers

    Not so bad i went through the 24 pages before finally saying a word! I am not more than two month in this forum i almost finish going through all type of post, i enjoy how i vested time to learn everyday! One of the core value i learn details, the project everyday talk to the community about itself and proof its reality. Members have had to understand whatsoever little effort you can afford its welcome and contribute. Whether i am settler or not i will make my vote to people i happen to meet in every post!