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  1. 这是lts上的enu转到主网的教程。 这是lts上的lts转到主网教程
  2. blackpaopao

    Enumivo.org Homepage Test

    I think we can add a banner on the homepage .
  3. blackpaopao


  4. blackpaopao

    Partial List of RoE Settlers

    hope be voted
  5. blackpaopao

    Partial List of RoE Settlers

    hey sir im blackpaopao you can see my topic .I want join this list
  6. blackpaopao


  7. blackpaopao

    General Rules Posting Application

    fine .you can see my topic
  8. blackpaopao


    1.Name Blackpaopao. 2.Social Media Links wechat:woshiwjw11 t.me/blackpaopao email:woshiwjw11@gmail.com weibo:黑-泡泡 3. Introduction I'm blackpaopao from China I am a supporter of enumivo . i'm the author of the website :enunav.top. this is a guide website for new enumivans .I'm active on wechat group . And I'm the teammate of the translate wechat-group to help translate some important article。 4. Enumivo Mainnet Account blackpaopaow 5. Skills English-Chinese translation programing in Javascript/python 6. What can you do for Enumivo I will still update my website for everyone . everyone can see the important articles from this website. you can review enunav.top. I will translate the articles from English to Chinese for more chinese enumivans . more disscuss in UBI . bring more friends as possible as I can to join this project. that's all.
  9. blackpaopao

    I AM leimao(牧羊人)

    感谢老牧。@leimao 嘻嘻嘻
  10. blackpaopao

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    ok I will add my mainnet account thank you
  11. blackpaopao

    Enumivo Massive Hiring by Oracles

    hi AP I‘m blackpaopao here is my intro @enumivo please add to the list 。I want to work for enumivo community 。thank you so much。 And my mainnet account is :blackpaopaow 。please vote me。