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  1. Hello everyone, I am a back-end engineer. Java is my main language. I have 3 years of work experience. I started to contact blockchain technology in May 2017. Participated in the project in the early stages of the enumivo project and was one of the many beneficiaries of early airdrops. now learning P2P communication protocol of blockchain,this is a demo show how to conect to bitcoin p2p network and scann all the p2p node(https://github.com/hzchendou/peerscanner) contribution http://enu.6btc.com(Webmaster) hzchenforenu productor plan: enu.6btc.com is a simple demo for monitor enu productor, i am gonging to make a new monitor website for enumivo. Plan to add the following functionality: monitor p2p node(every one can submit your node addr(IP, location), website will monitor your node status) Statistics enumivo transaction data Statistics enumivo TPS Statistics enumivo market price and trading volume some else for enumivo account
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    A Brand New Enumivo Testnet

    enuhzchendou public key: ENU6PsT9gBioFcWHrMkoi1Njiz4Pcdk2m1fjXE5crVa36N1PmsMcu
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    Enumivo Chain Emergency

    hzchenforenu online p2p-peer-address =
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    How to Prepare Your Node

    follow your tutorial, but i can not be able to connect nodes