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  1. COCO


    Tks,Just update my details...
  2. COCO


    Sorry,please ignore"still", since I only wrote some very short articles to spread the ENU and UBI in Bihu App.I am too shy to post here. Now I join the" ENU Translation Group",I will positively to do something for ENU and UBI...
  3. I am COCO. I comes from HANGZHOU China,I am an ordinary fans of "UBI"and "ENU" . I'm also very interested in the RoE, I hope the real democracy and justice will come true. I hope I can do sth to help the developmen of this from now on You can contact me here: wechat: verakecoco What I promise if made a citizen of RoE:  I will write articles for Enumivo. I will help spread the idea of Enumivo. I will try to invite many people to join the RoE. I will help to traslate the articles from English to Chinese or Chinese to English if needed. What I have done : I translated one of david's Chinese article into English together with Ruihz:
  4. Just want to ask the above question
  5. COCO

    Republic of Enumivo Proposal

    How to Join the club?
  6. COCO

    Oracle Voting

    Hello everyone, Could you kindly vote for me via Oracle... My enumivo acount is enuenuenu234 Feel free to let me know what can I do for you all.for enu and for UBI,aha~ Cheers,
  7. 主网上线了,但是认可的人太少,微博唱空一大片,需要社区大力正向宣传了...
  8. COCO

    Enumivo Main Net Goes Live

    Thanks for all your effort. it is amazing that ENU main net goes live before EOS. it's a great job. may I ask AP:“what's your next step ” and "what we can expect to see in near future" ? or " what we can do for ENU" ?
  9. COCO

    Enumivians Unite!

    Great!! Hope ENU will go as far as we can think