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  1. David ishia

    Stablecoins v2

    Please I need the test token. Pls send to celiondaveje
  2. To be candid I don't think it is reasonable to pay such an amount to an exchanger that does not have much recognition. My Ernest answer is No
  3. I totally disagree with voting by proxy reason because if it is allowed it would be abused. I am of the opinion that any citizen that is not around can not cast its vote so I choose *Abstain* the no 2 option
  4. David ishia

    Nominating Sean Of EOSex to Join RoE

    I vote yes because of the benefit he will bring to the community
  5. David ishia

    Nominating Tezzmax To Join RoE

    I vote yes because of his passion for the project
  6. David ishia


    Nice one bro
  7. I am raising this motion that any project sponsored by Enumivo in a particular locality (country) that RoE citizens represented there should be given the opportunity to attend the event and any logistics that will help facilitate this should be sponsored by the Enumivo. I believe this will foster a harmonious working relationship between its citizens. If you are in support of this motion vote YES if not vote NO
  8. David ishia

    ROE logo

    I prefer this the most
  9. Yes it simple and attractive
  10. David ishia

    Next Destination?

    To outer space
  11. Agreed
  12. David ishia

    Equity in BP ALLOCATION

  13. Will always support you 100%
  14. David ishia

    Motion to secure the Block Producers

    Remember PoW and PoS are totally different. So your argument is not justifiable