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    Introduction Thread

    About Me I am a IT manager of industry enterprise from china , I've been working for 10 years I graduated from Shanghai Jiaotong university and worked in Shanghai almost 10 years before, but I'm live in Chengdu now. I have heared of Bitcoin in 2013 and started to invest it from 2017 😞 Involvement with Enumivo I knew Enumivo when ENU airdrop started and got some ENUs, I know EOS at that time because it's very famous and lots of ppl invested it. But I like ENU because it's not only "Poor man's EOS", but also a new concept UBI Dapp will based on ENU. In fact, i never know UBI before I know ENU. Then at that time I created chinese telegram group, wechat group and qq group etc. I hope more and more ppl know and like ENU and UBI and our community. What Can I Do For Enumivo I will continue to do my best to support Enumivo and its community. I think it's great idea if we can help ppl using ENU or LTS in their daily life. I will try to adopt ENU in tour.cash project late, hope it's helpful for Enumivo!
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    looks good, 看起来不错!😍