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  1. rajurathod18

    What's your Enumivo story?

    Same here i to stopped taking part in the airdrops because there were so many peoples who got trapped in the bottle of scammers because of their greedy nature. I joined ENU airdrop and left as it is for more than 2 months and one day i was reviewing my Public address through ethplorer i was shocked to see ENU from 0 to 0.125$ worth. I was of view all airdrops which require to send 0 ether are fake one but after checking ENU after 2+ month i was shocked as well as happy. This happiness made me to explore more about Enumivo, now i am part of the forum. Enumivo have great future plans first Enumivo then liteshare and their upcoming Project UBI. I also viewed article interview taken by KKEX team of Enumivo founder which was awsome at the time of reading that article i was feeling like i am part of the project made by legends. There are so many things to see when hope to see Enumivo to achieve great success with their plans.
  2. Enumivo developers are really legends I want be part of your team and promote enumivo on Twitter. I can write content about enumivo and can wear Avatar of enumivo.