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  1. kkkk6921


  2. If you buy it and sell it right away, you won't find the problem, buy it for a while. Some accounts bought it a few hours ago, maybe they will find problems in these days.
  3. I think ENUETH (shares.coin) does not always appreciate, it may also cause you lose, let us observe for a while. Edited: Now I know, buying bigger portions on one side (one token), will cause a big price slippage. This is the reason.
  4. Yes,I get 367 ENU and some ETH,I sell ETH and get 370 ENU,367 + 370 = 737 ENU
  5. Maybe something wrong, I buy ENUETH with 1000 ENU, but I only get about 720 ENU when I sell
  6. kkkk6921

    Fish's Intro

    nice, please add enu acc, I will vote you
  7. Does ENUETH(shares.coin) always appreciate?
  8. If a lot of people join UBI, we may not have time to vote, it is best to have a non-manual system certification. 如果加入的人非常多,可能会来不及投票,最好有一个非人工的系统认证。
  9. kkkk6921

    ENU/ETH Market and ENUETH Shares

    " To buy ENU with ETH, send ETH to enu.eos.coin. "