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  1. Hi all I release PickPick's first english version, you can try it if you system language is english you can play PickPick by 1. https://zhandui.io with Ironman 2. search pick in TokenPocket or MathWallet I will continue improving english translation by the way , PickPick can fork topic but now all version play the same topic good luck
  2. enusmallfish is online now p2p-peer-address = p2p.enu.one:9876
  3. I am a long-time supporter of ENU. I am a developer in China And have done some of practical action to support our community My main contributions are as follows 1. I developed enu's first dapp pickpickteam(https://zhandui.io) pickpickteam have more than 500 accounts now , and almost 15% transactions of all , It shows the cheap and the same stability of ENU 2. I developed https://enu.one , this site have some tools as follow * Crowd-funding this tool help us to be listing on cointiger * Namebid first namebid tool for enu * Msig This is a convenient tool to track the process or execution of msig * Portfolio your can monitor your multi-account in one page 3. I am also LTS's bp & ENU's bp , and also bp of these testnet What I Can Do For Enumivo in the future 1. I will Inject 10 million PickPickCoin(50% of all)to UBI DAO, and 2 million PickPickCoin to Enu Oracle voted user 2. I will keep developing some game/tools for enumivo
  4. 1. replace some name eosiolib -> enulib eosio.hpp -> enu.hpp eosio:: -> enumivo:: EOSIO_ABI -> ENUMIVO_ABI EOSLIB_SERIALIZE -> ENULIB_SERIALIZE EOS -> ENU 2. setup contract to enu mainnet enumivocpp -g xxx.abi xxx.cpp enumivocpp -o xxx.wast xxx.cpp enucli -u {{rpc endpoint}} --wallet-url {{wallet endpoint}} set contract {{your account}} ./ ./xxx.wast ./xxx.abi -p {{your account}}
  5. test round completed, all enu have be refunded to players see : http://enumivo.qsx.io/accounts/playfomogame thanks all participants:)
  6. fomox test round ended , i will start refund soon
  7. fomoX's contract was ported from fomo3D(solidity) I tested it roughly, and now it's used by my fomoX dapp: https://fomox.io Please help to find contract bugs ps: i will add more feature on fomoX , this is initial version the contract source: https://github.com/fish24k/enu-contract/blob/master/fomo.cpp
  8. fixed 0.1948 is avg price , i used lastest price insteed of avg price now
  9. I have developed fomoX, the enu version of fomo3d now it's under testing, you can test it and report bugs here don't worry , all enu will refund to you when testing done fomoX test address: https://zhandui.io/fomo.html#/fomotest i will upgrade some feature next round enjoy it
  10. 站队dapp 日常更新 第11期开启站队 龟派气功和奥特之光 地址 https://zhandui.io 参与赢取PickPickCoin&ENU 开发更新 1. 现在,你可以申领你的PickPickCoin和ENU了 兑换比例 100 成就点 = 100 PPC + 20 ENU 最低100点才能兑换 兑换地址: https://zhandui.io/#/withdraw 2. 对于评论的用户,每次额外获得一次投掷骰子的机会,点数等于额外获得的成就点数
  11. UPDATE#7 Now, you can claim your PickPickCoin and ENU. 100 Achivevment Points = 100 PPC + 20 ENU https://zhandui.io/#/withdraw
  12. 站队dapp 日常更新 第8期开启站队 煎饼果子和手抓饼 --谁是地摊核心一哥 第7期已结算 学烤肉,羊肉串、烤全羊! 胜利! 烤肉党战胜烤鱼党 地址 https://zhandui.io 参与赢取PickPickCoin 下期预告 世界杯决赛站队
  13. great , i want to learn unity3d , try to write simple game ,thanks for the Learning Materials
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