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  1. No. I think spending money on exchanges, at this stage, is not such a good idea.
  2. I'm working on an more automated mechanism to do that. I've created a Telegram channel for that. If anyone is interested, please ask. If you want to use the telegram bot, ping me. I'll give you some details. What I want to do is allocate a percentage of my daily earnings and use it to sell/buy/burn and send the transaction hashes automatically on that channel along with the sums used in the transaction.
  3. Dragos

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    test thread, please ignore. trying to figure out posting via cURL
  4. Dragos

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    20ENUs dragosvlaicu: ENU Sell: https://wallet.enumivo.com/transactions/db2723bd0fc849518a4a31334037678e49d1e74eda005e90f70998df6f7d2fd5 LTS Burn: https://wallet.enumivo.com/transactions/0aaacd454a0636f92e4819b3e28525024710b82b6416445efc291617331d6670
  5. Dragos

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    sure. why not. I'll make a script . for that 😄
  6. Dragos

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    ah got it. I can always use LTS I have to buy ENU after a sale 😄
  7. Dragos

    Buy and Burn Thread Monitor

    Well, I've burned some of the LTS I've had. I guess I should not use ENU as long as I have LTS to spare. Do I?
  8. Abstain. It's not a bad idea but, honestly, I'm not seeing the benefit from it, for now. We still have a lot of things to fix internally before we go to the rest of the world and present ourselves .
  9. Dragos

    Vote for active BPs!

    You'll need to sync up which has proven to be harder and harder these days
  10. Dragos

    Nominating Tezzmax To Join RoE

    Yes mate. Good luck
  11. yes, to vote in here as well. So I guess this one got approved.