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  1. The motion got resolved which is good. I would have abstained myself because I have not interacted with blackpaopao, at all. Actually for me this is the first time I encounter his name. Luckily you all know him so congrats on joining RoE.
  2. Hello RoE citizens, I'm Dragos Vlaicu and I've been around here since the beginning of the mainnet. I've tried to help by automating part of the tasks that one should do daily and to assist anyone that would need technical support for running a node. I will continue to do so as time allows me to. I also have some suggestions to get a bit more organized and to properly monitor the network. I believe that we have the power to a whole different level. A little bit about me and my node: BP: dragosvlaicu website: https://vlaicu.pro github: https://github.com/dvlaicu docker: https://hub.docker.com/r/enumivo/enumivo linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/vlaicu/
  3. Abstain. @David ishia I have to agree with @PeiLin. I'm not sure what you need here. Do you want the RoE to support financially marketing or other aspects that a RoE Citizen will use to promote Enumiv?
  4. @David ishia and @Ethereum I think you already voted. 1. Anyone counted the votes? I saw like 10 yes-es but we need to validate the voters
  5. I vote YES. But as @PeiLin said and others we should all try to find a way to identify ourselves. I understand that IDing everyone may pose some problems even though the initial plan was not to reveal the documents to everyone but just to be validated by a handful of people or a commetee decided by us but there are other ways, video was one of them, also we can organize 2 min video interviews and talk a bit about this. Or a different feasible way to validate each other. Please let's work this out and have in mind that language barrier exist and cultural differences should be considered as well. Just have in mind if one says something maybe the intention was not to offend you, hopefully. 2. "If aperson controls several BPs, he can easily find one unique identity for each BP. Even finding 21 different identities is not hard." - sadly that is also true but that does not mean that we should do nothing.
  6. Hello, The rule here is simple. We should allow to vote on an open/pending motion only the people that were registered before the motion is opened. I think this will help us add more users to RoE regarding pending motions. Think of it like this, when we have a tie vote and the community has not decided the fate of that motion nobody would allow a new member into the community. It will be one side willing to vote for that user but the other will abstain or vote no just to forbid him access to the RoE so he cannot vote and change the end result. What I'm trying to say is that most of the times we might face this situation and we should not have a deadlock on the RoE admission. Members should join and we should vote regardless of the current motions opened. Let's try to test the emoji/emoticons vote on this one. YES - NO - Abstain -
  7. Dragos

    The motion to limit members' replies

    1: YES, I agree with this. I have only some suggestions regarding the edit rules: Version your changes: 1. initial comment: Yes No. I agree with this. 2. first update: I would like to add that... 3. second update: I no longer agree with the motion and I think it changed radically. (strike the lines that you would have deleted). It's a bit of work but it might bring clarity. Of course one can simply delete and not follow the rules, if they become rules, of course.
  8. Exactly what I'm thinking. We should have a full pack aligned across the whole blochchain.
  9. What I want to say is that maybe there's a limit implemented in Invision Community forum. Not that we set a limit but rather there's already one dictated by the forum application.