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  1. EQE

    How to sign up for UBI Test

    I hope more people can understand and participate, so can I transfer the article to my BIHU?
  2. EQE

    How to sign up for UBI Test

    thx,broI hope you can vote for me, I am 1a2s3d4f5enu
  3. 1.Name EQE 2.You can contact me here: t.me: EQE wechat: Gru0912 weibo:吃瓜韭菜 3. Enumivo Mainnet Account 1a2s3d4f5enu 4.Introduction Hello, everyone. I'm from Gansu Province, China. I'm an automation engineer. I joined the encryption world in April 2018. I read some books and materials. With my knowledge of block chains, Bitcoin and other technologies, I like them more and more. I know ENU is through BiXin, and then I joined WeChat and registered with the community. I read ENU's white paper and liked Mr. AP's ideas about UBI. I think this is a good way to solve the problem of poverty and unequal distribution. My most regrettable thing is that I missed the air drop of ENU. I don't want to miss RoE again. I will do my best for the development and promotion of ENU and become a member of this democratic country as soon as possible. 5.Skill English translation\ PLC program\Python 6. What can you do for Enumivo 1.I will actively participate in community work and create a good atmosphere for learning and communication. 2.I did and I will continue to promote Enumivo on social media. 3.I will keep spread Enumivo and UBI to all friends.Try to invite many people to join the RoE.
  4. EQE

    Frequent Trader Points (FTP)

    Why have I been losing money as a market maker? SO please tell us about the algorithm of the market maker.
  5. EQE

    20,000 ENU Bounty Oracle Test Voting

    Thank you for your contribution. When I have a passport, I will vote for you.
  6. EQE

    Join Enumivo Oracles Now

    Thank you for letting us witness the birth of a great project with you. The verification code received by the mailbox is activated in the account in the upper right corner of the login interface. 邮箱收到的验证码在登入后的界面右上角(有个图标)账户内激活。
  7. I'm just worried about people who don't hold ENU. The realization of UBI will change all this.
  8. 😂😂记得把直播地址贴出来,好给你捧场去
  9. EQE

    站队dapp 日常更新

    PPC token以后会有什么用么?
  10. 上学时老师就告诉学生要好好学习,可学生都会好好学习么? 缺少信仰是拿不住的。算了不说了,我要去币信上信仰充值了
  11. Your guessing game is very interesting. Although there is not a large number of participants, we hope to hold several more games.