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  1. 之前投了一堆烂项目,亏得裤衩都没有,即使这样,还是后来还是默默买了点牛油果,不过现在加不动了,要不然生活难以为继了
  2. James

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable rights, that they are among these are life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. And beyond that,we have the same rights to use all the resources on earth.But the reality is not like this. Now! We are Doing things That Makes everyone More Equal!!!
  3. 我不能保证投给谁,但是为了enu的长远未来,我首先将会投给为了enu做了很多贡献的人, 另外是很有思想的人,为了这个项目能出很多点子 还有看起来很有责任心,正义的人,有理想的 最后的不好判断,所以主要是一二条
  4. 链接挂了 开始以为挂了,是格式不对,有两个标点:)。是多余的
  5. 对了,我想起一个问题,假如这个认证的人领取着ubi,但是有一天去世了, 我们的ubi是否还继续发放,我们怎么知道他去世了呢?
  6. 你说enu账号是啥?主网账号?那是一个钱包。不代表你是一个活生生的人,因为只有认证后才能尽可能保证每一个账号后边都是一个活人。 ubi是给每个经过认证的活人发放的。
  7. 网址 https://oracle.enumivo.org/login
  8. 你要注册oracle并通过身份认证,为了将来领取UBI
  9. James

    Partial List of RoE Settlers

    You should list what you did for enu since you said so.
  10. 其实尼日利亚并非非常贫困,但是相对北欧国家就像是农村的福利水平了,中国也是
  11. James

    Partial List of RoE Settlers

    Congratulations,the responsibility on the shoulders of the ROE member is important! I hope and believe that many people are not for the 5000ENU/month, they are working for the great ideal and down-to-earth doing things. Also, they enjoy the process that a group of people work together for the same thing. It seem like the condition of the internet ten or more years ago . LOL
  12. James

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    More people think that only hard work will pay off, but UBI believes that every resource on the planet has a share of everyone on the planet and can get an unconditional return. This is a matter of conception, and there will be more and more people who are optimistic about the project as the change of ideas. The change of concept takes time. It takes time from people to influence others. What we can do is to give opportunities to those who are potential.
  13. James

    The ENU Elevator Pitch

    Hello brother, if in the elevator, 1 minute, I am an ordinary person who does not know what is blockchain, what is UBI, what the words thatmade me even more confused.