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  1. leimao

    40K ENU Oracle 2nd Round

    thank you,man. it's ok now
  2. leimao

    40K ENU Oracle 2nd Round

    hi,sir! A friend @xie879875348 from chinese community met a problem when voting. her oracle account has verified but cant vote,could you have a check for her?
  3. hi guys, Due to my own job (i am a embedded engineer related to IOT , need much time to debug, learning new technologies... lol), i am going to quit the enu wechat group management position,also the qq group and the telegram. But i will still pay attention to enumivo,buy and hodl enu for a long time. And thanks to AP to establish this great project and let me participate in,may the enumivo to da moon. ==============英文终于写完了,有些话表达不出,好累==================== 各位好,我是牧羊人。 我是从二月份开始了解到这个项目,当时空投时朋友叫我撸没当回事,然后后面从别人手里接盘扫了一点货,心塞... 最开始在电报群里认识了freecoin,经他推荐做了微信群管理,后面也陆续的成了qq群,电报群的管理。说实话,我自己是第一次做社区 运营,没有多少经验,但是也是作为一次尝试吧。但是做了几个月发现已经影响到我自己的工作和生活,我有必要停止目前这种状况的继续, 所以我决定退出enumivo的社区管理员一职,还是很感谢在管理期大家的支持和包容,很感谢各位开发者的努力,特别是AP和daivd。 最后,我会一直关注这个项目的,会一直持有enu(我想enu一定会成功的)。我还会待在群里,有问题咨询的,我有时间会尽量解答。 另外几个建议: 1、enumvio 社区,特别是中文社区需要一个管理团队,qq群,电报群, 微信群。希望有专业一点或者有一定经验的参与进来,如果daivd需要的话,我可以推荐几位 2、基金会可以考虑为每位管理者支付一定的报酬 3、公众号这块可以考虑邀请几位写手常驻 4、群管理可以稍微放宽点,之前我可能有点严格了,凡事一个T,造成了群里没人讨论(也不知是不是熊市的原因lol) 暂时想到这些,有需要可以私我。
  4. leimao

    Introducing ENU/SAT Market

    According to the txhash,if someone buy sat then sell it a.s.a.p(no other buyers ),he will get more enu . Seems that rate is not go high but lower if one buy sat,will any bugs in the market contact? And some machines have abused this contact.
  5. leimao

    Introducing Satoshi Token (SAT)

    The exchange rate is reversed with the exchange pair on https://wallet.enumivo.com . Eg. LTS/ENU should be 0.01645, ENU/LTS is 60.7899. Maybe i am wrong,lol
  6. leimao


  7. leimao

    fireflyman Introduction

  8. leimao

    I am Yang Zuoqi

  9. leimao

    I am Yang Zuoqi

    支持麦子钱包, 小青爷说你们还在安排,大概何时出?
  10. this was discussed by @fengyuxiangyun0710 and me ,hope enumivo and AP's team will think about it