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  1. alvic

    40K ENU Oracle 2nd Round

    Could I get a link to the last results?
  2. I Love your article. the fact that Enu is a clone of EOS is why I am still holding mine. I saw the potential for good use cases and concluded that the project will be a huge successes especially with the kind of selfless devs involved. If UBI succeeds on this platform then the sky is just the starting point for Enu.
  3. alvic

    First LTS vs ENUMIVO Trades

    loving this...nice to be part of the genesis
  4. alvic

    enu is one of 100X token 2018

    we all have a role to play in how far this token will go. we cant leave everything to the devs
  5. alvic

    What can you say about Enumivo

    well.....I have to say....Enu actually surprised me. After reading the whitepaper i was surprised and impressed that someone would think of sustaining UBI through bockchain.
  6. are you saying creating an account earns us liteshares?
  7. alvic

    Initial Settlers

    i believe the initial 1000 are needed to help verify and choose other participants so as to make it a transparent process.
  8. https://medium.com/@victoralaribe/enumivo-enu-ubi-settler-7179318e067b
  9. alvic

    Initial Settlers

    This is a nice initiative. How soon will the recipients be determined?
  10. alvic


    i do like aiden though