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  1. zhuzhuzhu

    RoE Application: zhuzhuzhu

    Hey guys, I’m zhuzhuzhu I am fortunately to stay with EUN to perceive the growth of the great project, from “EOS for poor guy” to “Republica of Enumivo”. For me, the fever of short-term profitability is fading out and the passion to build a fully autonomous community is heating up in the last 6 months. I am awfully curious about the governance mechanism of a real virtual Republic, so the best way is to join it, to be part of it. I am also deeply obsessed with the UBI model, which is a fascinating vision for the people who was suffering under the rule of an oligarchy. For the first time in my life, the purity to do something for the whole world moved me—even in the cyberspace. Hope everything will go smooth (fingers crossed)! You can contact me here: wozaiyabo@gmail.com wechat:Jukey731859692 What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: Keep preaching ENU in diverse methods. Keep the steps of growth with the projects. Any other jobs needed for the RoE, like maintenance of order, translation of files, etc.
  2. zhuzhuzhu

    Republic of Enumivo Proposal

    The compensation level should stay the same at the very first, but it should be changeable according to the contribution from each citizen.
  3. zhuzhuzhu

    bad news

  4. 你说的是,但关键是我也能泡这个论坛,而且能把你之前内容分享出来。
  5. For now, it is actually the best airdrops.
  6. 哈哈,还有这种缘分能认识?!当时就看了你的截图,这回找到本尊了!
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  8. zhuzhuzhu

    how to help ENUMIVO get listed on OKEx

    have done it
  9. zhuzhuzhu

    Beginners & Help

    Google the KKEX, the exchange for ENU/BTC, ENU/EOS, the KKEX also support airdrop of LTS
  10. zhuzhuzhu


  11. zhuzhuzhu

    Previous Publications

    This is Chinese interview of Aiden Pearce which just published today. Maybe it is worth to be added into the list of previous publications. https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/PdVDyRnlkBN-AOr7sz-zQQ
  12. 牛油果项目ENU的创始人Aiden Pearce 接受哔哔News采访的内容: https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/PdVDyRnlkBN-AOr7sz-zQQ
  13. zhuzhuzhu

    Liteshares.io Discussion

    Hey guys, how to backup my privatekey? Cannot find it on Liteshare.io.......