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  1. Hi, i need translator for various languages and social manager specially for telegram, or anythings related ico like video maker for youtube, coder and etc etc for more info write me here
  2. btw now that i controlled again seem it's work, maybe because i had low enu before
  3. Looking for 10 coders to develop a product for a FinTech company Skills wanted: java - python - machine learning - ai - sysadmin Reward: up to 5000 $ value in tokensfor apply fill this form:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1M5xyGPgP62GuSYTKT1bf_oDtRLWROC5oC8vpDT88ImM/edit
  4. i followed your guide, but after 1 hour still nothings lol, loading time
  5. it pass already 30 min but my balance it still in loading...
  6. sorry i don't understand i need to use my private key from the enu mainnet right? to import?
  7. i like this idea, why not! i up for it!
  8. I agree that each community participates, but whoever is not part of that community will surely be excluded and will have little voice in the chapter! And for the vote, if someone doesn't have enough ENU or whatever to vote, how he can then express himself?
  9. why picking for regional, why we must starting to seclude people, we must think as a whole united people if we really want to do a universal basic income then we must think as 1
  10. setting up a council it's like a sect!
  11. Listing on exchange will be also good, but more promotions in all social media, what we need is that people know about this project!
  12. Why splitting it only among us, and don't use it to do more airdrop so more people are aware of our project??
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