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  1. @pixelsmaster Thanks for his work, as he said, I received it, I am satisfied. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/6be5fe8366b24504ef4a0de802d4a6b1808d932e4027ad1fd1877f45c73149ff
  2. And I withdrawed about 900 ENU @pixelsmaster
  3. I like your pragmatism and I accept your apology. My account is "roseroserose", I spent 7051 ENU on it. http://enumivo.qsx.io/transactions/b7688a7315d55a7840755466609cc2b775288dc6cfc132f340f3fdacbaaae6a1
  4. The developer of the game @pixelsmaster changed the rules but didn't notify the site. So far, the old rules are still displayed on the site, which misled me and caused me to lose ENU. This is extremely irresponsible.