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  1. Dennis

    Dennis / capital.enu

    我是丹尼斯 我来自中国武汉。我是个刚毕业不久的大学生。2014年我刚开始接触虚拟货币。在ENU空投开始的时候,我通过微博大佬“不好描述”了解到了ENU。我非常喜欢ENU的UBI愿景,并且我愿意为之奋斗,即使它很困难。 我一直在微博、QQ和微信上推广ENU,让更多的人了解ENU和UBI,也做了一个ENU的导航网站,https://www.enuvc.com。 你可以在这里联系我: QQ:755784454 微信:755784454 微博:Fantco https://weibo.com/3044548003 ENU主网账号:capital.enu 导航网站:https://www.enuvc.com 我许诺如果我成为RoE的公民: 我将继续更新我的网站,方便更多ENU的家人们 我会继续的推广和“cx”ENU和UBI。 邀请更多的“家人”们回到大家庭的怀抱,一起为ENU及UB为之努力。
  2. I am Denis. I'm from Wuhan, China. I'm a fresh graduate. I contacted the encrypted currency in 2014. At the beginning of the airdrop, I learned about ENU through microblog. I like ENU's UBI vision very much, and I am willing to fight for it even though it is difficult. I have been promoting ENU on Weibo, QQ and Wechat to make more people know ENU and UBI, and have made a navigation website of ENU, https://www.enuvc.com. You can contact me here: qq:755784454 wechat:755784454 weibo:Fantco https://weibo.com/3044548003 enu:capital.enu website:https://www.enuvc.com/ What I promise if made a citizen of RoE: I will continue to update my website to facilitate more ENU families to use and learn. I will continue to promote ENU and UBI. I will try to invite more friends to join ENU to join ROE.
  3. Dennis

    RoE Application

  4. 开放法币交易无疑是一个明智的决定,降低了交易购买的门槛,扩大了ENU的持有人群,为以后的UBI推广夯定了一个基础。
  5. In China, documents other than passports basically have no English words. Do you consider other authentication methods? And how to confirm this is the government issued documents?
  6. Dennis

    About Language

    Hello Enumivo Team. Does the team have considered the opening of the Chinese version of the website? Whether it is Enumivo Oracles or here, Enumivo has many supporters in China, but not everyone is proficient in English. I hope the team can consider it. Many thanks
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  8. Dennis

    Initial Settlers

    Just do it